Monday, May 6, 2013

"'AN EYE FOR AN EYE' will make the whole world blind" - Mahatma Ghandi

A Rejoinder by Tijjani Muhammad Musa

Salihu A Umar says: I hate Ghandi for one of his articles that is directly against Allah's Saying, 'An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind'.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa responds thus:  So, does that negate what The Supreme Lord (Allaah SWT) has ordained? Also, that was a thought or utterance of a mere mortal who knew not, that with mankind, we are not all the same. If he did know, then there is no way he could have said such a thing. Unless if he was ignorant of Allah and His Infinite Wisdom.

For that scenerio which inspired that saying from Ghandi to be played out, it can only be possible if all men would commit the crime of poking out one eye of every other person and that other person decides to take revenge, with no exception. Even that would leave only half the world population, male and female, young and old with one eye only.

Furthermore, for that scewed thought to be fully achieved, all the one-eyed people must once again stupidly poke out the other one eyes of half of mankind, who would then decide there should no mercy and poke out the remaining one eyes of the perpetrators in retaliation. How is that ever possible? Is mankind that unintelligent an animal?

And does anyone think, those who do the poking first would obediently sit down and irresistably offer their remaining single eyes to be poked out in retribution by the then already blind victims of such unthinkable act? How utterly absurd!

It is completely illogical and personally it is an embarassing quote to be attributed to a person of Ghandi's intellectual status. As for those who celebrated this, to slight Islam and its wise Quran, their aim is utterly defeated. Once again it proves Allaah's Infinite Wisdom against man and his puny thinking.

How would young children among the populace act? Innocent as they are, are they also programmed to poke out an eye to achieve the global agenda of justifying such a Ghandi forecast? And the babies and those yet unborn, who will make them blind as well? Would the babies also be aggressive one against one another as to be visited with the same revenge, to make all of mankind blind? 

If a few eyes are poked out in carrying out the "An eye for an eye" injunction, would the rest of mankind be so gullible as to continue doing what would make them all loose their other one remaining eye, until we all become blind?! Or would we all keep off the agression of damaging each other's eye, so that our own one other eyes do not get damaged via such a justice? 

And he (Ghandi) missed out on something very fundamental, that some human souls are shrouded with compassion by their very nature. They would always choose forgiveness rather than revenge i.e. take back their pound of flesh. So, given the options to either take revenge, compensation or to forgive, which is the real Islamic position, many would go for forgiveness, others would want to be compensated, while only a few hard-hearted souls would insist on revenge. That is the reality about mankind.

So only someone, who lacks inner wisdom would say something like that. Could this saying be a fabrication, that was (erroneously, perhaps?) attributed to Ghandi. It is doubtful if the famous Ghandi could be so lacking in insight? Frankly speaking, it sounds stupid.

So, worry yourself no more. Allaah's Wise saying still stands. As for the man you hate, hate him no more please. This saying is flimsy like the spider's abode and crumbles like a pack of cards or a house built on the foundation of quicksand.