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CROSSING INTELLECTS Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

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Do drop the "Sir", Malam or Oga too
It's for those who truly deserve it
Who have striven to be simple
Living for others, not for self
Do reserve such honors for them.
I? I am, but a mere mortal
On an earthly journey
Whose path happens to cross with yours
Call me not, except by my father's
If that's too much to give, then forgive.
He was but an ordinary man
Neither a Malam, Mr, Oga nor a Sir
So, I pride myself in being one too
Know, a father makes not the man
But rather, the man who makes him.
He bought me humbleness
And taught me humility
Enjoined respect upon me
Gifted me kindness as a toga
"They'll do, son." so he'd whisper.
Now, he's gone ahead, awaiting I
Said sooner or later it'll be my turn
For vanity is nothing
But tussles, a test to earn a rest
Can you win the coveted ticket?
Only first, you must live life
Amidst souls, that'll touch you
With their quality, like you'll too
Each impressing upon the next
A piece of himself or herself.
May my impression upon you
Be worthy of nostalgic remembrance
Met you once, wish to meet you twice
And on the thrice, hope to make it permanent
That you may recall I to mind, smile then utter a supplication.

(c)2017 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved


Image may contain: 2 people, weddingSomeone just ask me what I meant with my last post on this subject matter. Do I mean observing the 5 daily salat or du'a (supplications)?
What I'm trying to point out is that this 5 daily prayers Muslims observe on a day to day basis, morning, noon and night, from dust to dawn to dusk again, 24 hours a day have so many effects on the heart, mind, body and soul of the Muslim faithful, male or female.
Apart from the numerous advantages that accrue, prominent among which is that salat prevents its regular observer from committing sins and evil. It stops Muslims, males and females from detrimental acts upon self and others, besides forbidding one from engaging in criminal activities.
There is no Muslim, who will be constant and consistent in praying the 5 obligatory prayers, except his soul, mind and body will be cleansed of all impurities, both physically and spiritually. So mean, wicked and devilish thoughts would not have a dwelling place in their minds.
So for those women who profess Islam and have killed their husbands, I want to believe they do not observe their khamsus salawat with devotion and sincerity of purpose, that is if they even do at all. And worst of it all, the husbands are either party to their negligence or they do not themselves pray, so they do not realize the danger they are in.
Not until it is too late and their souls are forced to depart their bodies unprepared and the rest of us are left with the sad saying of "Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un." Then the statistics would count higher. Another victim is registered the Murdered by Spouse file.
So, do not play with your prayers (salat) and always insist your wife or husband should stop whatever they are doing, get up and pray every time they hear the adhan or it is time to observe salat. Demand that they do, it is not just for their own good, wALLAHI it is for your own SAFETY too.
Since the alleged murder of her husband while he was in sujud position by Maryam Sanda, 3 other men, one slaughtered like a ram, another custom officer had boiling groundnut oil poured over him while he slept, for the other it was hot boiling water, similar to a co-wife equally subjected, have been killed by their wives. Persons whom they should feel most safe with.
What is their wrong? Having the guts to inform of their intention to marry another wife as enshrined and permitted by their religion of Islam. Whereas, there's no where it is embedded in the laws of Islam that a wife should kill her husband if he should tell about marrying or make a move towards formalizing another woman to be his wife.
Now we need to ask why is this evil trend becoming vogue? Many women not just Muslim women are now being reported to be operating on a murderous frequency. A woman in Kenya has recently been reported to have cut off her boyfriend manhood. One had gutted her husband and his other wife in an arson case.
Another in India poisoned her husband. He however was lucky and became suspicious, thus refused to eat the meal. His mother and brothers ate the food and 19 out 25 people died as a result. There are a thousand and one cases of women killing their spouses in Europe and US, so it is not a new thing there nor here in Nigeria, but here in Islamic society.
It is fast gaining popularity now, because women are seeing that those who perpetrate the act are getting away with murder. There is simply no deterrent, no justice, no retribution. A simply plea of insanity will secure a jail term or some human rights organizations may wade in waving all kinds of cries, threats and intimidations to secure their release from prison.
Social scientists, psychologists, psychiatric doctors and other related experts have much to contribute in unravelling this crisis, where Islam has already laid roots and foundation of why such a psychotic problem should become manifest among women worldwide and our northern Nigerian women in particular.
Until the cause of the crisis is duly found and addressed, may we not be among the victims of this gross injustice.


Believe me sincerely, in this picture are some of the intelligent minds on Facebook and other social media platforms from Arewa (northwest Nigeria).

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ShammaYanaTijjaniMarzuqMubarakAdamu and Rabiu among many others, all gathered in one place #TEDxBabaDanbaffaSt event on 31st December, 2017 @ Mambayya House, Kano City.
It was an opportunity to meet up and rub intellectually to close an exciting and eventful year. Sincere kudos must be extended to the youthful organizing team who staged the talk session.
We appreciate...


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