Friday, October 21, 2011


ONCE A GADDAFI Poetic Tee (Here, take a sip) Subhanallaah! So another has returned back to his Lord? Well then who wouldn't, for we are all on a road similar Once on it, be rest assured there's no going back What a sincere, dutiful and obedient servant Death is Like someone said "Once you are born, you are done for" What is life if not commerce, an opportunity given to man To be tried and tested, possibly he might learn the means With difficulty or ease to push a camel though a pin hole Impossible some might choose to say, but indeed easy Once endowed with the knowledge of how. But what is how? Yes, for some life is about muscle, might, the physical Alas for a chosen few, its beyond the 5 or even the 6th Many are borne witness to have failed, by default or... Leaders, scholars, the wise and the prudent inclusive The least expected often become the worthy, treasured Yet many once celebrated end up despised and rejected Poor soul, powered soul, grieve not for time heals And of a surety "Que sera, sera" or would it not be? A song of you once ran across earth's surface, remember Now its over, patience wins over what the impatient lack What more needs to be said, for all has been clearly written But many who can read have no ability to decipher truth Thus once they are given access to covetousness, too late They tend to forget it is a borrowed time. Few are different! Tijjani M. M. (c) 21/10/2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hi. You are welcome.

We are pleased to introduce DesignWorld INTERNATIONAL (DWi) from the stables of SOUNDWORD & SIGHTS COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED. It is a new quarterly Advertisement Magazine with the slogan “It’s All About YOU”, specially packaged to advertise you, your products and your services on its carefully designed pages.

DesignWorld INTERNATIONAL is a high quality publication that introduces and showcases clients’ existing as well as the latest goods and services by creating a platform upon which commercial exchange can be facilitated between such businesses and their customers, clients, partners, associates etc.

The publication is also intended to serve as a convergence point of online buy and sell websites, providing a reliable source of information about corporate entities, their products, services, locations and contacts as well as links to their official sites.

On its exciting full color flips, individuals and profit oriented outfits can satisfactorily publish adverts, promos, bonanzas, special holiday & discount offers, announcements, notifications etc all at very reasonable and affordable rates (herewith attached). We do assure that our Advert Rates offers some of the best prizes obtainable in the market.

Our teams of seasoned professional staff made up of media consultants, writers, graphic artists etc are ever ready to help you develop your advertizing briefs into captivating concepts and layouts, communicate same to the customers in excellent graphics and well written formats, to meet the most critical standards and yet fall within your advertizing budget.

At DesignWorld INTERNATIONAL, Our Mission is simple; To Tell Your Customer And The Global Village About You, Who You Are, What You Do, Why You Do What You Do, Where You Are Located And When You Are Available For Business

What more? DWi is also published online ( thus providing a digital version for producers, manufacturers and providers of products, goods and services to reach beyond their immediate market to the rest of the global village.

We therefore invite you and your organization to be among the first to advertize in the maiden edition of this global advertizing magazine (both the physical as well as the e-copy) that would soon become one of the most sought after pages by business interests to expose their products and services as well as their official contacts and enjoy some very special yet limited discount offers. We look forward to being of service to you.

FOR ADVERT BOOKINGS & MORE DETAILS Contact or email us now on the followings: +2348067062960, +2348057270767, +2348035039956, +2347038288120,,,

Tijjani Muhammad Musa, Editor-in-Chief