Saturday, September 23, 2017

BEAR YOUR PRIDE HUMBLY #FoundPoetry Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"
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I've failed at times
As a woman, as even men do
I don't always say the right things.

I don't have an amazing figure
I'm not the most beautiful woman
Not in this world, but I'm me.

I love food
Less I forget *smiles*
How 'bout you?

I have curves
I have scars
Because I have a history.

Some people love me
Some like me, some don't.
Isn't that life?

I have done good
I have done bad
Who hasn't, isn't alive.

I sometimes go without make up
Sometimes don't get my hair done
Whoever said I'm perfect? Not me.

I'm random and silly, but loving
I don't pretend to be someone I'm not
I am who I am.

You can love me or not
And if I love you, I do
With all my heart!

I make no apologies
For the way I am
For I'm a gift onto me by Him.

So ladies, I dare you
Share the good in yourselves
If you're proud of who you are.....❤️

(c) Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

Friday, September 22, 2017


A little child informed a female medical doctor who wanted to learn a computer game from him that being a doctor she need not asked to be taught anything. She should automatically know how. 

That unless that is true about her, she's not fit to be a doctor. Can you imagine such misleading indoctrination.

So, she came up on her Facebook wall and call upon parents to stop impressing such false notion upon the innocent minds of their children. The wrong impression needs to change. Please find my submission below:

Yes, it needs to change indeed.

Doctors are attributed certain honor and respect some of them actually deserve, but most of them don't. Rather than make them humble, it sadly gets into their heads, making them start to act pompous and often arrogant.

Actually, I've never had that impression even when I was young and wanted to be a doctor myself, but changed my mind at that same early stage. Why? 

I watched a movie in which a president of a country was assassinated through a doctor whom he trusted, but administered a fatal injection into the good leader for a paltry sum of money

I was so shocked at the development, it forever changed the way I use to view doctors. It also instantly killed my medical doctoral ambition, by Allaah.

And as I grew up, got educated, read vast and wide, witnessed so many other medical situations, discovering so much about life, to me doctors are ordinary folks, who wear the toga of healers.

Whereas it is Allaah that truly deserves what they sometimes arrogate to themselves i.e. the power to heal and make one whole, regaining back his or her full health.

I often hear someone utter the "Shirk" phrase "Meet the doctor who saved my life" as an introduction. I smile at the erroneous impression impressed upon any so informed.

And I often ask myself and any other, if it's true doctors have the ability or power to save lives, why do they allow their loved ones to die, while they are present? Or why do they let death take their (doctors) lives? 

"In kura ta na maganin zawo, toh ta yi wa kan ta mana." But, I keep all these observations to myself and often smile at doctors, most especially young ones who are so full of their importance as medical doctors "who can save lives." ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I bow in full respect for this your call that there's need to disabuse the minds of people,  most especially children from continuing on this false notion. 

Mind you, this is not saying doctors are not to be appreciated for their roles in getting well after a sickness, but so should nurses, pharmacists, laboratory scientists, anastasists and every other medical worker associated with regaining back full health. 

Thank you. My sincere take.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


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A friend wrote:

In DOKUBO-ASARI V. FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA (2007) ALL FWLR (PT 375) 588, The Supreme Court per Muhammed JSC (CJN As he then was) had the following to say:

".....where national security is threatened or there is real likelihood of its being threatened, human rights or individual rights of those responsible take second place.
Human Rights or individual rights must be suspended until national security can be protected or taken care of.
This is not anything new.
The corporate existence of Nigeria as a united, harmonious, indivisible and indissoluble sovereign nation is certainly greater than any citizen's liberty or right.
Once the security of this nation is in jeopardy and it survives in pieces rather than in peace, the individual liberty or right may not even exist" at PP. 585-586

By this, it has become obvious and glaringly clear that that kid Nnamdi Kanu was indeed handled with kids glove. One wonders why, and again why the law of the land is allowed to be so trampled upon and disrespected by all and sundry.
Why does one feel that there is something to the law of this land that Nigerian lawyers are scared to practice their learned profession to meet its aspirations and expectations by ordinary citizens.
Gaskiya, I'm beginning to realize that one of the biggest obstacle of this country lies with its judicial system. Unless this tier of government is soundly sanitized towards making NIGERIA regain its sanity, we will never get back on track to glory.
Which treasonable offence didn't Kanu commit against this nation using his Radio Biafra? He disrespected all and sundry and abused the very foundation of this country, calling it a zoo and threatening to burn it down?
Nobody among the Igbos raise his voice to caution him nor was any legal injunctions in our constitution cited as being flagrantly violated. Only freedom of speech was flaunted as a fundamental human right not to be denied.
in fact Senate Deputy President Ike Ikweremadu was the one who stood in for bail on his behalf and he was freed to a hero's welcome in the south east, with a convoy fit for a president.
Upon regaining his freedom as granted by Ag. President Osinbajo, what did the terrorist IPOB leader do to respect his bail conditions? Absolutely nothing, except further his campaign of disregard for Nigeria's Sovereignty.
He formed a government within a government, created his own army, Secret Service, flew his own flag, introduce his own money, solicited for funds to buy weapons to wage war against Nigeria etc.
Yet, many who should have stood in defense of Nigeria from the SE governors to its legislators in both the Senate and House Of Representatives, intellectuals, business men and citizens. Except for a few, almost all kept quiet.
And now that Nigerian Army is executing Operation Python Dance and such unwarranted provocations are being addressed, some people all of a sudden remember, there is a country called NIGERIA. Haba?

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Someone came via inbox to express sincere appreciation for my multiple posts, which he found to be highly engaging, even though brief in content. And the impressions they make seem long lasting.

However, the person wanted me to make and post only one update per day, so that it can be better discussed, digested, comprehended and assimilated by persons reading them.

So I took the trouble to explain a few things thus;

I've done that before during my earlier Facebook (FB) days around 2009-2010, restricting my posts to just one update per day. But now I do Twitter as well as other social media stuffs and have linked my FB account to some of these.

So, what I post on Facebook now appears as a tweet on my Twitter handle, that way one compliments the other. Same happens with my Messenger and other links, thus one post ends up serving 2 or more social media platforms effectively.

Now while it is cool to pour out prose on FB, other social media demand that posts and updates be short and sharp, yet be rich and deep with reflective meanings. Thus account holders are subjected to limitations in number of alphabets or words they can use.

These limits became necessary due to a recent discovery that unless one is conducting a research, most texts and messages are no longer read in full. People now tend to read the first one or two lines of any note and thereafter move on.

It is like a bait to a fish. If it finds it attractive, it will first circle around it, then take a little bite off the edges, letting its taste buds sample it's palatability. If it passes the litmus test, the fish would then indulge in enjoying, getting hooked that is.

Subsequently, most readers some of whom can be CEOs will abandon the reading if it fails to catch their interest within 5 seconds. That time is all they are willing to sacrifice to be impressed, else they will ignore it.

Therefore if anyone fails to keep them interested in their submission within the first few seconds, then the writer is simply wasting their time. Armed with this realization, many communication drives now strive to deliver their message in this first 5 seconds.

And that is why these days you see a lot of recent posts coming to you like that.

On FB, there those who write their updates in prose with the aim of making such posts fully understood. They thereby detail their presentations and spare time to further engage their readers in an interactive session for hours on end.

Other media platforms do it differently. The approach is to encourage their users to provide followers with catchy headlines sort of a thing, followed by a brief introduction to the subject matter and thereafter attach a link for any interested person to read further details on a website.

Being a poet, and we all know how poetry can be highly economical with words, and quotes even more so, I find it very easy to create such memes in multiple bits and hits for my e-friends to reflect upon.

Reason for doing that? That is the new trend. People are being encouraged to write less, yet make more impact with the words, while at the same time create a visual impact using images in a media convergence delivery.

People now just want to deliver their message in as few letters or words as possible, often between 140 - 160 maximum letters. If creative enough would add an image to compliment the message as a single TKO "punch".

Besides, there is that trending posts with those color backgrounds on FB. Just like SMS texts on mobile phones with 160 letters, it only allows for about 150 characters I think, where Twitter uses only 140 alphabets, spaces inclusive.

So what is happening, one might ask? Well, communication is downsizing in its time engagement! Using less to achieve more. In fact media contents are currently being designed to flow along this new trend. Le Corbusier's "Less is more..." is back in full.

For those who noticed, Whatsapp videos are 16 MB max. Texts get truncated after a certain length and audios also have limits set beyond which one cannot cross. FB words on posts are 8000 max and so on across the social media.

Not forgetting that people nowadays barely read more than a few lines of most writings due to their very busy and very tight schedules. Corporate letters are best written to contain all vital information on the first page for quick absorption.

Of course advertising on radio also flows along that design. Thus there are jingles of 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds, which is the maximum time allowed for that. Anything over and above this 1 minute time frame is regarded as a hype.

Therefore the unfolding trend is to deliver your messages in series of bullets, PowerPoint style, so that you don't miss being read or your intended message being delivered, heard or understood. Most especially if the audience do not have a good grasp of language of communication.

Again as ads professionals, which I happen to be one, I employ that knowledge to ensures that the reader gets "punched" with the message within that first 5 phenomenal seconds. Mind you, billboard messages are most effective if delivered in a few words as well, which can be read as a pedestrian, rider or even a fast driver passes by - 7 max.

So, now you know why I do what I do. It is based on all these foregoing information and much more. It's not just communicating and effectively too for that matter, but it is to done that way to maximally impact upon you with the communicated message.

When the message is short, it is easier to recall and remember. Therefore it is more effective and most impactious.

There is a huge difference between the two.

(c)2017 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved


A friend I respect tagged me on one of the social media platforms among several others friends on a sound post, citing a very famous hadith and requested that we express ourselves sincerely about the matter currently occupying most patriotic citizens of Arewa and even beyond our borders.

I told him I want to talk sincerely, but I have friends who are pro-Sanusi Lamido Sanusi (SLS) that are hurting because I'm talking about SanKano and his utterances, some of which with all due respect to His Highness I sincerely believe are unbecoming of a king of his status to express them the way he is doing. Following the steps of him who says to fear no man and speak the truth notwithstanding who ox is gored.

Please note that it is not what the Emir is saying, some of which are the realities on the ground that is the problem, but the way he is saying it. And he needs not go about it as if he is on a mission or has an ulterior motive. Let him take his people along. For achieving this will not be child's play nor will it be within a short period, but the long term.

For starters, HRH will need to come from his air of "sophistication, well experienced and highly qualified" attitude down to the level of his talakawa. In fact, he has to go about it one on one and even further still to the simpletons' level and talk to them, make them grasp it, understand it, desire it, hunger for it and subsequently lead them on to pursue and achieve it.

He needs not do any taqiyya, politics, dance around things thing as someone suggested. He simply needs to study and understand his subjects and then using that knowledge, approach them with the issue in a civil and courteous manner. They deserve respect as a people, even if as individuals nobody is worthy of his attention, which of course even that is not possible.
There are bound to be those who are better endowed and vice-versa. It is the Sunnah of Allaah SWT to do that among mankind. Let us all call to mind Prophet Moses (AS) and his encounter with Kidr (AS) and how their sojourn as depicted in the Qur'an shows. Therefore respect is a two-way traffic. To earn it, you must give it, accord it first. And humbleness and humility is often the secret to reverence and elevation.
The Emir's immediate subjects are mostly Muslims and as stated in the Qur'an amongst mankind these are the best of humans when it comes to doing what is right and best for their society. All they need is a leader to pledge their allegiance to. Someone they can trust not to betray them and that is it. Once this is achieved, it is finished. He will win this if he knows how to go about it properly.
Sadly, HRH initial approach in thinking that embarrassing, disgracing, rubbishing their level of advancement and blaming their religion for the lack of progress is what will make the people wake up, make them comply or respond to his call is not it. This is essentially where many of them have found offense with his call. Not that they do not believe he means well for them.
Besides, the actual fault of the backwardness of northern region and its people lies squarely on the shoulders of its educated elite. The intellectuals of Arewa are the ones who have failed their people and their region. Each of the elites, not the rich and wealthy, no, but the ones who were and are opportune to go to universities, other higher institutions and traveled round the world are the ones who have retarded their society's growth with their self-centered attitude.
Notwithstanding all that can be cited to buttress the initial setback in establishing western education in the north, those that eventually acquired the education to degree level or its equivalent and higher should have taken the trouble to design a sustainable plan that ought to have taken the region to the level that will keep it at par and competitive with not just south of Nigeria, but the rest of the world. Alas, this did not happen.
And so this is where Sanusi Lamido Sanusi comes in. If he truly did care, he should have mobilized others equally enlightened mind from way back when he came out of the university. With all his brilliance and experience in finance and management, he could have come far with the mission. And now that he is the Emir of one of the most influential traditional throne in not just Arewa, Nigeria or even Africa but the whole world, he would have done what is necessary to arrest this disgraceful situation he now sits and reigns over.
Fact of the matter is we are all aware of what Arewa problems are. Someone to lead us out of the quagmire is what we are looking for. At the top President Muhammad Buhari is doing that for Nigeria and at this State level, however none, I repeat NONE is better qualified, equipped or suited than HRH to do this. Enen if there are any other, the Emir with his clout as SanKano has an edge in this quest.
Unfortunately, though full aware of its objectives he is not in tandem with the project demands. That is why I once said in a poem I wrote at the beginning of his reign that "I didn't want SLS to become the 15th Emir of Kano." For any who has read the piece would see my reasons why? By Allah if any with a little comprehension of English should read it, he or she will easily understand and surely agree with me. Might not be all anyway.
Bottom-line of all this? Muhammad Sanusi II is wasting the best of himself on that throne. As captured in that piece of poetry for those who would find it difficult to grasp it at first, SLS should have gone into politics and vied for Governorship of Kano State or contested for the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Then and only then would the best of SLS have truly manifested! This is my personal belief.
As for those blind supporters of our king, who are shouting don't bother about the messenger, concentrate on the message. I just want to say that the worth, value, quality, credibility and soundness of the message is usually in the chosen messenger. Never make the mistake of sending your message through the wrong messenger. Chose carefully someone with the right qualities, eloquence, charisma, character, finesse, appeal and so on to do the job if you want the project to succeed.

A simple similitude would elucidate this better; a good meal, a tantalizing gourmet cuisine served in a dirty, unkempt, dusty, smeared and stained plate or delivered in a rude and uncouth manner will surely not be palatable to its consumer, no matter how clean, neat and beautiful is the waiter. Besides, we have a unique case here where the messenger doubles as the owner of the message.

Unfortunately, the approach which should have been foolproof, with knowledge of the target's sentiments and sensitivity, delivered with wisdom in approach, choice of words and place of delivery, as well as measurement in apportioning the message and finally being patient in the pursuit of the goals intended are all not here taken into due regards and consideration in this case.

Rather a crude, disgracing and embarrassing method to the sensitivity of the people is used to present these golden aspirations to its target populace. Feeling disrespected, many at the base of society feel they deserve better from their king. Thus we are left with a good cause, yes, but due to the style of presentation and disregard for the audiences disposition, the people are willing to throw away the baby, along with the bath water. Which is rather unfortunate?

Again as Muslims, we must call to mind at the cost of being labeled 6th or 13th century minded Muslims how the Rasool SAWS introduced Islam into pagan Makkah, and how it was soon to spread throughout the whole world. Are the Emir of Kano's subjects any more backwards than the Bedouin arab Muhammad (SAWS) met in the 6th century? Of course not. Well, it took him 23 years to achieve his goal.  

For any with a similar agenda for his people, could that 6th century approach be less effective with a populace that are no better when it comes to their mindset, not withstanding their being in the 21st century? Despite all advancement due to science and technology, basically mankind is still the same. There is nothing we are doing now that we were not doing earlier. The only thing that is different is how we do things.

This is my simple take on this matter, with all due respect. I sincerely believe the approach should have been better.

(c) 2017 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

Monday, April 3, 2017


~ Tijjani Muhammad Musa
Ka na nema ana fasa buhunan abincin ana kwashewa, ana sacewa, ana arcewa, ana neman ka ci gaba da sahalewa ka na kyalewa.
Toh, ai berayin ba su gudu ba. Da babansu da sauran berayen, su na nan a gidanka daram. Kuma ka dana tarkuna ka na kama su, amma wasu na sa hannu su na kwanche su, sannan su sake su a cikin gidan na ka.
Sannan berayen ba su bar aniyarsu ba. Ka na kaffa-kaffa da abinda ka ke samu, su na yi maka aringizon huqatarsu don su cutar da kai da ahlinka. Ka yi jinkirin tabbatar da abubuwan da za ka gudanar, amma mutan gidanka saboda rashin sani, sun yi caa su na kukan ba ka son ci gabansu.
Sannan ka na kama berayen, karnukan farautarsu na haushi su na hana ka samun abinda za ka gudanar da alkawarin da ka yi wa mutanen gidan na ka ta hanyar 6ula ma ka buhunan hatsinka da fasa maka bututur ruwa. Makiyi ba kyau. Ga 6arna, ga 6arnatarwa.
Su na iqirarin su ma su kishin gidanka ne, amma fa nufinsu ala kulli halin su ga kifewarka. Buqatarsu cewa ko dai ka saki berayen da ka kama, su sakata su wataya yadda su ke so, ko su daqile babbar hanyar samun dukanin arziqin da ka ke nema don ciyar da kuma gina gidanka.
Banda fa sace-sacen da aka yi naka, ka na ganin kayan kurukuru an qi a dawo ma ka da su, don amfanin mutan gidanka. Sannan ga ci gaba da iskancin da ake yi tun ba ka nan don kawai sabo da yi, kuma a nuna ma ka ba ka isa ka hana ba.
Sannan duk iya kokarinka na gyara abubuwan da za su samawa mutan gidanka sauqir rayuwa, wadansu marasa kishin ci gaban gidan na ka su na cin dunduniyarka, su na yi ma ka batanci, su nai maka zagon kasa ta kowane fanni.
Amma don rashin ta ido, su na kira da ka rabu da barayin nan da abinda su ka satanma, wanda da shi su ke amfani su na lalata tafiyarka, su na hanaka gudanar da lamuran fidda jakinka daga duma. Burinsu ka gaza kai gaci, su ai dama duk kanwar jaa ce.
Ta yaya za ka ci gaba da wanzar da samun natsuwa ga mutanen gidanka, sannan ga koke da qorafe-qorafensu? Maimakon su dafa ma ka, su cicci6a ma ka, su kama ma ka, don a gudu tare, a tsira tare. Ina!!! Toshewar basira, su so su ke a bar berayen su ci karensu ba babbaka.
Abin ya na daure mun kai wAllaahi.



A ci gaban kokarin Facebook Administrators wato ma su kula da gudanar da harkar sadawarwa a dandalin sada zumunta na Fesbuk, yanzu haka sun manna wata buqata a shafi na cewa jama'a su taimaka wajen taya su fassara dukkan nau'in bayanai a shafukansu da ke cikin harshen Turanci izuwa harshen Hausa don tabbatar da samarwa al'ummar Hausawa jin dadi da walwalar yin Fesbuk da Hausa.
Duk da shi ke da dai so samu ne da sai mu bukaci, su dauki mutanenmu da su ka karanci Hausa daga matakin digiri ko kwatankwacin sa izzuwa digirgir, kai harma ma su PhD wata Daktaa ke nan aiki don gudanar mu su da wannan bukata.
Ka ga ta hakan, mu ma na mu sai su samu kudin shiga, kuma da yawa za'a daina raina karanta Hausa a jami'oinmu. Don wasu gani su ke yi abin dariya ne a ce dalibi ya na karanta harshen mahaifiyar a matakin digiri a jami'a. Alhali kuwa ba ko kusa ba haka ba ne.
Toh, ni dai ga abinda su ka manna a saman shafina da na bude shi yanzu:
Help translate Facebook into Hausa
Keep the language of Facebook in authentic Hausa by translating and voting on translations.
Start now
Kun ga akwai buqatar mu tashi tsaye don tabbatar da wannan gatan da Allaah SWT Ya yi wa harshen Hausa, don mu dada shigar da shi cikin harsunan duniya da yanzu haka aka yarda da su, kuma ake amfani da su wajen sadarwa a kafafen yada labarai da gudanar da harkoki a duniya.
Mu dai in sha Allaahu za mu bada ta mu gudummawar.


Kuma ace Harshen Hausa bai yi fice ba?

Yanzu haka dai ma su Facebook sun soma bada za6in yin harkokin ma su amfani da dandalin sada zumuntarsu a cikin harshen Hausa kamar yadda sauran kafafen yada labarai irin su Sashen Hausa na BBC, Muryar Amurka (VOA), Muryar Jama'ar Jamus (DW), Radio Faransa (RFI), Radio Chaina da dai sauransu su ke yi tun fil-azum.
Gani na yi an jero Hausa cikin jerin gwanon harsunan duniya daban-daban kamar su Turanci, Faransanci, Jamusanci, Larabci, Sufaniaci da dai makamantansu ana nuna mun ko ina son in gudanar da al'amurana a dandalin Facebook cikin harshen uwata, wato Hausa?
Abun kamar almara, ina latsa zabin Hausa, sai komai ya kamar rikidewa, rubutunsu daga kamfaanin Facebook duk su ka jujjuya izuwa harufan Hausa. Na ce "Kai! WAllahi da gaske ne!"
Sai dai fa kar ku shagala, dukkan wanda ya yi rubutunsa cikin harshen Turanci ko Larabci, toh babu fassararsu. A yadda mutane daga ko ina a duniya su ka yi rubutunsu, haka zai zo ma ka batare da na'urorin Facebook sun fassara ma ka rubutun ma'abota amfani da dandalinsu ba.
Wa ya isa ya yi Malam Bahaushe wannan gatan in ba Allaah ba?
Tuni mu ka riga mu ka ce a koma amfani da harshen Hausa wajen koyar da dalibanmu a makarantunmu kama daga Firamare har izuwa Jami'a.

Kuma kuskuren da Aisha Buhari ta yi ke nan da ta kai ziyara kasar Amurka stin da ya gabata. Da kawai ta yi jawabinta da harshen Hausa a United State Institute of Peace (USIP) a can birnin Washington DC, da ba'a yi mata dariyar bata iya Turanci ba.
In ya so ta bar su da neman kwararru, ma su iya fassara daga Hausa izuwa dukkan sauran Harsuna duniya ta yi tahowarta gida kawai. Ai kuwa kunga da ta dora damba, kuma ta kafa tarihin da duniya ba za'a taba mantawa da ita ba.
Ta haka ma da sai ta kwaci al'ummarta daga wannan qangin yin amfani da harshen wadanda su ka yi mana mulkin mallaka wato turawa ke nan. Amma dai ba ji. Ai ana tafe kan isa. Saura qiris haqanmu, mu ma su wannan kira kusan shekaru 20 baya, ya cimma ruwa.
Mu dai yanzu haka da Hausa mu ke yin Fesbukin wAllaahi. AlhamdulilLlah, Ma sha Allaah.


~ Tijjani Muhammad Musa
Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoorIf we are really serious and sincere about solving this Almajiri problem in Northern Nigeria, one of the sure ways is for each rich, well-to-do, elite or middle-class man with at least a degree, working, possibly married with a child or two to volunteer in sponsoring, just like we will our own children, you and I, the EDUCATION of at least ONE of the ALMAJIRIS roaming the street in our society, from PRIMARY to UNIVERSITY DEGREE LEVEL.
A promise should be extracted or agreed upon with the almajiri, child of the poor or ward of any neighbor being sponsored with consent of his parents or guardian, that if blessed with the education to degree level, he or she will be expected to similarly extend the same sponsorship opportunity to at least one less privileged child like him or her.

Based on this projection, it is envisaged that in the next 5-10 years, the low level of education and poor corporate and economic involvement of the average Northern Nigerian in state, national and international affairs would gradually start to decrease and eventually disappear from the populace. It is obvious, the problem will not abate just because we keep talking or complaining about it. We must take definitive action towards addressing it, in order to achieve our set objectives of eradicating the scourge known as the Almajiri Phenomenon.
But our coming on to social network platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and so on to simply hype on it from the comfort of our homes, offices, play stations to show the world we are worried about it and expect the problem to simply vanish into thin air, will not work. Affirmative action must be taken by each of us towards eradicating the menace. We must change our attitudes, if we are to bring any meaningful progress in this regard.



~ Tijjani Muhammad Musa

Image may contain: one or more people
In dai da gaske mu ke, mu na son mu shawo kan wannan matsalar ta Almajirai a Arewancin Najeriya, toh dukkan wani mai arziki da wadata, ko mai ilimin boko aqalla matakin digiri na farko, kuma ma'aikaci, magidanci, mai yaro ko yara, ya qudiri niyyar daukan nauyin ilimintar da wani Almajiri ko yaro na 'yan uwa ko makwabta aqalla guda daya tun daga makarantar Firamare har sai shima ya kammala karatunsa na digirin farko a Jimi'a kamar yadda za mu yi wa 'ya'ya haifaffun cikinmu.
A qulla 'yarjejeniya da almajirin ko yaron da aka dauki nauyinsa ko ita, cewa in har Allaah Ya tabbatar masa/ta da samun wannan matsayi, wato na zama mai digiri a rayuwarsa/ta, toh shima ko itama za su nemi wani ko wata daga almajirai ko 'ya'yan talakawa ya/ta dau nauyin ilimantar da su har sai su ma sun mallaki kwalin digiri ko kwatankwacinsa,
Ta haka, akwai kyakkyawon hasashen cewa, nan da 'yan shekaru 5-10 wannan yanayi da Arewa ta ke ciki na koma bayan ilimi da rashin ci gaba zai dau tushen kaucewa daga al'ummarmu. Wasu dai tuni sun riga sun fara. Don kuwa matsalar ba za ta kau ba, don kawai anata cecekuce da koken da ake yi a baki kawai. Dole sai mutane sun dauki matakai na yin wani abu akai, sannan za'a samu cimma burin da aka sa a gaba.
Image may contain: 2 people, people standingAmma a zo dandalin sada zumunta na intanet, wato 'Social media' kowa ya na yamadidin abin na bashi kunya, ko ya dauki hoton almajiri ya na nunawa duniya cewa wai shi abin ya dame shi ba'a nan take ba. An dade ana ruwa, kasa na tsotsewa. Ya kamata mun canja salo kuma.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


"Adamawa, Yobe and Borno,
Regarding these, what do you think you know?"

Rains of sorrow,
Wash away the bye products of terror.
The eyes that cried tears of horror,
Are beginning to see a brighter tomorrow.

The barbaric men, who are nothing but filth,
Destroyed all we toiled and built,
While brainwashing all they could possibly jilt,
Oh God, how do I overcome this haunting survivor's guilt,
After all the throats I've witnessed being slit?

How could I wade off this insomnia,
Induced by this mass hysteria?
Could I ever return to my little euphoria
Or am I a fool for believing in utopia?

With haunted eyes, haunted souls and haunted minds, we grieved.
While crying and missing all our bereaved.
I prayed, I waited and I believed.
That from the Lord will come our Relief.

Like a phoenix, I'll rise from the ashes
Overcome the challenges, and all the clashes.
The wounds have healed, and so will the gashes.


BEAUTY OF A BOOK Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

Beauty of a book 

Lies in remaining intact
After being consumed.

(c)2016 tijjani m. m.

all rights reserved

FREEDOM HATED #Haiku Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

Used to slavery
some hate the sound idea
of gaining freedom.

(c)2016 tijjani m. m.
all rights reserved

MANKIND OR KINDMAN - Revised Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip'

Image may contain: outdoor and one or more peopleClearly now, mankind priorities are twisted
Switched roles, front to back, back to front
Backing dogs, while leashing our children
Husbands at home, wives walking streets
Man lusts on man, women kissing 'mares
Brash men abound, as women flesh-flash
Kids slaving mothers, watched by fathers
Wedded, yet free to fraternize as wished
Countless deviation samples made norm
End of time, witness carts before horses.

(c)2015 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved


When I first saw the image of Aisha Buhari in the United States on my Facebook wall, that is currently engaging social media attention, I didn't even know she was the one. I out-rightly dismissed the picture as that of a bunch of women, past their primes, who have discovered they can have some fun posting their pictures on an internet interactive platform.

It was later that I read many posts castigating her mode of dressing upon arriving in America that I looked again and lo! there she was, looking so much unlike her regal self. I didn't believe my eyes at first and thought to myself "Bother yourself not, it can't be Aisha Buhari. It must be photo-shopped"

But to justify my dismissal, I googled 'Aisha Buhari visits America' and the screen was immediately awashed with several images of the lady in those corporate black and white suit, looking like a free, high flying, career woman. It then dawned on me that she has been ill-advised.

For, as the wife of the much respected and highly regarded President Muhammad Buhari of Nigeria, she ought to know better that she is not just a representative of the Muslim woman, a mother, the African woman, the end result of the Girl-Child education campaign on one hand, but a symbol of the emancipation of women of all nations from mental slavery on the other.

Outside the most important binding fact upon her that, Islamically Allaah SWT Has it as an injunction in Quran 24:31 among several other verses, that Muslim women should not display their adornments (Tabarruj) in public, Aisha Buhari should know that keeping all ogling eyes off her body is epitomizing modesty and a means of earning respect, not just for herself and her husband, but for all women.

I was tempted to write something about it, but chose to let those who have forged ahead in support or against her to express their opinions. Most of them, based on their sentiments and biases, without tendering tangible reasons, evidences or proofs of her wrong doing or otherwise.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa's photo.
Not until I saw her latest image at VOA office today, looking like the woman I have known and so much respect that I found it fit to write this piece. What more, my poetic muse was stirred and I dropped a few verses. As the poem depicts, I have taken the path of understanding and celebration, rather than condemning and disrespecting her, giving 10 solid reasons to any asking why we hyped on her dress mode and not any other's as follows...

TO ERR IS HUMAN..... Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

Well, for one

She is a Muslimat
So, she ought to be smart.

She is married to a Muslim 
Tall, articulate, sound and slim.

She is ummi to a family, small
But elevated to be the mother of all.

She is knowledgeable, informed, enlighten'
Being a Queen for her, has never been a burden.

She is an African woman, of legit descent
Free from Jahiliyya bondage, not just of recent.

She is patient, confident, compassionate
About her disposition, there's nothing unfortunate.

She is a First Lady, wife of our President
Her King's role, she strives restlessly to complement.

She is now more than ever, a role model
An ambassador, a soul-sister, none can compel, dispel.

She is an amazon, facing challenges
On several fronts, taking them head-on in stages.

She is, more than all these, a humble soul
Who corrects her errs, wrongs, taking back control.

(c)2016 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved
Tijjani Muhammad Musa's photo.

Monday, August 8, 2016


... a Tijjani Muhammad Musa post on Facebook

We've been calling for this development for the past 2 decades, no one is listening. Now, our similarly colonized sister, Ghana is boldly forging ahead of us. English will no longer be the means of imparting knowledge on its people.

Just to reminds us all, no people among the advanced countries of the world is using a foreign language for its official governance, not to talk of education of its citizens. An indigenous language or more of the majority of the nations citizenry is adopted as the national language for government and education activities.

But here in Nigeria, due to ethnic and regional sentiments among many other setbacks, we have refused to allow common sense prevail over our national and collective interest.
No wonder, we keep registering monumental failure in our educational system at all levels. We have to wake up to this reality if really we are serious about becoming a nation to be reckoned with in this 21st century.

~ Tijjani M. M.

*** Initial reactions to the post above from various Nigerians of Facebook is featured below in our VERBATIM Segment. Enjoy the exchange and you can add your own opinion to the discussion.

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Muhammad Dami Gberejaye It is improbable

Sikiru Giwa Total liberation at last.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Yes Sikiru... :) Though some people are so used to slavery, they hate the idea of freedom.

Alexis Onome-Egborge Well, hausaland never really let go of hausa, all these years!!

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Alexis, yes. They've never let go. Even on social media they communicate prolificly. And in their state houses of assembly, they officially adopt Hausa as the language of conducting all state affairs. And there's not a single problem to it.

Image result for Nigeria tribesSarah Alli The giant of Africa !!!
Muhammad Mansour Ibrahim Have written this article years back but no one care to listen. May be we have lobby our Rep members

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Yes, I remember when we raised the issue in the late 2000s into early 2010s. We must keep hammering it on the anvil to shape it into desired form. We are the ones loosing out wAllah.

Murtala Adamu Aliyu 100% In support i think this will ginger our writers to think of publishing educational materials based on language name sa far as i know everything has a name used by natives no matter how small... for example if you want to know any part of an animal ask a butcher he will tell you in you native tung..... etc

Najeeb Bashir Dutse Exclude Igbo...

Muftahu Aliyu Shuaibu Good job, you describe igbos correctly.

Lanre Abdurrazaq Though I like the idea of weaning ourselves of traces of colonization but I'm not sure possible is dropping English as medium of instructions in Schools.

In the South-West it's probably possible but how possible is it to have Hausa as the medium in North, especially North Central? Would we use Igbo as the medium in both South-East and South-South? Would the Ijaw people accept them?

I want to believe Nigeria is unique because the sheer number of languages and dialects we have. Using
 English Language seems to be more convenient.

However, we probably have to more local languages, cultural and historical studies made compulsory for students in schools.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Comments from various persons on the same topic is providing area of conflicts that will need to be attended to or fine tuned in order to make it work. Good thing about it is everybody sees the viability of the idea and the need to have it take effect. Overcoming the obstacles is the task we all have to contend with.

Bright Edomwonyi Benjamin Back to stoneage

Image result for nigerian ethnic groupsTijjani Muhammad Musa Edomwonyi, go ahead it's alright to be scared. Many good ideas are initially related to like that... :D

Melvin O. Nzefili how will removing english from imparting knowledge in nigeria work when you have over 200 cultures that speak over 200 different languages? force the other over 198 cultures into 3 cultures because the 3 cultures are the only important ones and the others aren't?

Tolulope Odukoya It may be a lofty idea if we really see to building a sustainable framework which is devoid of corruption like most of our projects. However, that should be the foremost issue on our minds as we settle the myriads of "wahala" on our national table right now.

Image result for nigerian ethnic groupsTijjani Muhammad Musa Melvin, you are stacked on all sides with obstacles your mind create, which to your belief are unsurmountable. Meanwhile I've just scaled.them to bring to you inside those high fences this possibility. I'm scaling back out of your "comfort zone". Watch how I do it and you might possibly free yourself too.

Melvin O. Nzefili What obstacles? You could have at least answered the're suggesting Igbo, yoruba and hausa should be thelanguage of education in nigeria like they're the only languages we have. Answer the question i've asked, you can't be stiffled since your language is among those suggested, so the rest of us our cultures can do what , learn yours and the other two, why not learn mine and the other ones? There are many other factors you have obviously failed to consider with your suggestions and have presumed that I'm a prisonner in my own mind, when you don't even have a clue what's there.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa At least now we are looking at possibilities. Which language is that pls? It can be studied too. What's the problem in that? None I believe. Still the one most people understand and interact with will hold sway. Rule of nature. Way of progress. Can't help you with that.

Image result for nigerian ethnic groupsMelvin O. Nzefili Ufuoma was right.... you don't make any sense at all, assuming you even try to make schools in Nigeria start adopting different native culture in teaching in schools, it does not help in any way, because there still needs to be a language that all the cultures understand to be able to find a common ground. In China for instance, the official language is Mandarin, but they each have their various languages which they all don't speak. China has a very powerful economy and now they are getting their people to learn the English language, because it is spoken by many countries in the world (to expand on their business prospects). In Nigeria here, despite the fact we manage to even speak bad English and not all the states have people that understand pidgeon English, we are not even united, now you're suggesting to eliminate what most people have in common. You don't seem to know that there are so many Nigerians that neither understand nor speak pidgeon English, only their native tongue.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Odukoya, it is a grNd idea indeed. That is the first step, acknowledging it is. What is next is NEXT... :)

Tolulope Odukoya Tijjani Muhammad Musa, The next step is reviewing the merits and demerits given the challenges that the education sector is currently facing in Nigeria.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Tolu, yes. Only it is not about the education sector only, it is an all encompassing approach. But reorientation in schools using motheer languages across the nation is what is paramount, where the 3 major languages which most people in ghe regions, even if not from those ethnic groups do understand will compliment the drive. Let's teach our people science and technology in Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo Ijaw, Kanuri, Nupe, Urhobo, Igbira, Tiv, Igala, Idoma and so on. I assure you, even if people do not pass their WAEC and NECO well, the application of the knowledge will amaze us all.

Tolulope Odukoya Whatever the case may be, now isn't the time for that.It involves the overhaul of the sector and several other issues will come into play. However, one of the first things is to equip the educational sector by providing appropriate learning facilities and not students learning while sitting on bare floors. It will amount to doing the tight thing at the wrong time bro.

Ufuoma Utuetu Lets even assume there is some sense in what you are saying cos I see none, how does adopting our indigenous language as the official language and language of instruction foster unity and development?

Who told you there are no advanced countries that use foreign languages as language of governance. What is the official language of Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong, Liechtenstein?

Which brings me to the most annoying part. Is this the most pertinent discourse we can have now with the current state of things in the country? Or have someone lost his/her sense of priority? I think the problem some of us are having is that we are overfed and are beginning to act like the Am3ricans who do not know what do with their excess wealth that's why we can put up issues that are irrelevant. If you were struggling to survive like some of us are, you will not be coordinated enough to put this garbage here.

Lanre Abdurrazaq Tijjani, my own fear is the proliferation of medium of instructions and the expected difficulties of coordinating them to specific standards.

I would prefer if we make local languages, cultural and history of tribes as a compulsory subjects for students. I feel it will ensure our students know and appreciate their language, culture and history.

The simple fact that we don't a dominant language like the Chinese have Mandarin, it would be difficult, not impossible, to implement this laudable idea.

I'm a sucker for our local languages, culture, religion and history. I don't buy into how we've allowed both the Arabs and the Europeans to erode our own identities. Some dialects in Nigeria are already disappearing. Not good at all.

Don Obi Austine I would have prefer pigine English because it's easier to understand and can be used in our schools to teach students and it will be effective because there is no part of Nigeria that doesn't speak pigine english even the illiterates understand the language very well and can be used as our official language.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Ufuoma, negativity defines your nativity... You are welcome to be your pessimisive self. Free your soul from dormancy and stagnation broh. Move on pls.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Lanre, look it has happened a long time back. My wonder was where we (Africans) were when civilization cane and offered all the advanced races the opportunity to resist any other's language, but their own for their governance, commerce and daily interactions and thereafter impose it on lesser mortals, who are now so pleased with slavery, they hold their master's own in higher esteem and would resist the offer of freedom from both mental and physical slavery. My poor people... Hyaaaah! :(

Ufuoma Utuetu You dey speak oyibo! Priority and relevance man, just a little sense of both.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Ufuoma, mush as I dey speak am, I speak ma mama tongue much much beta... :) Priority and relevance, I've long been denied. I don't want same happening to my back.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Melvin, see. You just said it many people do not understand English or pigin. Can't we impart knowledge on them in their native tongues or must it be strictly English like we are having now? English can be taught as a subject like all others, but let the people learn whatever it is in their mama's language. When we converge at an exhibition, workshop, seminar, national and international events, let us then employ English to converse and transact. Nobody is saying don't speak, study or use English for your activities. No. But, when it comes to teaching our people something, do it in the populace native lingua-franca period.

Melvin O. Nzefili I said pidgin, not English... don't twist my words to suit your commentary. Most already communicate in English why complicate issues. What you would've been campaigning for, is for a way for each cultures having some sort of self preservation, and no one needs to wait to go to school to have that, it should transcend school and the environment. You should be think of ways to make things easier not complicate them. English is taught in schools now and people are not learning it well, how will dampening it making any useful. As for teaching in native tongues you should go to remote villages it has been like that for ages, it's nothing new, and I have suggested to them to either get text-books in their native tongue for their students since they are using the native tongue to teach, rather than using the native tongue to teach while giving notes in English (makes no sense) and they scoffed. You can teach children multiple languages and they will pick up on all of them.... they are not yet like adults who have growing difficulties learning newer languages. If you are going to suggest something as ambiguous as this, you have to consider every factor involved which clearly aren't doing.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Tolu, let's get back to the basics. If you are terribly hungry, would you be asking for meat, egg and salad with the rice you are getting? I don't think so. Would you be satiated eating the rice, or it would not quell the pang of hunger, until and unless there is chicken, vegetable salad and fruit juice as part of the menu? Common!

Tolulope Odukoya Tijjani Muhammad Musa I do not follow the last comment in which you mentioned me.Please read my last comment again.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Tolu, I'm with you pls. All I'm trying make us embrace is let's educate with each of our languages. Seeking for chairs and desks is secondary in the matter. In fact, if we can do it in the comfort of our bedrooms via the internet, all the best. But make sure it is done in ournative language. Dazz'ol :)

Tolulope Odukoya Seriously...You must be kidding me. You talked the use of mother tongues in SCHOOLS as means of instruction. Now you are talking about learning in our bedrooms over the internet. I am a teacher and I know the overbearing importance of proper educational facilities as they enhance quality education.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Ol' school style teacher I presume. No disrespect meant pls. But the future of education is what I've just given you an insight to. Trust me, school will migrate on to the net and all your teaching instructions as a teacher or lecturer will be online. So, easy does it on those chairs and desks thing is all I'm trying to tell us.

Tolulope Odukoya @ Tijjani Muhammed Musa Hahahaa... You are a bigger ignoramus. Online education is really the thing but it cannot replace traditional classroom for all forms of instruction...kindly ask those who know cos you obviously do not know. I never condemned any of your ideas, all I said was that now isn't the time for the introduction of native languages as means of instruction in classrooms. Go and sleep I don't like joining issues with people like read halfway... no disrespect meant. I WORK IN AN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Tolu :), be in denials, it doesn't really matter. Just mark my words. Nigerian languages for education and online schooling for pupils and students is all what our future is talking about. Pray we live that long to witness it. Else our future surely will. You're appreciated... :DHahahahahaha.

Lanre Abdurrazaq I like the idea but I'm yet to be convinced on how practicable it can be.

I mean, it will tend to divide Nigeria further through the regional lines. The North using Hausa is medium of instructions. The South West using Yoruba. The South East using Igbo. The South South using Ijaw. How do we find a common ground to interact? English? Years down the line most people won't be able to understand English anymore and Nigerians won't be able to communicate with each other without using a translator. That's not convenient. That's not unifying.

Like I said before, if we had a single major local language like the Chinese have Mandarin it would be much easier.

Jones Betabwuyishekwoyen Katau-Mairubutu This cannot happen in Nigeria for we don't have a national language....See More

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Yes, it can. Ghana too has multiple languages. It is all a matter of compromise and negotiations. Unless we want to forever remain stagnant

Jones Betabwuyishekwoyen Katau-Mairubutu True but it isn't near ours... Our multiple languages triple theirs.

It was tried with WAZOBIA but it didn't work for those termed minorities wanted to be fully represented too. Most of them can't be represented fully by the Trio supposed main languages, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Yes, details that need to be discoursed by experts and patriots to facilitate it. We can do this.

Nana James A'huoma Hmmmmmm.... This will cause further division... How will a yoruba student communicate with a hausa or ibo

Kiru Taye I'll be interested to see how it works in Ghana.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Nana James :) common! As if people will be held at gun point not to utter any other word, but these 3? Kai! It might turn out to be fun, job creating, and very identifying and progressive. Think possibilities beyond negativities.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Kiru Taye, an opportunity to say "Thank you" for so much. Stay :) I truly appreciate you. And yes, I'm with you on that Ghana adventure...

Christian Udo In as much as i am a strong advocate for this policy, i vehement believe that d system won't work in a multilingual nation like Nigeria, pardon me if i sound so pessimistic. How would u feel @ Mr. poster if u r forced to learn another person's language at this stage of your life? Your response is not far from mine.

Kayode Ogunleye In my time in secondary school, it was a crime to utter a word in our mother tongue during school hours. A crime punishable by manual labour in the school farm or the surrounding bushes all around us.

It was so bad that I "consciously lost" my ability to speak Hausa language fluently. My first indigenous language.


Tijjani Muhammad Musa Kayode Ogunleye, same legacy they want us to bequeath our children for their children, our grand and great grand children. Yet, some of us who are moment livers, with no foreright think it's cool. It's absolutely saddening.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Christian Udo, you are thinking about you. We are thinking about your children. You are thinking about now, we are weighing what's going to come tomorrow.

Bucci Davy Ubani How many languages do you have in Ghana? make the comparison and see if it's the same in Nigeria.

John Akpan So, what would happen to the other millions of non-speakers of the three languages? Some few individuals always like to forget what Nigeria is!

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Bucci, it doesn't matter. There is only one answer to that question. It is either mono or multi-lingual. For each, the approach is similar if not exactly the same.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa It is exactly what Nigeria is that prompted this post John. Else we'd have forged on still asking for us all to embrace our mother tongue and stop being colonial mentalists.

Chinedu Jonathan Ichu emotions will always take the front seat and run so high..has he told us make the languages disappear?

Christian Udo Thank u for reminding me that there is a tomorrow, a fact i did not dispute @ Musa. But, may i remind u once again of d huge benefits of d English lang. particularly in an all-rounded technologized age as this. I wonder how many Nigerians will read your work if u r a writer. Similarly, have u considered how much disadvantaged u would b outside d sphere of your nation with regard to communication? It is worth reiterating that d system MAY not work in a multilingual nation like Nigeria. Finally, d problem with Nigeria is not d lang. barrier but with some rapacious souls who believe that d nation belongs to them. Therefore, it is high time we began to beat d middle of d drum rather than beat d sides yet expect d same sound as d former. #istillratenaija.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Chinedu, no language will disappear which its owner are willing to keep. In fact more languages are becoming extinct now with globalization rather than celebrating cultural identity the world over.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Udo, nothing stops English from being used for whatever it is needed for. But to impart knowledge on any child, nothing beats the mother's in making him or her understand the subject best. And that is simply what we are advocating. No more, no less.

Will it be a crime to communicate in English? Of course not. But to learn as well as write exams in a language foreign to the learners is a retardation. If it were good, let the English use French or German or Spanish or even Yoruba to learn and be tested in their schools. But, no, no, no. None of these are doing this.

India, Russia, France, Germany, England, Israel, Arabs Countries, USAmerica etc all use their languages to teach and learn and govern. Yet, we Africans are so used to being enslaved, we translate knowledge from our colonial masters tongue to own before we start grappling with what it means.

How can we rise above that? Something is terribly wrong with us, I tell you. We must make the necessary move to catch up or else, we are as good as the plantation boys.

Christian Udo U still do not get my point. In my first message, i pointed out that i am a strong advocate of d policy but... Back to your point, if using d lang is a form of retardation how about other of their products(permit me for digressing, d situation calls for such) that r being used here. Will those b pushed to d other side? I'd better rest my case. I still insist that d problem with Nigeria is far from what we r here emphasising. Until we r ready to take d bull by d horn, I'm afraid, d nation may not reach her promised land, let's stop fiddling while Rome burns.

John Akpan @Musa: I didn't seem to get the meat of your post . . . Still a problem of colonial mentalist? Now, to test the integrity, workability and practicability of this great idea; and more important, to keep it straight and simple, let all Nigerians vote to choose just ONE of the said three languages as medium of instruction in our school system.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Udo, if we have anything better than what they have to offer, we should use it. Our language is better than theirs, where imparting knowledge is concerned. So, we use ours. If our cultural heritage is better, why use theirs? If our family values is more enriching of life, ours should be it.

Mode of transport, communication, construction etc, if theirs is better than our own, we should gladly opt for theirs. That's how it works. After all, it's not for free. We pay for it, with our hard earned money!

In fact, when they see anything of ours that has value, they take it and do "plastic surgery" to it, so we don't recognize it as our own, then they use it as theirs and even repackage it and export it back to us. Many cases to cite as example.

Typical is our crude oil. They take. They refine. They bring back to us. They sell it. They take away the profits and gains.

Muhammad Kabeer Mahmood Even the so called colonial masters refused the EU.NYC post my dear

Abdullahi Rabiu That's very nice.

Adamu Musa very very good

Taufiq Amin Yahya Good thinking but in a country with more than 300 ethnic groups; I don't think is possible. Only nations with homogeneity in lingua-franca succeeded in such projects.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Taufiq Amin, multi-lingual franca are often used in situations typical of ours. Most other languages in Nigeria understand these basic 3. Nobody is crazy enough to say his own language must be included, unless he wants to be impossible. And just because they accept a language to use does not erase the fact that theirs, though a minority is not important to them and to the nation.

Susan Henshaw Explain to me why my children should be learning Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo? Their mom is Efik and their dad Edo. Nigeria is not like Ghana or other countries. It is unique because it has several languages. Everyone teach your children about their language and culture. That's required. There does not have to be a "lingua franca" you force other tribes into.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Susan :), who says your child has to learn Hausa, Yoruba or Igbo? You are Efik and his father Edo, educate him or her in his primary language of communication, his mother's I presume. Why? Because his brain is most absorbing of knowledge with it. English is taught to him as a subject he will need to communicate with others, period. But for education? He should be imparted in Efik or Edo or any his people speak the most? Will that retard his developmental drive? No. Rather, it'll enhance it best. So is the universal truth, no matter how hard we choose to be in denial.

Abubakar Isa Let us take only a language. There are too many. Let's adopt one national language and banish the rest so that our tribal sentiments should end.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Abubakar :) that's asking for trouble.

Abubakar Isa There has always been troubles. Let's face the trouble and finish it up. European countries did others did why not us.

Femi Animashaun I sure hope this isn't typical thinking where you're from. Anyone who thinks like you is entitled to being the first casualty.

Femi Animashaun Impossible. Mark my words. Ghana makes a lot of money from Nigerians going to school there. It will impact their economy if they try it. What about their exchange Student programs? Ghana is a little too small to impose languages past its boundaries.

Taher Danfodio Yonos Ethnicity variations and regional sentiments of course overcome us!

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Well, time for us to overcome it or them.

Al-Mustapha Musa Iliyasu Dido But three languages cannot be used as "official language". Our case is different from Ghana's. Any attempt towards that will divide Nigeria.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Good observation Dido. So how many? At least our brain is considering. We are thinking. Many are proffering solutions to questions hitherto unasked. Let's start somewhere else, nothing will be achieved.

Al-Mustapha Musa Iliyasu Dido Our ego will not allow us to help ourselves. Otherwise we have two rich languages that have what it takes to be used officially.

Shehu Ibrahim Nigeria is a multilingual nation, therefore; its difficult for the country to agree with one voice for the elimination of English language as the official language in the country.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Shehu Ibrahim but surely not impossible, right? There is hope then.

Shehu Ibrahim We do hope that sooner or later the sky to become our limit, then.

Ese Gabriel Vasco OK, let's adopt my language.. This is a great impossibility in Nigeria, unless the country finally divides. It may work in Ghana because there is one tribe that is truly dominant in every sense of the word but there is no such language in Nigeria. Though, all the three major languages may be adopted but I am sure, my Benue will refuse to speak Hausa as official language, Kogi will refuse too. The Niger Delta will refuse to speak Igbo and it will create a downturn. Whatever was not done at independence remain undone in this regard.

Edwin Grace Then shld adopt my language too cus I can't be forced to speak someone else language. Ghana does not have many language like Nigeria so we shld not compare.

Asonye Augustine Daniel English is the best language for us, we dont know how to make instances in nigeria

Abubakar Ali Hotoro In support 100%

Zakariya Zakari This is my experience in Bangladesh and the understand better with local language

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Thanks Hotoro.

Zakariya, thanks for sharing why should be blind to this reality, retarding our progress?

Sa'id Muhammad Tudun Wada I trust you TJ

Awwal Kiyawa Ahmad Reasonable

Tega PastorSon Benson So, what happens to Urhobo, Tiv, Gbagyi, etc?

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Details to be addressed by those who are knowledgeable in the process of execution. Who'll learn how to handle it with precision just like it is obtainable in other places where such has been adopted. We are not an isolated case. Examples abound to learn from.

Hope Otu call for true Federalism first. U cannot b doing dis wen there is d concept of federal character system. Why is dis call not by a tiv or gbagyi person. Wen English schooled nigerians brought us out of colonial rule where was the language speaking tribes. They rather brought confusion. If english is for a 'white man', den we should giv dem back dia democracy, technology and even religion. Giv a man/country its due honour who have been able by toil of mind create, review a language dat adresses every facet of life. The yoruba language which used to b called 'awo d secret language' have not been reviewed for d past 20yrs. Does any Nigerian language have a word for email, xonophophia, etc. Lastly, b4 u start praising ghana, study d effects of dat policy

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Hope, so many issues you raised that need to be responded to. But the short of it, go study Hausa, an international language by most standards and you'll be amazed. Returning technology, democracy and stuffs like that, do we actually have it or are just using it, albeit retrogressively too. Pls, let's understand exactly what we are being taught first and foremost, before we can determine what we are given and so create an improvement of it like many others are doing. But our biggest problem right now is TRANSLATING ENGLISH TO OUR LANGUAGE first, before analyzing which information it contains, then take advantage of it. Typical example you cite. What is "email" to a typical none educated Nigerian?

Comfort Olubo Umaru All languages matter! Sorry to sound so clichรฉ. But it usually reeks of ethnic superiority and attempt at ethnic cleansing when one out of many is pushed to the fore front so that others should fade away. Before you talk about the merits and demerits of adopting a language, we could go the way of L.L Zamenhof and create a new language which uses words from everyone.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Comfort, your preference is romancing the stone. We are at liberty to try or to be tied.

David Edikan Umana This is all debate and suggestions, all should be welcome. I look forward to deliberation on this same matter, for implementation.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa David Edikan, thank you man. Yet some of us would want to flex their tongue muscles over it.

Chinasa Uwakwe Infancy can assimilate 12 languages simultaneously 
why limit us

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Chinasa :O so you know something this valuable and you never spoke up? That is a serious disservice to humanity, hoarding knowledge. Habaaa!

Sokeipirim Daboanji Eliminating english in Nigeria will cause the nation to divide e.g here in rivers state we hv 23 L.G.A and these 23 L.G.A'S has different languages, so how do you expect it to work

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Details we have to work on. It can only happen if we believe it can first and foremost. First, let's accept it can be possible and will be progressive to us. Then we can ask the questions.

Sokeipirim Daboanji Ok, but how can these work. Will the ministry of education see it as a welcome development, will house of senate or assembly pass the bill,

Mubarak Alabede Well, I Hope It Works For Nigeria...

Tijjani Muhammad Musa I hope so too. Only that hoping will not be enough. We must work towards achieving it. We can't afford to remain behind,especially here in Africa.

Mubarak Alabede Absolutely. And There's No Harm In Trying To Change The Trend. But Alot Of Obstacle Awaits Such Progression. Nigeria Will Be Facing Both Internal And External Threat Though.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa What's new under the sun. Wane dare jemage bai gani ba? We must just overcome.

Mubarak Alabede Lol. Sai Na Mutuwarsa. As A Student Of History With Little Knowledge Of Anthropology. I Know It Will Be Almost Impossible For Students To Communicate With English As A Lingua Franca Of The Nation. After The Elimination In Schools. But Do You Know That...See More

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Thank you Alabede (y)

Prince Adede Bobo Fuck english

Terry U G Ifeaka I am greatful for being tought English. Anyone from a proper home can learn their native language at home (your mother's tough). Imagine a world where you can't understand half the things on the Internet because they haven't translated it? :D

Mireia Mesalles well..Imagine a world where you can't understand your past, some countries and corporations will be really happy to increase their power because of this historical disconnect. That's why they did it.

Rozenia Johnson There are many people all over the internet who converse Only in their native/traditional language, both written and verbal....China, India, for example.

Terry U G Ifeaka the type of info they get are restricted. Your Google result in French is totally different from mine in English. It would provide jobs for whoever that would be translating it (and we have software that tries) but it would be like an handicap and easy for gov't to censure.

Nailah Akinyemi-Sankofa Yeah because basing our knowledge of and understanding of what's on the internet is the most compelling and important reason in the WORLD to speak/read english! Wow really dude?! So what was the rest of the world doing to OVERstand everyone before the freakin internet? And what will happen when the "lights" go out for everyone everywhere?

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Prince Bobo >_< Yaaaik!

Rozenia Johnson Yes!!! Preserve Your Traditions and Culture.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Terry U. G., common don't so mean to yourself and be like a slave that likes being shackled so much he begins to hate the very idea of freedom... :)

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Mireia and Rozenia, pls talk to him :)

Monroe Pastermack Grand idea at one level..however will not prepare for working the the world; where English is the language of business.

Victor Idem U want to promote Arewa or Oduduwa olonization. One colonial madter is enough on one lifetime... Manage your language, we will manage ours. #Englishonlyplease

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Monroe, yes it is grand. It'll still not prevent English maintaining it global status. What it will do however is open up and free our brain power and technological potential. Which is very vital to our progress as a nation. Once that happens, we are likely become more viable as an economy on the global stage. English will still be taught at schools, but not at this domineering level.

Monroe Pastermack I understand thanks

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Victor :) Once colonized, always colonized, your stance? You deserve better. You are already intimidated in your mind. Free thy soul... :D

Victor Idem Your name points to the possibility of you being a descendant of the pretenders to the throne. Well, you will jave to come up with a stelathier way to recolobize the rest of Nigeria... Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo r not the only languages spoken by the citizenry.... so maintain your lane, bro

Victor Idem ...stealthier...

Terry U G Ifeaka Anyway, thank god for private schools (incase the government mess up, their are always alternative). Our native languages were passed verbally and not in classrooms hence we write with the English alphabet. If you really want to be free, invent your own alphabet like China, Ethiopia, India and so on.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa We have already Terry. Almost 30 years back. A-Z too and numbets too.

Rozenia Johnson Tijjani Muhammad Musa Peace to You. Is the written language / alphabet that you are referring to in your above post, the Aroko?

Tijjani Muhammad Musa No. Something entirely different.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Idem, think wider than the scope you've confined your mind to. There are possibilities beyond impossibility.

Martin Ijomor A very important first step towards national growth and development.

Jide Aje One can have a great command of both one's ancestral language and an official language such as English.
Being only able to converse in Yoruba would have been very restrictive to me.
The idea that Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo be the languages of instruction in Nigeria is very flawed because these are not the only languages spoken.
I say the Nigerian child/student or citizen should be able to at least access English, French, Spanish and at least two Nigerian languages.
This can only open up more opportunities and not less.
If the Ghanaians think this will work for them-fine.
I am however skeptical.

Monroe Pastermack All of that makes sense to me. Thank you Jide.

Najeeb Bashir Dutse Exclude Igbo...

Nailah Akinyemi-Sankofa And the same goes for Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and any other "conqueror" and colonizer's languages place before and above our organic Afrikan Ancestral tongues! Y'all do know white folks (that includes Arabs) forced Afrikans to learn their languagesbecause they wre too lazy and arrogant to learn ours. In addition they wanted to be able to understand us especially when we were plotting against them (or so they thought) and because you can't subjugate and manipulate Afrikans even in their own lands as thoroughly as the majority was (and still is) by not taking their indigenous languages (and Ancestral spiritual systems) away from them. Or make Afrikans believe their tongues and real religionsns are inferior. That's why so many Continental and Diaspora Afrikans are so brain washed even now. Wouldn't it have been so kool had I been able to write this entire comment in all Yoruba or Twi or Hausa...?

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Only it is not about the education sector only, it is an all encompassing approach. But reorientation in schools using mother languages across the nation is what is paramount, where the 3 major languages which most people in the regions, even if not from those ethnic groups do understand, will compliment the drive. Let's teach our people science and technology in Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo Ijaw, Kanuri, Nupe, Urhobo, Igbira, Tiv, Igala, Idoma and so on. I assure you, even if people do not pass their WAEC and NECO well, the application of the knowledge will amaze us all.

Wole Akinyemi The best education is rooted in the culture. Check out japan, France, Russia, China and Israel. Language is the vehicle of transmitting that culture, education and civilization.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Wole (y) sound submission.

Wole Akinyemi Thanks Tijjani

Olumide Onigbogi Not so true....

Tijjani Muhammad Musa Olumide :), pls elaborate on that comment. Benefit us from your wisdom, pls.

And the discuss goes on still...