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.....By Tijjani Muhammad Musa

 Happiness in marriage is multi-facet and depends on the individual both male and female. So many things combine to produce a blissful happy marriage. Among them are the followings;

1. Living together as husband and wife according to the Qur'an and Sunnah of the Prophet SAWS. This is most important please. So the need for you to study and abide by them all.

2. True love, not for what you have or who's son or daughter your spouse is, but who they are as a person, is none negotiable. You see, if you marry anyone not based on love, which in itself will wane with time unless constantly re-invented, refreshed, recharged, re-invigorated, it is bound to be a failed union.

3. Courtship must be based on sincerity, truthfulness, flare, excitement, smiles and much laughter. What I mean here is always tell each other the truth about yourselves. Likes, dislikes, wants, diswants, pleasures, displeasures etc. Any time you promise to do a thing or be there for any reason, always fulfill thy promise. This will establish a sound reputation for you in your partner's mind and she or he will forever believe you and in you.

On flare and swagga, be you always clean and well dressed, appearing in clothing that you are most comfortable in, that you usually wear. But if they are revealing of your shape and attributes, please restrain the urge. Then be lively and cheerful and always store interesting gist to share with each other when you meet. Also watch out for moods, which are infectious and quickly adapt, to show you are one with each other.

4. If you are truly intending to marry her or him, try as much as you can not to have pre-marital ''garmenting'' i.e. sex, even if the other partner should lay it down as a pre-condition for marriage. Keep your chastity at all cost. You see, none of you two can guarantee for sure whether the union will actually happen or not, as confident of your love and compatibility as you might be about each other. And I don't mean discovering something nasty about one another in the course of the courtship that might warrant a change of mind. Travelling, sickness, deformity, death could change the status quo and when you have indulged in the garmenting thing, the woman is left the looser always and of course the guy could be too, if he is blessed with a higher grade of modesty than the average guy. 

5. Time, this is a very valuable asset to you, but it must not be more valuable than your wife-to-be. I have said it before, the greatest need of the woman is ATTENTION, while for the man, it is TO BE LOVED. I could be wrong though. Now based on that, you MUST spend as much time as you can spare with her, talking about everything under the sun, sharing your private and most intimate thoughts. Do not forget to LISTEN to her when she wants to talk and help her develop her interest along with yours, so that you start to think as one entity. Be a FRIEND to her. Let her realize that you are her best friend and keep her secrets secret. NEVER let her get to hear something she told you only, to be heard by her from somewhere else. It will mean you have a ''Basket mouth''. Of course you should not.

6. Be the man! Assert your authority from Day One. Let her know what you will tolerate and what you will not. Also start expressing your joys and pleasures about things you approve that she does and vice-versa. Keeping quiet, waiting till you are married before showing your authority over her is tantamount to cowardice. She'll always say ''Wallahi, you have changed. You were not like this before you married me. So now that you have gotten me where you want, you can make your selfish demands and put your unfair restrictions upon me. Well for your information, you can't!'' and then you will have a herculean task bringing things back to order. Trust me on all this, Allah Has Given me 15 years of marital bliss and more. It is a good thing to hate being single, you are desirous of something much more better and Allah SWT Will bless you with it. Though there is nothing wrong with being single for life, if you will safeguard your chastity, that is.

7. During the course of your courtship, take the role of her husband full time. Demand obedience, respect, courtesy, interaction with your family members, whom you must take the trouble to introduce her to and insist she gives them their due regards. You must lead by example. You must do everything to her own family that you want her to do to your family. Take her with you to both sides, your side as well as her side, Show no difference between the two. Be fair and just in your dealings. Do not disrespect her family members and she will not disrespect yours. If she does, let fire rain down. All this nonsense about a wife being rude to one's family boils down to this or to your failure to express your intolerance from the on-set. Oops am forgeting, not all of us are equally blessed by Allah SWT to do this though. Anyway, just prepare yourself for an exciting journey. Patience is next.

8. No, not patience yet. Diplomacy, my broh. You must be very diplomatic. Take the trouble to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, where it needs to be done and to whom it needs to be done as at when due. MOST IMPORTANTLY, do it FOR ALLAH'S SAKE ONLY. You will NEVER BE SAD. NEVER! You know why? Most people would never appreciate what u do, starting from.....your spouse. So if you are expecting that or a ''Thank you, Honey'' and it is not forth coming, you will be grossly disappointed. But if you say to yourself ''This is for ALLAH's Sake'', then if nobody says "Thank you Darling" or says to your wife ''Wallahi, your husband is a kind hearted man, please thank him for me'' then you are always good, for you know deep down, if Allah Accepts the act of you, your reward is assured, guaranteed and safe with HIM AWJ. Any thanks from others will just be a bonus. 

9. Now, let's talk about Patience. Please refer to the sound example of the Prophet's marital life. Go into his household and observe carefully how he conducts his affairs with his wives. Nothing can be said to elucidate this better. A'ah G'man, you may need to do some research now. 

10. Let's move to the next very important matter. Study Your Partner. The moment you see a wife or husband material that captures your interest and imagination, you must switch on your 'Curiousity Mode'. You must become a researcher, scrutinizing your target with your eyes stealingly, listening attentively and studying their body language. You can learn so much about a person from these in the first instance as to know if you will get on well. Many choices of partners come to a failure due to lack of this. Remember, this is someone you might end up spending your whole life with, so everything must be right, but not 'PERFECT' with you. Also give room for some "discounts" please. If you do a sound job at this, you will never be there as a single again, unless if your wifey or hubby unfortunately dies. Now about that, me too I no get experience at all, at all. *smiles*

11. You have finally arrived at the marriage union and celebrations... Oops Mr. Groom, about the Sister, she knows what I know not and maybe I know what she knows not. So if she needs my advice, am sure I need hers' even more.... Ehen, the marriage ceremony. Here elders, culture, traditions, ethics, personal principles etc all have to be addressed. Gaddafi, ''BANDA 'KARYA!'' meaning "NO LIES!'' Celebrate it to the fullest within your limit and financial capacity. Let whoever wants to contribute to one of your most important days do so, without your asking for it. DON'T BE EXTRAVAGANT. ALLAH HATES IT. Capture it all in your memory, 4 yr memories. Stories will be told by you two to your children in sha Allah....*smilez*.

Remember to execute the marriage in accordance with the Islamic injunctions. I know some celebrants would 'yab' you, that you are being ol' fashioned and the rest. But do not forget that, they will leave for another wedding ceremony and you will deal with the aftermath of your disobedience to Allah and you know not in which way HE SWT would extract retributions as a trial upon you both. Also remember Allah much all through the occasion. And "Angon......, Gaddafi dan Iyal, ku yi celebrating the marriage till the whole city, no! country, kai till the global village echoes it and vibrate!

12. On your WEDDING NIGHT, you must be calm, and as eager as you might be to be with your ''Iyawo'' i.e. bride, you must not fail to perform the 2 raka'ats of salat and thank Allah SWT for giving you success in making your heartbeat, your constant companion from that moment on. Then after that, you are to hold her head and recite the du'a (supplications) of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS, seeking all the goodness in her and warding off all evil from her. Then sit and gist while eating or drinking and congratulate each other for pushing the proverbial camel through the needle hole. Then reach out to each other, but do not forget to say the Prophet's du'a of launching your garmenting era with your "Amarya" or "Ango" i.e. groom before your very first encounter, then ''GARMENT'' till day break. 

Break it, take a bath and pray Subh' and garment some more. Break once in a while eat, pray your salats refresh, recharge and indulge all over again. Exhaust your individual fantasies like there will be no tomorrow. Wow! Its 24 hours already, "How time flies when you are having fun" Well recharge and hey, you 2, crawl up the ceiling, cling to it upside down if you can, in the corridor, on the kitchen floor, in the bath, against the wall, standing, kneeling, bending, one leg up, lying down, from the front, through the back, hey go NUCLEAR, explore all possibilities, and bang each other till you can hardly lift a finger... savor FREEDOM!!!!!!!

13. Finally, G'man, there are learned people endowed by Allah, the Only God worthy of your worship, who can tell you what are the complete requirements of an Islamic marriage are, consult them, verifying your facts via reading for yourself from Sahih (authentic) sources, so that you do not get misled by so-called malams. Hopefully, you are abit ok with these little experiences of mine. Now, I might be wrong in my explanations, so do not take them until you confirm from the Qur'an and Hadiths before absorbing it. Any where you find me iin contradictions against these sources, PLEASE IGNORE MEEEEEE!

Conclusion: For your information, this is the PRE-MARITAL experiences (my personal), there is PART II i.e. POST- MARITAL, which we will treat another time in sha Allah... In that part, watch out for: First 90 Days (3 Months) of Discovery... If you scale this stage, you stand a good chance of having a successful marriage. You fail to pass through these days and em....em...em..... Hey Gee, gotto go

(Written as comments on a Facebook status update, available in My Notes on my Facebook Profile)

 Tijjani Muhammad Musa
 (c)(r) 2009 All Rights Reserved

Standing on top of the Archers Hill @ Uhud during my Umrah 2011 in Ramadan 1432AH. NOSTALGIC!!!

Saifuddeen Yakubu Musa Wrote:
Allahu Akbar! This Hill that Tijjani Muhammad is standing upom is the hill top that the Prophet of Allaah Subhanahu wa Ta'alah stationed 50 of his soldiers on the day of the famous Battle of Uhud, instructing them not to move an inch no matter what happened. But they witnessing the early victory of the Muslim Army over their adversary during that ill-fated clash were so overwhelmed with joy that some of them forgot themselves and rushed down to partake in the victory. Only for the enmy army to come from behind the very hill and dealt a damaging attack to the Islamic army.

Wannan dutsen da Malam Tijjani ke tsaye a kansa shine dutsenda Manzon Allah S.A.W. Ya ajiye Sahabban nan guda Hamsin a kansa ranar yakina Uhudu, Ya Umarcesu da cewa kada su sauko koda kuwa menen ya faru. Wancan Babban Dutsen kuma Shine Dutsen Uhudu. Wannan farfajiyar kuma dake tsakanin duwatsun biyu shine fagen faman da aka gwabza yakin Uhudun a cikinsa. Wannan yar haraba kuma da aka kewaye da bango nana ne wurin da makabartun Shahidain Uhudun suke, irinsu Sayyiduna Hamza R.A. Dasu Mus'ab da sauransu. Allah Ya yarda dasu baki daya.

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(A True life story) Tijjani Muhammad Musa

A man who was about to take in a second wife, lived in his big house with sections that could accommodate the two wives comfortably, but the house was a bit outdated. So as part of preparations for the coming bride, he planned to embark upon restructuring and refurbishing the house and so approached his embattled first wife and informed her of his intentions. She accepted the offer that renovation works should commence with her side of the residence, which was wise on her part and only natural, just in case resources should dwindle for the excited groom, at least she would be safe and sound, or so she thought.

After finishing the works on her unit, the husband again approached her with the options of her choosing which side she would prefer to occupy. She told him once again she was ok with where she was living, which was looking so fresh and new after the refurbishment. Now, having settled that, the husband started works on the side that would accommodate the bride. As usual, the first wife never bothered to visit the works on the bride's unit, most likely to save herself further anguish as the D-Day gradually moved closer.

Taking advantage of her disinterest, the man went the extra mile in  restructuring and refurbishing the bride's unit to taste, with exquisite designs and styles. When he was done and was fully confident that the new place was befitting his new "Princess", he then went on to hire special interior decorators and gave them a blank cheque to decorate the abode and make it as beautiful as his money could afford. All these was going on, with the trusting uwargida thinking nothing of the issue, having surrendered her fate to her Lord and Maker.

Then, just before the whole renovation was finished, she felt an urge to check out the works and possibly use it as a source of harassing the annoying man she calls her husband. She waited until one Friday afternoon when the bride's side was devoid of all human activities, with the workers having gone for the weekly Juma'at prayer, she seized the opportunity and sneaked in for a secret preview. She almost fainted from the sight that greeted her. The lavishness of the works before her made her completely forget she was in her own house. Shocked and with eyes wide open she took a quick heart-pounding tour and could only cover her mouth with her hand to prevent herself from screaming.

Quickly, she left the place before she was discovered. Back in her now "jaga-jaga" looking unit in comparison to where she just ventured out of, she sat down dazed beyond composure, staring into space for God Knows how long. What was that she had just seen? Could it be true or was it a dream? How could all that have happened without her knowledge? So, her jealousy could be taken advantage of, so much so that millions of her "sweat" and her children's inheritance was being wasted on a stupid project, right under her nose? What an audacity!

So what should she do? She thought to herself. Pack out that very moment? Call her friends or family and cry her heart out to them lamenting his betrayal? Wait till he comes home and make him regret ever knowing her? Or simply "kill the bastard!"? Or may be.... Then she found herself smiling at the idea crossing her mind at that particular moment in time. "Yes!" she satisfactorily concluded.

Fortunately, she was a calm and composed woman. And decided to play the "Dummy" of a woman, her "darling" husband took her to be. in fact, she became even more nicer to him and just demanded that he should respect her feelings and not do anything to remind her of the new life he is about to subject them to. Apart from that, she's "good". And so she allowed him to continue enjoying his fantasy that she was his vulnerable fool.

2 weeks later, the Wedding Fatiha conducted by the ulamas and invited male guests and the much talked about marriage ceremony had taken place. Some of the most beautiful women were in attendance and she took all the necessary steps to behave herself in the most dignified manner, to the extent that many were pleased with her conduct during the event. "Ita ce Uwargidan kuwa? Sai ka ce ba wacce ake yiwa kishiya ba! Gaskiya, ta burge ni sosai, wallahi!" were some of the comments and  commendations she elicited from the gathering. And you know women and their intuition, some still suspected she was upto something. Her composure and gayness was too good for comfort.

Later that evening, the bride was to be prepared for conveyance to her brand new multi-million naira matrimonial unit, but first her stuffs (furniture, kitchen wares, electronics etc) had to be loaded in trucks and taken to her new residence for arranging in her groom's home. Upon arrival there, as her aunties and friends disembarked fro the vehicles to take in the bride's stuffs into the elegantly reconstructed unit, they met the Uwargida and her friends arranging her equally brand new household stuffs she had bought secretly without the husbands knowledge into the bride's side of the house!!! Wow!

She warmly welcomed them and wearing her most charming smile said they should please wait a few minutes more for her to move her remaining things from her former unit, which is to be the bride's new residence! "Ku ba su kujeru su zauna a waje. Ina Musa? Akai musu ruwa da lemo don Allaah!" and left them dumb-founded for a change! The husband soon arrived looking so angry, it's redness was showing clearly on his face even though he was a dark skinned. She came out and greeted him with a smile and respectfully told him " Na gama kwashe kayan nawa." and turned to go back into her brand new home!

The "Tariya" had to be delayed for a few more days, before the Amarya moved into her "brand new refurbished unit". Now, that's what calm and composure can do for you in times of a crisis.  €€€ Don't Panic. Just THINK!

Tijjani Muhammad Musa
(c)(r)2012 DesignWorld International
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DESTINY or STUPID HEART - A True Life Candy Love Story. Tijjani Muhammad Musa

It is said by the wise that "It is better to love and lose than never to have loved at all." Though some people would rather not love at all, because love hurts, most times if not always. Once in a while you hear a lamentation song, "Where do broken hearts go?" Well, in answer I say, they move on to find another love, possibly better or they enter the "Hate-love lane" and poison their hearts slowly to death.

Many would think only a stupid heart allows a rare gem to go, but i think it not true. Personally, the heart ain't stupid, it is just being smart and realistic. Have you ever heard of the Hausa phrase "Yaro baya daukan yaro? Sai dai babba ya dauki yaro"? (A child can not carry a child, only a responsible grown up can do that) May be, just may be, the heart realizes that it is not the right time for it to carry such an emotional, sensitive and heavy-duty responsibility, so rather than stupidly do it and fail the pearl, it decided to let it go.

Remember, it is also said "To love is to let go" meaning if you really do care for someone or for something and the best place for that someone or something is not with you at that particular moment in time, but with someone or somewhere else, then it is a demonstration of sound love to let that someone or something "go" to that which is better for it and still celebrate the fact that you did let go. I have a strong conviction that is what someone should do when the situation warrants.

I had this experience once. She was an angel and I will call a Z. And "it stands for a) Zulaikha b) Zahra'u c) Zubaidha d) Zamzam. Circle the best answer" *smiles*. Now we met when I was finding my direction.

I met Z through my sister. But what we had was strictly our secret, though we were seen talking on occasions to each other, nobody took it as anything or quite so serious. We were too young to be considered as talking at that frequency... Marriage. But we were sincerely into each other and cherished that fact, while to others it was just candy attraction. But man, was she beautiful! Subhanallah!

One of the most beautiful women I have met. Way beyond my level then Allaah Knows. She liked me, no loved me, yes! As small in capacity as I was, she'd listen to me, look deep into my eyes and smile at me, my yarns, my smiles. She was willing to elope with me, knowing how impossible it would be for me to meet up to the requirements of making her my wife legally.

So, I had to stand up to the occasion by imprisoning my selfishness. I called her one day and talked to her intimately. She listened to me with rapt attention, understood exactly what I was saying and lowering her head at the last moment before she was called to be taken home at a "biki". What I said to her? Much as I love her, want to marry her, make her the mother of my children and believe she does feel the same way too, it's not gonna be possible then. I was just out of secondary school and she was still in school. For a princess like her, she deserves the best of men and the best of care.

Now I might be the best of hearts she'll find, but right then I am not the best place she deserves. She shook her head, but I said it is true. I have to get properly educated, become a doctor or an architect or something like that, build her a beautiful house befitting a beautiful wife like her and be able to give her and the kids all we would desire for them. That would take at least 7-8 years or even more. Would her parents let her wait that long even if she wanted to? No!... She sadly came to terms with what I said and luckily that was when she was called to go.

Reluctantly, without looking into my eyes she turned and walked away. I could only look on to her back as the distance between was increased. About ten steps away she turned and took one last look at me and got swallowed by her friends and family members. That was it. She was gone. I HAVE NO REGRETS TOO! 2 years later, she was married off to another person. 

Years later, after she has had 3 children, my sister went to visit her at her home, and suddenly she popped head out of her kitchen door and asked "Wai in tambayeki mana, don Allaah ki gaya min gaskiya. Ina Tijjani kuwa?" Shocked and surprised my sister looked at her and realised who she was enquiring about. She asked her which Tijjani? "Teejay nawa na sani tsakanina da ke?" she said waiting, and seeing her impatience my sister quickly answered "Yana Zaria yan Masters dinsa a Architecture". She said she saw her smile and nodding her head she went back into the kitchen.

And when she came back out with drinks, curious to know why the question, she asked Z what prompted the sudden question, but she refused to say another word about it. Only once in a while she'll see her lost in thoughts and smile to herself. My sister came back and told me what happened and insisted I must tell her what transpired between her and me to warrant such a reaction from Z years on. Of course I did not explain it. So there you go.

Till this day, I never saw her or talk to her again and I don't want to. I prefer her memory in my heart just the way it was when we parted. Young, fresh, stainless love immortalized!

Tijjani Muhammad Musa (c)(r) 2012 All Copyrights Reserved.
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By Tijjani Muhammad Musa

(Being a chapter from my forth coming book "BEYOND IMAN") 

How often have you observed this scene: Someone comes to a place, looking completely uncomposed due to a certain problem that has rendered him and all his smartness utterly useless? He stands and gazes into space, focusing on to nothing in particular, yet deeply engaged with a vision nobody else is seeing but his mind’s eye. Upon careful consideration of all his possible options, he decides to go and meet a close relative of his for assistance. After divulging his heart’s content to the attentive relative, he is told that he has just missed a perfect opportunity. If only he had come 5 minutes earlier, all his problems would have been solved. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about his predicament at that particular moment in time as all extras reserve for assisting people has been used. Sad and further dejected, he gets up and drags his weak body out of the place. 

He comes back out and had you seen him a second time, one would see him looking exactly the same as he did earlier on or even worse. He keeps quiet for a while, only for another "good" friend of his to come into focus and without much ado he takes off to the friend’s house, only to be told the person has travelled the week before. Again he is back to “Square A” as the saying goes. This time around, a neighbour comes into his mind and against his pride and better judgement he forces himself to go and table his case, per chance he might find the relief he has been looking for, a loan. Once more after hearing him out, the neighbor cooks up an excuse and pleasantly denies him the much needed assistance. 

Almost frustrated, he thought to himself “And the most annoying part of it all is, they always let me tell them the ugly development first, exposing my intimate fears and secret, then they tell me ‘Sorry, there nothing I can do for you’. Why do they listen to my pains first? May be they even enjoying it, watching me suffer. And my friend just travelled out of town without informing me. Yet he calls himself a friend. Even though, so and so owes me money, its going to be the same story if I should go asking for it. ‘I don’t have anything to pay you, please come next week, or next month, or even next year’ Wicked people all over the place, feeling comfortable with people money in their hands ” So he thinks on and on and on. 

Now, while in this critical dilemma as he walks absent mindedly across a road, a man driving a very expensive car hits him. He gets hauled into the air, falling on top of some crate of eggs just delivered and waiting to be moved into a grocery store. Dazed and bruised from the fall, with raw eggs splattered all over him, the car driver after stopping comes to him in a rush amidst other passersby. They help him to his feet, with the driver expressing his sincere apologies and at the same time enquiring if the man is hurt anywhere worriedly looking him all over to see any sign of a wound. From no where, the store owner emerges and seeing the poor shaking man covered in egg shells, yolk and all, holds on to the man's pants, demanding to be paid every single egg that has broken, at the same time shouting on the poor man to clean up the mess. 

The car driver, though aware of the fact the it is the man’s fault that the accident has happened, pleads on his behalf, explaining that the man must be in shock and should not be shaken further by the shop owner, who continues the shouting session any way, demanding to be paid for his crates of eggs. The driver, as sympathetic and involved in the incident as he is could not afford to pay the shop owner. So he begs the shop owner further, all to no avail. Other passersby try to calm the shop owner down but no one seem to be succeeding. The estranged man is obviously in another fresh fix and upon realising the situation at hand, he sits back on the road tar mark, resigning his fate to whatever might wish to befall him further. 

As things seem to progress from bad to worse, a kind hearted man among the on-lookers decides to interfere and immediately offers to pay off the damage. He then takes the still shocked man aside and gives him some money to help him with possible medication bill, just in case it is discovered that the man might need to go to the hospital after getting home. He even offers to take him home to which the man politely decline. Assured the man is alright, the driver is relived and quickly gets in his car drives off. The man, though still covered in raw eggs, wipes off tears from his eyes with his messy yolk covered right hand and focus on the content in his other hand. Seeing money in his hand, he gradually starts to come back to his senses. When the man looks closely at the amount given to him, he discovers that it will completely solve his entire problems with a lot more to spare. So, he could not help but start thanking and smiling at the kind man, who seems much more worried than any others people, still standing all around. 

“Alhamdullillah, alhamdullillah. Thank you, thank you, thank you very very much” he keeps saying again and again almost embarrassing his “angel”, who in return says to him “No, please don’t thank me. I should be thanking you for accepting my offer. Honestly, I am the one who is grateful to my Lord and so the one who should be thanking you” But the yolk covered man keeps on thanking him and smiling despite his pains as he struggles to a standing position “No, no, you don’t understand. May be you would not understand, but thank you a 1000 times” says the poor man. Others observing the development become dumb founded at the turn of events. The sudden change in attitude of the poor man seem confusing to the crowd. First he looks so much in distress, but all of a sudden he could not stop smiling and thanking the kind man who seems more grateful to the man for accepting his assistance. 

One of them who could not hold his patience taps the kind-hearted man on the shoulder from behind and asks “Why are you thanking him, when it is you who has helped the poor man. You deserve all the thanks” The kind man smiled at the ignorance of the questioner and those other curious and confused faces surrounding them. So he explains; “How often do you get the chance to do good to someone, especially if it is genuinely needed as in this situation and it does not make you feel good yourself? Has any of you ever offered to give something to someone who sincerely needs it, deserves it, favoured to receive it and his offer gets turned down by the recipient? Can any of you tell me the sadness, humiliation, embarrassment, disappointment, pain and regret among other negative feelings you experience from such a rejection?” he pauses briefly for an answer, looking at their faces. 

“Don’t you see that it is only someone who wants to hurt you that would reject your offer of anything? If someone you love wants to punish you, they refuse to accept your gift of love. How terrible does that make you feel? If a commoner wants to be famous, he refuses a bountiful offering from a king. If a hero desires to discredit an honor, he refuses to accept it. And if a child wants to make his parents feel guilty for life, he denies them the opportunity to rescue him from imminent danger or death. Need I say more?” He again waits for any one to answer, on getting none he continues “So who should be thanking who? 

Now you can understand why I should be the one thanking him for accepting my offer to salvage the chaos. For it is ALLAH Subhanahu wa Ta’ala Who has accepted it from me through him. Had he refused, it would be most painful for me bear the humiliation of the rejection, for I would surely know that my Lord has rejected my offer through this tested man and that would have done more damage to my peace of mind than to the fragile eggs of the store owner or to the peace on this street. As for him (he point to the recipient), he should thank his Lord for using me to save him from the distress he has found himself in” 

Recite to them the truth of the story of the two sons of Adam. Behold! They each presented a sacrifice (to Allah): It was accepted from one, but not from the other. Said the latter: “Be sure I will slay thee” “Surely,” said the former, “Allah doth accept of the sacrifice of those who are righteous” Q5:27 

So the next time someone asks you for help or assistance or if you go out to give charity, or you find someone attractive and summon the courage to approach and offer your undying love, or you are invited to visit the homeless or you decide to visit the sick in a hospital, do pray to Allah SWT that what you are offering gets accepted, for if the opposite should happen, you might taste a feeling that would leave you forever drained. And when it is accepted be grateful to the recipient and ultimate to your LORD ALLAH AZZA WA JALLAH. 

May Allah SWT accept all our good deeds and reward us with the peace of mind associated with our offers being accepted by HIM and every one. 


She was young, at the peak of her youthfulness
She was beautiful, like she flawlessly sculptured herself
She was elegant, tall, slim, fair, regal and graceful
She was sexy, hot, flairy, generous with a killer smile
She was attractive to men, and women too she claimed
She was sexuality unequalled, even animals heat up on her
She was friendly, none was in doubt about her charms
She was popular, only a few knew her not in the area
She was devoted in her worship, all bore her witness, but
She was a lesbian and very very proud of it...SCREEEEEEEECHHHH!

Woman2Woman: Doing their thing, against all logic.
Here's her story....

One day a brother of hers, living in the same house with her and their other family members approached her and said "You are indeed one of the most beautiful creations of Allaah, that I have seen. With no equal among the girls, ladies or women of this city. You are also always up at the first call of prayer every morning, pray fajr and engage your tasbihi much till the day breaks. I bear you witness to that. You are also kind and generous, with many admirers and many more suitors falling all over themselves eager to celebrate you as their wife. So what in Allaah's Name is wrong with you, that you can not choose one of them and perfect your life, your religion? Why in Allaah's name do you do what you do with women. How can this be happening and yet you are so so prompt with your salat? Nothing bothers me more about than this. Why not please repent to Allaah and stop this sexual interactions with fellow women?"

She calmly replied him, that he should stop worrying himself about her. Afterall what is she doing? There are worst atrocities being committed right that moment by many men and even women and are hiding it. Well she is not a hypocrite and that's why she lets whoever care to know what she is. She will stop it when the time comes, there's plenty of life ahead of her and when she grows older, she will seek forgiveness of Allaah, marry a man of her choice and settle down. But until then, she is good.

As Allaah SWT Would have it, 3 days later, just 3 days, she became ill. It was so sudden and so serious many were confused as to what might be the possible cause of the sickness. She was so ravged by the mysterious illness, she lost all sense of her surrounding. She was subsequently taken to a private hospital, without her being aware of herself. Within 7 days, the whole thing she held most dear to her and which made her what she was, withered away like the twinkle of an eye. Helpless with the case, she was discharged from the specialist hospital on a referral to be taken abroad. Though she had regained her being, but by then she has lost her senses of sight and hearing!
She could neither see, nor could she hear a single word. Deaf, dumb and blind she became.

Her family were informed of a traditional medicine man in one village and without wasting time, they prepared her for the journey and took her there. Within 3 days of her arrival there, she died. It was so shocking to all who knew her and the steps she has left in the sands of time were talked about and many were left with the unanswered question, "Whatever happened to her, so suddenly?" Nobody knew for sure but her brother, who approached her just a day or 2 prior to her falling sick, was left with so many unanswered questions.

Was he the last chance she was given to save her soul? Why did she think she had a lot more time ahead of her? Did she get a divine promise of long life? What ever happened to her in so short a period? Could it be witchcraft as some were speculating? Or possibly she might have hurt someone unjustly, and nemesis caught up on her? What becomes of her now that she died, clearly she use to perform her salats regularly? Could it be so, as some said the drastic breakdown of her beauty within such a short period of time and the devastating sickness may have atone for her sins? "O Allaah, Do have Mercy!" he finally gave up pondering.

As I reflect over the sad story, a similar parable from the Holy Quran refreshes in my mind. It gave me solace to realize Allaah SWT Has indeed Guided us, it is we, men that are ignorant or neglectful of HIS Guidance?

In Surah al-Kahf i.e. Q18 verses 32 - 47, Allaah SWT Says:

Q18:32 "Set forth to them the parable of two men: for one of them We provided two gardens of grape-vines and surrounded them with date palms; in between the two We placed corn-fields.

Each of those gardens brought forth its produce, and failed not in the least therein: in the midst of them We caused a river to flow.

(Abundant) was the produce this man had : he said to his companion, in the course of a mutual argument: "more wealth have I than you, and more honour and power in (my following of) men."

He went into his garden in a state (of mind) unjust to his soul: He said, "I deem not that this will ever perish,

"Nor do I deem that the Hour (of Judgment) will (ever) come: Even if I am brought back to my Lord, I shall surely find (there) something better in exchange."

His companion said to him, in the course of the argument with him: "Dost thou deny Him Who created thee out of dust, then out of a sperm-drop, then fashioned thee into a man?

"But (I think) for my part that He is Allah, My Lord, and none shall I associate with my Lord.

"Why didst thou not, as thou wentest into thy garden, say: 'Allah's will (be done)! There is no power but with Allah!' If thou dost see me less than thee in wealth and sons,

"It may be that my Lord will give me something better than thy garden, and that He will send on thy garden thunderbolts (by way of reckoning) from heaven, making it (but) slippery sand!-

"Or the water of the garden will run off underground so that thou wilt never be able to find it."

So his fruits (and enjoyment) were encompassed (with ruin), and he remained twisting and turning his hands over what he had spent on his property, which had (now) tumbled to pieces to its very foundations, and he could only say, "Woe is me! Would I had never ascribed partners to my Lord and Cherisher!"

Nor had he numbers to help him against Allah, nor was he able to deliver himself.

There, the (only) protection comes from Allah, the True One. He is the Best to reward, and the Best to give success.

Set forth to them the similitude of the life of this world: It is like the rain which we send down from the skies: the earth's vegetation absorbs it, but soon it becomes dry stubble, which the winds do scatter: it is (only) Allah who prevails over all things.

Wealth and sons are allurements of the life of this world: But the things that endure, good deeds, are best in the sight of thy Lord, as rewards, and best as (the foundation for) hopes" Q18:47

***Is there any more doubt as to the Mercy and Compassion of ALLAAH AWJ upon HIS Creations? May Allaah ArRahman Save us from pursuing our heart's desires... Amin thumma amin!

Friday, June 15, 2012


 ……by Tijjani Muhammad Musa

This is what I saw at first.
Upon a closer look, I then saw this.

Finally, I saw it as clear as the rising Sun! Allaah Akbar! 

There are certain spiritual developments you wish you’ll be opportune to witness in the course of your daily activities. You know, stuffs like seeing Prophet Muhammad SAWS in a dream, standing before the Holy Ka’abah for the first time, deserving an honor that is so rare it’s given only to a few among mankind etc. Personally, I often pray such a blissful experience would also happen to me too.

Today, Friday 15th June 2012 I woke up to my own sensational discovery! One of those rare phenomenon you only dream of, hear about or see others relate on Facebook, Twitter, BBM and other social networks and wonder how others are so lucky to be part of such once in a blue moon sighting! Around 9:20am I was lying in bed quietly enjoying the Juma’at morning peace, doing my internet browsing thing. I don’t know what attracted my attention to it or directed my eyes towards it, but suddenly, I saw what looked like the name of Allaah SWT written by the crease of the curtain on the rail hanging over my bedroom door. It appeared in Arabic letters, naturally formed on its own like we use to see pictures of such cases on many Islamic websites on the internet.

Amazed at the discovery, I sat up and look at it with a keener concentration to make sure of what I was witnessing. Of a surety, it was indeed what it appeared to be, the name ALLAAH in Arabic clearly written by the curtain pleats for all to see. So I called my wife from the kitchen to authenticate what it is and she immediately confirmed it to be Allaah’s Name “ALLAAH”. I called in the rest of my family, children and showed them each the rare sight. Alhamdulillah!

And as a FRIDAY GIFT to all Netizens (Internet citizens) I present the pictures for all to share in on the Blessed Sighting.

Enjoy it and SHARE!


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Thursday, June 14, 2012

PRAYING STARS….by Tijjani Muhammad Musa

Muhammad Ali  (Right)
3 Times World Heavyweight Boxing Champion

The other day I performed my ablution and hurriedly walked a little distance to enter the mosque in our area, with the intention of praying Asr salaat. I had to content myself with standing in the 5th row, because I had allowed some worldly interest and of course my Qaarin to distract me from promptly responding to the adhan after he had called to prayer. The iqamat had already been said and everybody was adjusting his position to form a clean, neat, straight row. As I raised my hands looking straight at the qiblah to say my takbir after the imam, I could not believe my eyes as something or should I say someone attracted my attention.

Right there in the first row, I saw a famous international football star. Though I was in the local mosque in our neighborhood, yet there he was standing upright in front of his Lord, Allaah Subhanahu wa Taalah (SWT) in total submission and devotion. And what more, he was ahead of me in arriving to the congregational prayer. Shame enveloped me at first. My inner voice, looking for the slightest excuse to distract my Khushu’ (concentration) from the salaat quickly seized the opportunity and whisked me away into my ocean of thoughts.

My mind’s voices (I have 2 of such voices in me, always at loggerhead with each other. One always getting unnecessarily excited and wanting me to do things in a hurry, discouraging me, unless it is towards evil, highly pessimistic, irrational, stupid, bad and so on. The other is foresighted, calm, composed, patient, wise, careful and calculated in his utterances) immediately commenced their usual exchange;

“Is it possible that he’s the one? No, it can’t be!”
“So who does he know around the neighborhood, could it be the mosque owner? Or maybe he has some relatives in one of the houses on the street”
“Surely he cannot be passing by and heard the adhan being called and just stopped to pray”
“It’s possible you know. With Allah, all things are possible. Probably he has reverted”
“No way! And the prompt response to adhan, even among devout Muslims, not many do that”
“I guess you are right, for it is a rare gift bestowed by Ar-Rahman upon some of His slaves. Maybe he came with a friend, another football star from this part of the county, perhaps?”
“But, look man! Look closely at who you are talking about! Do you think hell be here with a friend? If you say he is here to see a babe, a beautiful chic, that is a probably studying or living abroad, but happens to be the daughter of one of the rich guys living in the vicinity, I might agree with you. But look again; he is the current FIFA World Footballer of the Year!”
“That is not what is amazing me…” the good inner voice sounding hopeful concluded “I never thought he is among the ones who bows down in total submission to Allaah, The Lord of the worlds. He looks so so humble

Allahu Akbar! suddenly I heard the imam say, bringing me back to reality and the prayer we were observing. I raised my hands to my ear level and softly repeated after the imam, Allahu Akbar and bowed down in Ruku, then started whispering softly my supplications of that position. Subhana rabbiyal adhim wa bi hamdihi…(3 times). As I stared at the ground, the toes of the man standing next to me looked so clean compared to mine, that for a moment I could not help but admire them, wishing I had taken the trouble to cut my toe nails as I had earlier intended. “May be when we conclude the prayer and I get back home I said to myself.

Allahu Akbar! Again the gentle voice of the man leading us in salaat recalled me from my straying. As I stood up from the bowing position, the back of the iconic football star came into focus again, Subhannallah! Could this be real or am I dreaming? Is it really him? I asked myself again as I fell down on my face to perform the sajdah in unison with the rest of the congregation. Subhana rabbiyal A’alah wa bi hamdihi… I could hear the worshipper to my right softly praising his Lord as he supplicated some more with some other beautiful and eloquent words befitting only Allaah. Allahu Akbar, I heard myself saying from far off. We were now in the prostration position, so I struggled to remain focused, keep my mind off all worldly things as this is the most important part of my salaat, for Allah was now closest to me, mind, body and soul while I am in this position of my prayer. Thus, I kept reminding myself not to entertain any more thoughts outside my God. Fortunately, with the Help of Allaah, I managed to shut out all other attractions, so as to experience His presence in my heart. Mmmhm, sweet delicious delight, peace, tranquility which lasted for a brief moment… Oh how I love that feeling, always. We sat back up and then repeated that motion of the forehead touching the floor and it gave me a rush, a recharge, a high! “O how especially beautiful you are, O Allah I thought to myself, celebrating that bliss.

With another “God Is the Greatest!”, we stood up and I silently commenced reading again the Seven Oft-repeated verses of the Quranic recitation with the melodious voice of my mind, after the imam’s, though he was reading silently too. I raised my eyes to look ahead as I did before and the name of that famous footballer immediately came into focus again, ready to engage my thoughts and so resume its distinctive distraction of my prayer, but then I recalled one of the sayings of Prophet Muhammad, Peace be Upon Him, that while in prayer do not raise your eyes up, looking ahead or around, but look to the ground, particularly at the point where your forehead would rest in the prostration position and immediately I complied. Behold! I was instantly rescued from the diversion and remained in focus for the rest of the salaat.

After the prayer was concluded with the tashahud and salaam, the congregation started to disperse one by one. It was then that I saw the football hero was no more that some young man in the area who happened to be wearing a fan jersey with the name and position number of the famous footballer. Who was it? It does not really matter, does it? Ok! It was thisem…em French guy, that prolific goal scorer…oh whats that his name again? He plays for that English club Arsenal. Gosh, his name kept flashing into my mind and just when I was about to grab it, it slipped away. Now you see how the Devil works. When I was in salaat, he kept the name ringing in my head with every tic of the clock, but now that I am not in prayer he sees no benefit in reminding me of the name of the footballer in question. Should it still matter? No! But come to think of it, why not frustrate him, I mean the frustrated and the accursed that he is. I’ll try to remember……em….Yes! The footballer’s name is “Thierry Henry!” So, Mr. Distracting Whisperer, go eat your heart out!

By the way, Thierry is not the only one I have seen praying in several mosques, scattered among the congregations at various times, in different towns and cities across the world. I have seen many equally famous names all bowing down in prostration to Allaah during the five (5) daily prayers. In actual fact, I have seen in some instances two or three of them in different rows of a single congregational salaat. I have seen Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Michael Jackson, Zidane, Eto’o, J.J Okocha, Tupac, 50 Cent, Kanu, Ballack, Owen, Kanoute, Diouf, Messi, Weah, Abedi, Drogba etc. I have also seen presidents of countries of the world on one or two occasions at one time or another do the same thing. Powerful people like Nelson Mandela, Bush Jr. Obasanjo, Putin, Castro, Chavez and so on.

In the past I use to see Maradona, Pele, Platini, Michael Jordan, Shaquille Oneal, Olajuwon, Muhammad Ali, Magic Johnson and many more. So long as a person or a star was popular enough to have his name and or photo on a t-shirt or in the media, I use to see them bowing down in total submission to Allaah, in salaat. So it has been, so it will always be. Interesting to note is the fact that some of these persons have actually been witnessed to have embraced Islam and did bow down to Allaah in humility and self humbleness before they died. Several others, male and female are accepting and practicing the Din, just like many more will return to the true creed, before they exit this world in shaa Allaah.

This singular act of worship i.e. As-Salaat, is essentially that which differentiates the Muslim from the Non-Muslim, so said to his Ummah, the last Prophet and Messenger of God (Muhammad SAWS) to mankind. Now, as we all know, only Muslims bow down to Allaah in prayers. So in essence, these names, each is a Muslim in its spirit, even though in their physical fame and fortunes, the persons think otherwise. Thus their names bow down to Allaah and there is nothing any of them can do about it. For me, the only thing that makes such famous names bow down to Allaah is the realization by those names of ALLAAH’s Supremacy over and above all things, their owners inclusive, even if the personalities are too proud to submit to His Glorious Majesty.

So, as powerful as leaders are, as talented and skillful as football and sport stars are, as famous as some personalities are, as iconic as certain statesmen are, as legendary as inventors are, as idolized as music and film stars are, as rich as business tycoons are, as historic as Discovers are, they all know that their’s is just an illusion, and to Allaah belongs the sovereignty and master keys of all that they have become and to Him is their final return.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


...By Tijjani Muhammad Musa

Albert Eienstein
The earliest consciousness of Allah that I can readily remember was when I was about 5 years old. I had a kid sister who was very dear to my heart; she was 3 years old then. On most evenings, our mother would give us a bath and dress us up in fine casual clothing and send us off to our fathers shop, which was about a kilometer away. There, we would remain with him till his closing time by 6:00pm. As the elder brother, I was usually saddled with the responsible for my sisters safety and well being till we arrived there. She was my good friend and companion. One fateful day, she fell sick and after a while eventually died. I was devastated. My mother, in trying to explain to my young fragile mind what happened told me that God has taken her back to Himself. And that she was much safer and happier there as He is The Best of sustainers and protectors. I could not understand why God should choose to separate us, when were so close, making me so unhappy as a result. I missed her so much that often I would drop a piece of anything good I happen to be eating or drinking and look up to the sky, whispering to Allah, that it was for her.

Not long after this incidence the pains were gone, but the curiosity in me about God has been fully awakened. Who is this Allah? Where is He? How did He create the sun, water, plants, animals, man etc and why? How do people die? Why can’t they talk or move? What happens to them when they are buried, where do they go to? When did He…. What does His… How is He able to…. Who does His…? So, so many questions. “Kai! Kai!! Kai!!! Kalli gabanka mana. Ko kana son ka….?” Someone would scream me back to earth.

When I was 7 old, I was enrolled into elementary school and often while walking down our street to school, I would observe how terribly unlike the fine tarred street and buildings I use to see on television they were and so would wish that God Almighty and Capable would provide me with magical power to cast a spell and transform the neighborhood, town, city, country, Africa and the whole world into one conductive environment. All roads would be tarred with covered gutters, street lights, well nourished families, properly educated children and comfortable homes for all. Another spell to make all poverty, hunger, illiteracy and wretchedness disappear forever. The idea came from watching on television the genie that grants 3 wishes in the Arabian Night. All this I wanted to make happen, so that we could concentrate fully in our acts of worshipping God in peace and tranquility. Free from all wants. Much as I try to evoke such ability, it only made me wish harder. For I was never able to provide for myself alone, much less my family.

I wondered again and again why God should allow so much suffering to exist among mankind. This made me delve deeper in my quest towards unraveling the mysteries of Allah. Though, now I know it is never going to be possible to achieve such knowledge, for He Azza wa Jalla (AWJ) and His Ways are beyond unraveling. And knowing what I know now, it is clear that my young fertile innocent sub-consciousness was being indoctrinated through the television to think that way, for it is contrary to the realities of life. Life as we know it is a series of tests, trials and tribulations, the passing of which raises one in status, both earthically and spiritually till the very end. 

I was very fortunate to have met and become friends with some of the best children of my time. Together we had some of the most memorable childhood experiences. I can still remember that we use to admonish ourselves about obeying our parents, respecting elders, being sincere in our childish interactions and fear Allah by observing the 5 daily obligatory prayers. At that time only 2 or 3 of such prayers ever got to be performed by most of us. In certain instances, we would even stop relating or playing with any one among us unless he has performed his salaat. Such young free minds, our main past time was testing our knowledge in the religion by quizzing each other and writing down the score on a sheet of paper. The next encounter was always a challenge for any looser. So we were constantly reading and listening to Islamic preaching.

Another major influence in those days was one of my teachers, who taught us religious knowledge in Primary III. He was so good at relating prophetic history Sira; the class would sit so still, that one can hear the sound of a feather floating through the air as it crashes on the floor with a loud bang. He, may Allah bless him wherever he may be now and reward him with Al-Jannah in the hereafter, was foremost among those who succeeded in impressing upon my heart the love of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. Till this day I can still hear his subtle voice clearly in my mind.

Later all grown up and matured, manly and married. I was in the university and my curiosity and consciousness about Allah (God) and universe, man and nature has deepened. Still very much in search of answers to the many elusive questions that usually trouble a young and inquisitive mind. One day or rather night I came home from campus for a weekend. It was unusually hot, so we (I and my spouse) spread a mat in our court yard and lay on our backs next to each other staring at the sky. I was explaining to her that the rays of light reaching our eyes from those stars are not the ones being emitted that particular moment, but ones released some thousands of years earlier, as they would require thousands of years to travel through the many light years separating our worlds before reaching our planet.

She pointed at a bright star as it glows and dims from so far away, then at another that shines continuously without diming and yet still at a tiny, almost invincible one that neither shines nor dims and wondered at the difference. So I had to inform her that some of those stars are natural like the planets in our solar system, but others are man-made satellites, sent into orbit by humans some for space exploration like the Apollo 11 and others for communication, military, weather research purposes etc are revolving round the earth just like the moon.

After a while she challenged me to count the stars, so we commenced till we counted about 50 or more, all the while reminding ourselves if we should count any twice and laughing at the whole joke. Before long we became exhausted, yet there were many more uncounted stars, scattered all over the sky as far as our eyes can see. And I reminded her, yet Allah SWT knows the exact number there are. In fact, there is no leaf on a tree or plant on the surface of the earth or a grain of sand at the bottom of the deepest ocean that He is not aware of. She wowed! We became silent for a while, each in our mind flow. Suddenly, my wife asked Allah is most gracious, Most merciful and Most Just in His affairs, yet He is going to put some among mankind in paradise, while others He condemns to hell. Now how fair is that? He made someone a Muslim, some Christians, others Jews, yet others Atheist, why? No one was given any choice in the matter; yet, He is going to punish them for being non-believers in His Oneness. Is there justice in that? I rather think it is not right, but Allah knows best and I know nothing. May Allah forgive my sinful soul for entertaining these thoughts”

I could instantly understand her flow of reasoning for she grew up in a Christian dominated area, where they were they were forced to say “The Grace prayer each morning at their daily school assembly. Fortunately I had an encounter at the university with a learned and wise imam, who enlightened my soul about this particular observation. So I unraveled the mystery to her, seeking Allahs Assistance towards making her understand His infinite wisdom in the matter. She eventually acknowledged it and her mind became at peace.

Then a few later years later, a practicing consultant working among fellow colleagues in a consultancy firm. One day during one of our regular break discussion, an Engineer observed Awolowo had died, Sardauna, Zik, Tafawa Balewa, Aminu Kano, Abiola, Abacha, Yaradua (past Nigerian leaders) have all gone. Yet none of them has taken the trouble to communicate back. Something must be wrong somewhere. If truly they care for this country and their ethnic people, as they were claiming before they died, then they should at least have found a means of sending back a message. In fact I know for sure that something was amiss with this death thing when my father passed-on and refuse to get in touch with me from beyond, for we were so very close.” He lamented. As a contribution I said, “They refused to communicate back or maybe it is beyond their powers to.” To which he said, “Yes! I think it is beyond their control”

With the same Engineer on yet another occasion, he felt slighted and disrespected for not being consulted before he was created and sent to this world? Why was his opinion not sought as to whom he wants to be, when he wants to come to this world and where he wants to be based? So I had to explain to him in the little knowledge (for HE is Al-Alim) that I have, of Allahs Mysterious Ways, per chance he might gain an insight to free his soul from the shackles of ignorance and satanic whispers.

I solicited for his cooperation in demonstrating a simple example. By given him a pencil and a blank sheet of paper, I requested that he should make some lines freely without measuring or counting them, which he did carelessly and push the paper back at me with disinterest. I told him to look at the strokes he had randomly made, after which I said to him Assuming you were all alone and out of your own volition drew these lines and that you have the powers to give these lines the ability to speak, how would you react to this particular line…” pointing at a short, crooked one in the row “… questioning why you drew it the way and manner you did?” Before I could finish explaining, he angrily shouted out “How dare it. I swear it cannot try it!” So I pointed out that “Such is the case between you and Allah Azza wa Jallah.” He then remained silent, staring into space, lost in thought, reflecting soberly.

Then it occurred to me that several other individuals the world over must be thinking the same, yet I cannot go on explaining to each person that I encounter, who might be experiencing similar turmoil in his or her mind and therefore the need to commit to writing my explanation became necessary. I seek for Allahs guidance and forgiveness once again for my mistakes, which are sure to be notice by better and much more endowed servants His in this feeble attempt of mine. It comes in form of this similitude.

Consider a Professor, who is well renowned, the world over. An authority in his profession, with several awards and honours from all the relevant organizations, bodies and institutions of the world. His expertise and sense of judgment at all levels is in no doubt whatsoever. A sound, sincere and brilliant mind without any of bias, who is at the peak of his endeavors. Formulating and confirming theories in his chosen carrier, which have all been tested and proven beyond any reasonable doubt through the most scientific means possible. Simply, he is the Einstein of his field.

Let’s take an example. Art. One day, without consulting or discussing with anyone nor seeking anybodys assistance, this professor all alone, decides to create some artworks. So he gathers all the material he needed for his masterpiece from source unknown to all and commences the process of creating the said artworks. How many there are, no one knows. What medium he uses is anybodys guess. Why he creates them, is best known to him. Where he develops the scheme or how long it takes for each to be produced, nobody has an idea. What he intended to do with them, is also a total mystery.

Eventually he finishes the artworks. Each produced deliberately unique in its own right. Each the best that it could ever be. Each in a class of its own, the marvelous masterpiece it was meant to be. Based on his vast knowledge and experience about all aspect of the art world, he sorted the works into classes according to his expectations. Some he knew at an exhibition the kind of critique, comments and attention they would command. Others he knew the amount of money they would be worth at auctions. Still others he knew ahead would be virtually decorative without any financial value and so would be confined to his studio or best given out as souvenirs. Then there are yet others he knows would be completely useless, best fit for the dustbin, eventually fed to the incinerator for they would only bring him shame, displeasure and disgrace. He almost did that, burn them off that is, but out of his fairness and justice, instead of doing just that, he decides further to give each artwork a fair chance at the world, to possibly prove him wrong.

After he finishes the creative works, he calls for an international press conference and informs the world about his accomplishment and declares that they are strictly not for sale, but would be available as borrowed items for a while, for individual collections, for exhibitions, for archives etc, but only for a period of time to the Art World. He also coded each one in such a manner that it cannot be duplicated. The he accompanies their release with some brochures in which he explains everything concerning them and advised whoever wants to know why, when, where and what was his purpose for producing them to read the publications. In the manuscripts, he reveals his original intentions as regards the artworks. However, he kept secret his anticipations about each of the classes.

He states further that he intends to gather all of them back after a certain period, from wherever they might be and with whomever they might, one or two at a time or even in bunches whenever he dims fit. Before then, those fortunate to be in possession of them should enjoy them, while the time last. When he does recall them, some he intends to cherish and so will hang them on the wall in his prestigious chamber. Others would be packed and tied together in a box, never to be seen or heard of again. Yet some he will refurbish and later decorate other areas of his domain with them. And still some he intends to destroy utterly by breaking them into pieces and burning them in his incinerator.

The whole world gasps at the unprecedented beauty of the revealed works. The originality, quality and sheer mastery of each media employed. He presents them according to his classification and those in-the-know without much-a-do spontaneously declares them priceless and him a perfect master, a genius.

Thus understood, the artworks are allowed to circulate across the world, taken into different countries and cities and displayed in diverse art centers. Meanwhile he embedded in each a tracker, to keep records of its entire sojourn. Remember he holds the full ownership of each, with no copyright permits given to any to lay claim on each.  Among the pieces he knows would do well at auctions, each performs according to his prediction, bringing in dollar offers to the exact amount but he refuses to sell, keeping all as his sole possession. Various awards and recognitions come through several other artworks as expected. Those that would generate hot arguments and critics failed not to. The ones he anticipated would cause him a lot of annoyance went to the extreme and those that should not have ever been exposed at all were indeed worth the bet. He keeps a record in which all their activities were closely written down. Each piece living up to his expert expectations to the latter.

Finally he starts to recall all the artworks back from every nook and corners of the Art World.

Once again he was back alone with them, as in the beginning without any adviser, associate or helper, at an appointed time and place, his studio. He brought out their journey records and charts, closely referring to each piece according to its performance, thus sorting them out once again into their initial, original categories. Being the guru he is, each turned out to fit precisely his original predictions. He thus smiled at himself and acknowledged his own expertise and authority, justifying his original forecast.

He subsequently executes his intended mission regarding the artworks according to his initial sorting out, comfortable in the knowledge that his actions are now justified after giving each of the artworks the benefit of doubt, the chance to prove his predictions wrong.

Now, the questions; whose idea was it creating the artworks in the first instance? Whose advice did he seek before commencing their production? Did he request for any help or assistance in the process? How long and difficult was the process of creating them? Whose possessions are the end products? Who determine how long the artworks are allowed to be in circulation? How about the sorting out and classifications, what was the basis? And the sources, location as well as type of materials used? What about the formula and mixture proportions employed? Who decides for him the time of recall or which artwork gets the first, joint, collective or last recall?

Also for consideration is the place where he created or gathers them, who scheduled the time and location? Who contributed in designating final placement after the sorting out? What if he changes his mind about any or all of the artworks, who is there to counteract such a decision? Who can know better than him what each of the artwork should be worth or where each deserves to be placed? So ultimately what justification is there for anyone or anything to question the rationale behind his initial and final action as regards his artworks? Endless questions, but one answer would suffice, for there is only one truth and when it manifests, falsehood quickly disappears. End of similitude.

Let us take a quantum leap to another level by effecting a few changes to the characters and conditions in the above similitude. May Al-Mighty Allah forgive our short coming in finding the most befitting approach to this exercise.

The Professor is replaced The Supreme Being, ALLAH, Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim, only this time there is no other in the realm e.g. partners, equal professors (gods), associates, advisers, assistants, helpers or even observers. Also to be discarded is the in our own image idea or visualizing any form, shape or definition for him, but rather His Presence only should be acknowledged. All alone, all over, everywhere and infinitely beyond the wildest and widest imagination, for there is nothing like unto him (Q112:4). He Azza Wa Jallah is total, absolute, perfect in all his decision and actions.

The Artworks are Mankind, you and I, but instead of being framed and dormant on display, we have been endowed with special and unique abilities such as intelligence, free will (Q18:29), choices, motion, speech, sight etc with which we are able to express ourselves individually and collectively.

Our Creator (Allah) knows (Q20:110) at the point of bringing mankind into existence that some, if He commands them to associate no partners with Him and to worship none other but Him alone, if He commands them to obey His messengers, live by His rules and regulations, struggle with their lives and wealth for His cause, seek for His pleasure by trusting in Him or even ultimately sacrificing their souls for Him in return for that which is better, would obey willingly and submissively without the slightest hesitation (Q35:32). While others would carry out parts of a command and neglect other parts or would choose to obey some command and ignore others, aiming to please their patrons (Q3:100). Still others would mischievously pretend not to understand the instructions at all, thereby refusing to comply.

Then there are those will just laugh at such commands (Q37:187), even mock at them (Q36:30) or kill the couriers of such messages (Q47:187) and make their utmost attempt to prevent His willing and obedient servants from executing their obligations (Q13:99) and often they would even go all the way towards changing or destroying his revelations and promoting all nauseous vices i.e. shirk, usury, homosexuality etc (Q29:29) to His utter displeasure, as well as going to the extreme by campaigning for total disregard of His existence (Atheists) Q11:92.

How fair and just would it be for those different classes among mankind (artworks) to be treated and rewarded equally after the recall by the Most Just God, Al-Adl? Q28:61

The Art World is planet earth, with all the God-made natural recourses found within (animals, plants, water, mineral deposits, gravity etc) and heavenly ones found without (atmosphere, sun, moon, stars etc) necessary for the survival and wells being of mankind to explore, expose and exploit, thereby achieving his (un)limited potentials within his specified time frame on earth.

The Brochures at the press conference are the divine revelations and inspirations [Az-Zabr (Psalm), At-Taurat (Old Testament), Al-Injeel (Gospel) and Al-Quran (Koran) etc among others) Q29:27. These holy books are the key to understanding the purpose of creation and for each generation and time according to mans level of advancement and understanding, appropriate messages are inspired by Allah into their prophets and messengers (20:123). The original scripts all contains one divine message for mankind and that is La ilaha Illallah (None is worthy of worship but Allah Alone). With the revelation of the Quran through the Seal of all prophet, Muhammad (PBUH) no more divine scriptures or prophet is going to manifest, the Quran being the final message from God to man.

Though revealed over 1430 years ago, its universal message has stood, is standing, will stand the test of time till the ultimate recall. It confirms the truth about earlier revelations, warns against disbelief in the oneness of Allah (Kufr), gives glad tidings to sincere worshippers of The One, True, Living and Eternal God (Allah), challenges the doubtful in its authentic divine source, provides the criteria for knowing right and wrong conducts by Allahs standards and informs about things known and unknown among others. It is a religious, social, artistic, historical, mathematical, scientific masterpiece. It treats the past, present and future of mankind in details, for those who are endowed with understanding and wisdom. By all standards, it indeed worthy of its unique title of Ummil Al-Kitab (Mother of all Books).

Available only for a period of time, as stated above means our journey through this earthly life (Q6:2) some among mankind would travel all over the world, to the deepest part of the ocean and even into space, while some would not even venture beyond their villages/countries. However, others would have a fairly good life, exhibiting their talents in science, technology, commerce, arts, sport, academia etc, becoming rich and famous in the process, getting so engrossed with celebration of life as to forget the purpose of their existence, thus their mission in this worldly journey. Then all of a sudden their circulation time runs out, the recall takes effect and the person cease to exist. Their sojourn fully documented. Q36:12

The Recall is death (Q23:15). The soul (nafs) is removed from its container (human body) and kept in a place called Barzakh (Q2:100) with a barrier in between, separating the two realms, which prevents it (soul) from ever communicating with those on earth, and the body, which hitherto was so pampered, begins to deteriorate rapidly, becoming a thing avoided and unwanted. For some they would live in peaceful bliss, while for others would be in perpetual turmoil, till the sorting out.

The Sorting Out (Q77:13) is the Final Judgment. Here all records (Q78:29) will be presented on each individual’s dwelling period on earth and proofs of what each soul deserve would be established beyond both reasonable and unreasonable doubt, (Q81:10), so that nobody would be unfairly recompensed (Q36:54). Mankind would be sorted into our classes, based on the result from their individual records.

Finally, each class would be rewarded according to Allahs Promise and would subsequently be directed toward its final destination (Q22:18). Some would receive the highest and ultimate reward Al-Jannah i.e. Paradise (Q11:108). Others would be held off temporarily before they are allowed to proceed. (Q11:107) Yet others would be sent to Hell for an appointed term (Q78:21-30). But for others, alas, they would dwell therein forever: a permanent abode, may Allah forbid. To each party, a befitting recompense for their souls’ earning, and never will anyone be treated with injustice (Q29:18).

Based on the foregoing, it is crucial once again to ask “What right has anybody or anything to challenge Allahs Wisdom and absolute Supreme Power over His creations? For if any amongst His creations (mankind) desire to be cherished, now, this earthly life is the only chance available for him or her to earn it, before the recall. The free will to choose is ours.

And be afraid of the day when you shall be brought back to Allah. Then every person shall be paid what he/she earned, and they shall not be dealt with unjustly. (Q2:281)

All this might seem like a fairy tale, a bit farfetched, tales of people of ancient times to some  if not many of mankind, but what if it turns out to be true and you find yourself standing alone before Allah, completely unprepared, without any tangible excuse as a defense?

Remember, Allah stated in the Injeel (Gospel) and further confirmed it in the Quran that Isa ibn Maryam (Jesus, son of Mary) was created through a miraculous birth, without a father. Some people denied this truth, declaring that you need 46 chromosomes (23 from a female, 23 from a male) to produce a human embryo “Impossible! they arrogantly cling to their inadequate knowledge. Yet “Behold, Dolly! the sheep that was given birth to from a single cell extract of her mother, without a male contributor (i.e. father) through one of the recent scientific discoveries at the dawn of the 21st Century called Cloning, no doubt a confirmation of Allahs Sign (Ayah).

Soon will We show them Our Signs in the (furthest) regions (of the earth) and in their own souls, until it becomes manifest to them that this (Quran) is the truth (from the Lord the worlds). Is it not enough that the Lord doth Witness all things? (Q41:54)

If people, some 2000 years ago were told that man would be able to penetrate into the heavens with so much ease and even land on the moon one day (Q55:33), there are some that are sure to say Asadiirul awwaleen (Tales of the ancient) as usual. What about today? Now many are being told of the Hereafter, and what do they say? “This is nothing but tales of the ancient.” As it was then, so it is now!

But it is not too late, yet. Please take heed, before it becomes too late.

Please permit me to present Muhammad Auwalu Tsakuwas poem, a beggar boy who stood before me and recited this beautiful Hausa reminder:


Ran da za ai rabon takardu
Du halllita za ta sadu
Wajen hukunci harda shaidu
Ga Raqibu zuwa Atidu
Wanda ba za su yi sabon ubangiji ba

In aiyukanmu irin na kirki
Wanda za ai ko da a daki
Sun rubuta ko tafarki
“Masu bin umarni daki daki
Goma dai ne za su nuna
Ba su boye tara in da kauna


On The Day, results will be distributed
All creations, will be gathered
At the Judgment, with the witnesses
Angels Raqib and Atid, in attendance
Who never disobey, their Lords Commands

If our works are of good kind
With ones committed even in seclusion
They record them plus our intensions
Following instructions by the detail
Ten is it, they will present forthwith
Nor will they hide nine, even of a loved one

With this little effort, it hopes by Allah’s Kindness and Assistance that similar troubled minds on the subject, Muslims and Non-Muslims the world over, would gain a small insight, find some solace and be at peace (Islam) with themselves and their One and Only True, Just Lord (Allah), about His Promise Final Day.

Surely Allah wrongs not even of the weight of an atom (or less or a small ant), but if there is any good (done), He doubles it, and gives from Him (SWT) a great reward. (Q4:40)

We are all struggling to survive, only to die - Tijjani Muhammad Musa