Tuesday, July 1, 2014


...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

Why are we Nigerians
Yet, so, so unpatriotic towards our only homeland; NIGERIA?

Why is our educational system in shambles
Yet, some of the best brains serving humanity are Nigerians?

Why are we having power generation failure
Yet, we have solar, wind, thermal and even  nuclear potential?

Why are we not an industrialized nation
Yet, we study science and technology for aye in our schools?

Why are we still not food sufficient
Yet, almost anything planted grows on our country's soil?

Why are we having millions of homeless people
Yet, we are reputed to have a vastness in our homely hearts?

Why are we healthcare-personnel enriching the world
Yet, common polio vaccines is given to us free from abroad?

Why are we 5th world oil-producing country
Yet, we import, then can't even see the oil products to buy?

Why are we so religious
Yet, we lack peace, daily engaging in ethno-religious conflicts?

Why are we 170 million+ happy people, a few otherwise
Yet, we waste our natural and human resources on complexes?

Why are we a democracy
Yet, we keep having bad leadership/followership problems?
Why are we ranked among the poorest of nations
Yet, we are most endowed, our ordinary soil can be sold ?

Why are we so detested by many, even our own in diaspora
Yet, we are freer a people than those who wish us divided?

Why are we so in pursuit of riches abroad
Yet, we have millions lodged in each of our individual brains?

Why are we so brainwashed to think we are less than others
Yet, we can each be Einstein, Wright, Ali, Oprah or Dangote?

Why are we desired to disintegrate by many super nations
Yet, we are suppose to pose no threat to their presumed status?

Why are we being pitched one against the other
Yet, we were brought together as an amalgam, now feared?

Why are we being reduced in population via insurgency
Yet, we are witnesses to China and India’s rising powers?

Why are we celebrated as fraudsters by world media
Yet, we are denied coverage when we are conquerors of men?

Why are we seen as north, south, Christians and Muslims
Yet, we are both bombed by Boko Haram with impunity?

Why are we having so many corruption-ridden leaders
Yet, we are among the nations with the most contented people?

Why are we so aware of our numerous problems
Yet, we are unable or are refusing to do something about it?

Can someone please tell me why?

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