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Tabbas, mu a Kano, Film Village a kai kasuwa!
Amma in ba rashin mutumci ba, a rasa abinda za'a sakawa Kano da shi sai gina kauyen yin karya da rufa ido don yadawa a duniya?
Ina laifin a ce za'a yi amfani da wannan kudi a gina wata cibiya/makaranta ta musamman wacca za'a dinga koyawa matasa samari da yammata da ma duk wanda ya ke da sha'awa harka amfani da fasahar sadarwa wato Information Technology a Kano. Wanda za'a a dinga taruruwa daga ko'ina a fadin Najeriya, Afirka da ma duniya baki daya don koyar da fasahar, kirkiro, gyara, yi wa naurorin garambawul, saye da sayarda dukkanin rukuninsu da makamantansu.


...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"
Ever heard of a slave
who is always sad 
at the remotest idea
of gaining his freedom?
A slave who
for the love of his master
detest emancipation
from subservience?
A slave who hates
to think of any other
but his master alone
occupying his every thought.
A slave who
eloquent in speech
tells of the grand virtues
and goodness of this master
A slave who sings
verses of glorious poetry
most beautiful in his honor
like an enchanted peacock.
A slave who reveres
a master he ever finds
peace and tranquillity
in his presence, remembrance.
A slave who reads
ever glowing, words
echoing peace in his heart
feeding his hungry soul.
A slave who finds
24 hours not enough
to accommodate his passion
to please his lord, who pleases.
A slave who cherishes
the light shining off a face
that enlightens his dark within
illuminating his heights, depths.
A slave who dedicates
every single breathe
every motion, emotion
to serving his one master.
A slave who quotes
with complete belief
the sacred truth
encoded in his master's words.
A slave grateful
for the gift of life itself
bestowed, not deserved
by his ever gracious master.
A slave conscious
of his world, of himself
of his heart, only through conscience
of his master's existence.
A slave who
frees himself from freedom,
freely offered, but rejected
finding blissful solace in bondage.
A slave who finds
comfort of sound living
only in the basic reality
of his complete submission.
A slave of his master
by honour, by knowledge
by realisation and awakening
to the purity of a sacrosanct truth.
A slave like every other
yet unique, like no other
born before birth, alive after death
sacrificial light, vicegerent on high.
A slave proud to be
though given free-will
but by choice chooses to be
Earth, moon, sun, stars, the universe.
(c)2016 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved
Zaid Bn Haritha (RA) in the first instance, then another on my mind.


...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"
As a poet
I'm gifted with hindsight
insight and yes, foresight.
I've been given a river
that flows in my mind
within which swim fishes
among, Al, Pha then add Bets.
And when I cast my angling rod
to catch me a 'letter, two or more
what I harvest is often far better
from each throw, forming words
consistently exciting the worlds.
For it feeds man's conscience
igniting it to reflect on a life
ordinary eyes see not
normal ears hear not
usual tongue tastes not
common nose smells not
sensitive skin feels not and
conscious heart perceives not.
only when I dip my gap-tooth
to kiss the flow from heaven
rich in liquid soul that wets
receptacle of my scribbles
born of inspired thoughts
do certain facts, realities
manifest to shock, amaze
the completely deaf, blind
unaware, unawakened soul.
(c)2016 tijjani m. m.
all rights reserved

A LIL' OF ME (poem)

...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"
I celebrate
each breath taken
A special gift, unique.
How many I take
Each moment of a day
I can't keep.
So, how do I expect any
to keep track
my moments, special.
As I burden not any
I burden not myself
thus I celebrate.
Each, opportunity given
to be with love
keeping touch.
Makes it a duty
upon I, to be good
be kind, be friendly.
I thus owe smiles
to many, every time
paying back, all the time.
For it might be
the one, only chance
I'd ever have.
To leave an impression
a lasting legacy
a lil' of me, with you.
(c)2016 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved


...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"
Be not like the candle
Rather, maximise your impact!
The candle is, but a fool.
When lighted, it just burns.
It knows not nor care
whether it is day or night.
Optimists say it shines on all
discriminating on none.
Objectivists critique
Why canopy a canopy.
Its light should dance
On the dark face of darkness.
Not waste its grace
Where present, a more gracious.
It is thus blind to its purpose.
Only the wind pities it sometimes.
(c)2016 tijjani m. m.
all rights reserved

EARTH TO HEAVEN: Home Bound ‪#‎doubleethereepoem‬

...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"
The Blue Star
From space, a dot
Where mankind lives
Yet on this journey, brief
As it may be, he dreams big!
Rising above the sun's splendour
Thinking beyond his mind's creations
Living, inside his imagination
Fool at peak of his civilisation
Just when comfort stow or so it seems
Like a child at play, the man glees
Then quickly creates its spoils
Without notice, he's spent
Treasured trophies lost
Dumb, he sits numb
Scheduled calls
The flight
(c)2016 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved


Tijjani Muhammad Musa's photo.
Amazing grace. I've just been discovered by someone, who obviously didn't notice our brand of poetic brew existed till he stumbled upon them on a group wall The PoetryDigest Magazine.
He sipped and sipped and sipped and not wanting to let go of any of the delicious servings, shared 30 pieces of Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip" posts onto his personal Facebook wall, all within a 30-45 minutes span!
Titles from the sensational all time hit - Yet I Ain't A Poet to Death Refuse To Kill, A City In A Village, The Soul's Blood, True Love Wants Nothing, My Will, Edge of Eternity, Lustrous Pearls and my latest controversial, yet irresistible Only Fools Celebrate Birthdays, none was ared
Other poets that got similar honour included Raja Williams, Tony Haynes II, Lydia Willis, Adeola Goloba, Lubna Malik, Ogbonna Ukaorji and some few others.
Some people just can't get enough of the poetic tee stuff. I just hope he abides by the Poetic Tee consumption rule of one sip at a time per poem per day... 
Poetry cooking... 

THE DOVE TRIAL (3) - A True Life Short Story

...by Tijjani Muhammad Musa
Thereafter, just as he got downstairs, the mother dove returned and landed on the water tank, positioned itself and lift off to its nest, only to find the place empty! Shocked and alarmed she stood frozen for almost 30 seconds. Her heart started pounding at a rate that almost made her swoon. "O my God! Where is my nest!!!" She turned and turned, finding the discovery unbelievable! "What! It must be these men. I'm sure of it!"
"Where have you guys dumb-heads taken my nest to?" She turned and shouted at them at the top of her voice. None of them seem to have noticed she exist, not to talk of responding to her distressed and angry shouts. Their useless shatter is all they seemed to care about. Don't they have feelings? At least one of them look like he has a family, while the other is clearly a bachelor. "Hey! Are you guys dumb!" She flutters and flips her wings to attract their attention.
One of them finally noticed. Smiling he said "Look at that poor bird. She must be wondering where her nest has disappeared to" The dove almost threw a curse at him, but restraining herself she managed barely to control her temper and ended up saying "Please let this nasty joke stop. I'm so not enjoying it. Please I beg you two. For Allaah's Sake where is my nest and the egg it contains? You have families I'm sure. Can you imagine the loss of one of your children without a trace? Can you?"
Still not getting an answer, in utter annoyance she flew off and went to seek for Hubaa, her husband. She wanted him to come and do something terrible to make these crazy people produce her lost offspring. Her home, she can always build another, but her child? Good God Allaah, how can they be so heartless? "And where in God's Name is Hubaa? I was only faking my anger when we splitted. I didn't mean it. How can he just disappear like that, especially now when I needed him the most? What kind of a bird is he?"
Without further warning, the sky broke loose letting pour its long restrained contents. Everybody including the birds and other animals scattered from under the sky, seeking where to shelter themselves from the downpour. The streets, completely deserted as the rain pelt down. The lady dove brooding and very worried, equally found a place to keep from being drenched. The rain however didn't last long and everyone was out once again to continue with the rest of their daily activities. So did the dove.
She had eventually found Hubaa and in tears she recounted all that had come to pass. The unbelievable and unacceptable terrifying actions the humans have perpetrated upon them, destroying their home and making their unborn offspring disappear. But not before she cried her heart out and profusely apologies for her misbehaviour towards him, which made him leave her in the first place. "I'm sure there must be a mistake some where. Are you certain the nest and the egg have both disappeared?" He gently asked again.
"Look, I'm telling you I've searched everywhere, Dophling and our house is gone, nowhere to found" she wailed. "Hey, calm down. You know I hate it when you cry. Please stop your tears. It is not helping matters. Come let's go and check for it thoroughly together. I'm sure we will find it somewhere." he tried to calm her down. "You know what, you go back there, let me fetch my tracker and with it once there, we will find the unhatched child wherever the birdienapperd might have kept him" So, they each headed off in different direction, once again.
Lady dove arrived, perched on the water tank and commenced her search all over again. Craning her neck, turning her head side ways, up and down, changing positions to have better views of all direction. All of a sudden she saw it. The nest containing her precious egg, intact on the aluminium corrugated roof surface, but under a cantilevered first floor. Relief poured all over her and she was tempted to immediately swoop in on the nest, to check the safety and soundness of its content, but her sixth sense kept her at bay, fearing it might be a trap, set up to catch her. You know these humans can't be trusted, she cautioned herself.
Rather than outrightly approach the lost but found treasures, she opted for. safeguarding herself first. Saying out loud to herself "Another egg I can lay" she immediately flew off to meet Hubaa. "I've seen it! I've seen it! They've laid it on the roof top, together with Dophling. I wanted to go down and immediately check and see if it was alright, but I couldn't. You know those humans can't be trusted with themselves. How much more with others. They might have expose the child as a trap to catch any of us. So, I decided to play safe" she informed him excitedly. "Come, let's go and see it"
By the time they arrived back at the site, it was getting dark and the house owner had the nest and its content taken back into the room where it was earlier kept for safe keeping and fetched to show the lady dove in order to cool her eyes and stop her from further worrying. Knowing fully well it'd be a great risk to expose her to the cats at night. The plan was to return the nest and the egg back to her the next day.
To be continued... 3/4 parts
(c)2016 Tijjani M. M./DesignWorld INT'L
All Rights Reserved

THE DOVE TRIAL (4) - A True Life Short Story

...by Tijjani Muhammad Musa
By the time the doves returned to check, the place was empty once again. "Whaaa...! But it was here, right here! Where did it go? I'm sure they must have moved it!" she turned again and again, looking at her husband, desperately wanting him to believe her. "I'm not loosing my mind. Believe me it was right here, I swear!" "It's alright Honey, I believe you. See, its getting dark and I want to believe the good man has the nest and our birdie Dolphling safely tucked away somewhere, rather exposed us all to these hungry cats later in the night. Or would you rather they let us have the egg exposed to the weather and the 'meows'?"
"Come, let's go to our tree nest and spend the night there. Then first thing tomorrow morning I'll come here even before you wake up and keep vigil, at least get to the bottom of the situation before you arrive, ok? Come, the sun has set already. We must get back before its fully dark. The tree nest needs to be cleaned, before it can be comfortable to occupy." Huba pulled her reluctantly away. She followed him like a dejected child, constantly turning to see, wishing the nest would appear like magic. But, nothing.
Meanwhile, having placed the nest in a carton box and back in a safe corner, the house owner told the roof technicians that what he had decided and wanted was for them to build a bird house using the remaining aluminium parts and thereafter fix it back at the exact same spot the nest originally was. Then he took a piece of chalk and sketched the design of the bird's house, explaining in details how to fabricate the new structure. Declaring that even if it will cost him extra, it has to be done.
First thing in the morning Hubaa was there as promised to monitor happenings, but definitely not alone. Lady Dove, who couldn't sleep a wink was right there with him. Together they sat and waited till around 9:00am when the roofing guys arrived. A little while later, the house owner also arrived and once they came, they commenced their works and soon enough they were through.
After waiting for a while without seeing any sign or indication that their nest was anywhere to be seen, the doves left the scene sad and almost frustrated. It was after the roofers finished the remaining part, which entails roofing the entrance gate that they went and constructed the bird house as drawn the previous day. They then hung it directly under the position of the roof where the doves nest use to be. The nest with its single egg occupant was then place carefully back into it.
Never giving up, the lady dove came flying by again and perched on the same water tank that served as their docking point. To her amazement, there it was a beautiful metalic edifice showing an all too familiar sight. Her Casa! Delightfully, she flew and floated before it to inspect it at close range. It's all there, everything. The nest in its full glory, together with the egg she was incubating, firmly secured with twigs within its center.
She then rushed off in search of her spouse and found him at a certain location. Without saying a word, she grabbed Hubaa by the wings. "What...?" he asked, she didn't answer him but just smiled at his amused face. He followed her, knowing it would be some glad tidings, from the pleasure registered all over her brown-blueish feathers. And without disappointing him, this time around she made him hover before a fine metal box that contains their nest and as well as their dearest Dophlin. "Behold!" she proudly announced, much to the delight of her husband.
"Wooooweee! Waaaaay to go!" Hubaa exclaimed! He immediately freed his wing from Lady Dove's hold and rush off to perch on the glittering, brand new house. "Wait, wait!" she shouted after him. He screeched to an abrupt halt. "Please, let's be careful. Just in case the structure might not be quite strong, enough to bear your weight, I mean" She gently cautioned. "O common! It is solid enough to bear an elephant" he said excitedly as he landed with total confidence on the metal beauty. "Come on! Don't be scared! It's absolutely ok"
His happy and excited mood was contagious and freeing. Lady Dove followed her partner to perch on the suspended new house of theirs, a gift from Allaah through a man, who cares about their birdie welfare. The home owner came at closing time and asked if the doves have been given a befitting abode, to which an affirmative answer was given.
He was shown the shining metal box containing the nest and already, both the two doves were in the box. He raised his head, looked at them both and smiled, clearly pleased at the calmness that has surrounded them. He rewarded the roofers handsomely and despatched them off. Everybody seems to have won something. The doves, a dream home to welcome the new Dophlin. The house owner, his conscience safe-guarded. The technical hands, extra financial gains. The community, its environment conserved and lessons for all to learn.
The Qur'an says: "There is not an animal on earth, nor a bird that flies on its wings, but they are communities like you…". - Qur'an 6:38.
The Holy Prophet (saws) said: "Whoever is kind to the creatures of God, is kind to himself."
And thus does Allaah inspire people to be good, kind and considerate, not just to their fellow humans, but also to animals and other creatures, both known and unknown. May we be among those similarly blessed with this rare gift, amin thumma amin.
Concluded... 4/4 parts
(c)2016 Tijjani M. M./DesignWorld INT'L
All Rights Reserved

THE DOVE TRIAL (2) -- A True Life Short Story

...by Tijjani Muhammad Musa
Her flow of thought was interrupted by the baritone voice of the house owner who was standing at the door leading to the balcony, where the roofers were busy cutting the long span aluminium roofing sheet to size. He must have come to inspect the works as well as check the progress made so far. "Look at him" she thought to herself "Who would have thought such a kind looking man would be so inconsiderate?" She hissed after the question, visibly disappointed.
"They said he had an architect design and is supervising this building works. But don't they teach them environmental conservation in their course of study? As a designer, I'm sure they did, because even the architects in our dove specie are taught how not to tamper with nature as much as possible, when erecting a structure. But men destroy shelters of their own people without care to relocate them ahead. It'll be a tall dream to expect he will do that in our regard. But more importantly, he is suppose to be a Muslim..."
Suddenly, she heard him say to the roof technicians "Ahaa, there is a dove that has built a nest at the end of this roof eave. Please ensure that you do not cover up her nest and thus render her homeless" as he pointed at the location of her nest. "AlhamdulilLaah! He remembers. May Allaah Bless you" She uttered a silent supplication for him. ”That's got me saying 'Yippee!' So, he's as good as they repute him to be? Where's Hubaa? I need to let him know everything would be alright. Ooops..."
She remembered how they had separated and remorse overcame her. She wondered where he might be at that moment and regretted having shouted at him the last time he came back. But he deserved it, another voice within her mind said. Was he trying to tell her about this succour and which was why he came to her coyly smiling and full of confidence? How did he know the man was going to take their plight into consideration? "Anyway, I need to find him, soonest" she concluded.
"So, where do you plan to transfer the nest to?" the house owner wanted to be certain no harm came upon the bird's home. "Emmm..." the senior amongst the two technicians considered. The subordinate instantly pointed at the raised water tank platform and said "Why don't we place it next to the water tank, there" "Yes" agreed the other without thinking. Clearly, he wanted the client away from the scene.
But rather than leave, the house owner said "How can you put out it out there, open to the sky. Don't you see it's the rainy season, the sky is cloudy and about to rain any moment from now? Once you put it there and the rain falls on it, it'd dismantle her carefully constructed nest. We can't have it there. Besides, even if it doesn't rain, when it is night time, the dove would become easy prey to the stray cats roaming the roofs.
"Wow, I'm impressed. Didn't know humans can think like that" the lady dove above heard herself cooing excitedly aloud. "Ok, may be not all of them are stupid. At least, this one has something upstairs" She peeped to take another look at his countenance from her vantage position. "Anyway, I'll leave you guys to sort things out. We have to locate where we will put the nest, free from any harm. Just like the bird ensured for itself" Hmmm, nice.
Confident that nothing will happen to her nest, the dove flew out in search of her partner. Meanwhile the workers had gotten to her nest groove in the dove's absence and with care and precaution one of them dislodged the bird's house and found an egg firmly secured with intertwined twigs in a recess, in its middle. "Hey, the nest has an egg on it!" he promptly declared and his colleague said "Well, do be careful so it doesn't fall out please. I don't want to incur the wrath of the man of the house"
So, they placed it temporarily by the side of the water tank as they earlier proposed. A short while later, the house owner returned and even before he could say anything, they quickly offered an explanation that, as a temporary measure they have removed the nest and relocated it to the deck near the water tank in order not to delay their progress. But soon as an appropriate location is found, they will move the nest to it. Satisfied with their effort, the man left them to continue.
Meanwhile the lady dove still hadn't returned. Soon the clouds gathered and began to cover the already grey, sunless sky, which was fast becoming a masterpiece artwork of ash and shades of grey. The rain was threatening to pour down any moment then. Suddenly, rain drops huge as leaves started falling in splatters from the sky. The house owner, conscious of the danger facing the animal's home quickly climbed upstairs, accessed the water tank concrete deck, removed the nest and relocated it into one of the bedrooms at that level.
To be continued... 2/4 parts
(c)2016 Tijjani M. M./DesignWorld INT'L
All Rights Reserved


2 Generations apart... 

THE DOVE TRIAL (1) - A True Life Short Story

...by Tijjani Muhammad Musa

"I told you we shouldn't have built our nest here, but you assured me it'd be ok. Now, look at what is happening" she excitedly lamented to her husband. Assuming a sense of false confidence to allay her fears, he said "Don't worry, their works will not get to where we are yet, until our egg is hatched and Purplish fully developed and fit to fly"
"High up a tree was what I wanted, like I always do. Where it is safe and free from man, his occupation and encroachment activities. But no, no, no you wouldn't hear of it" clearly not comforted by his words, the female dove complained further. "Common honey, but we had our last 5 kids up a tree and you know, I never like it in the first place, but to please you I always succumbed to your wish." He cooed around her, his voice slightly loosing its vibrancy.
"Well, look at them working. They don't even have an iota of respect for nobody, even themselves. Once they decide something will benefit them, they'll just come, arrogant, full of pomposity, bulldoze everything in their path and build their concrete abode. How many an animal have suffered a loss due to their damaging activities?" She pointed at the two human roof technicians busy chatting, while ceiling up the roof eave of a house nearing completion.
Her mate was quite for a moment, then observed "So, where do you think is safe? Remember, even up the last tree we stayed, we almost lost our child to their careless, wicked and uncivilised approach when they pulled the tree down without giving us any notice! They just came and before we could evacuate our 2 hatched chicks and the 3rd unhatched one. Though we save Bara and Tara, the other egg fell from the nest and was lost" he concluded with a pain in his voice. "Man is mean indeed!"
"So, why make us come this close to him when you know that he is truly a selfish, unconcerned soul. Why?" Her voice getting shrill, almost hysteric as the sounds of hammer and nails became louder and closer with each passing moment. "You wanted to give your son the best, is this the best you can offer? Make them stop! Make them go away! They are disturbing my poor, innocent, unhatched chick! Please do something!!!" She was uncontrollably crying now.
The male dove, helpless could not do anything but fly off the nest, which was carefully nestled in between two madobia wooden rafters, at the extreme corner of the roof eave. "O my God, o my God! Hubaaaaa! You can't do this to me! Don't tell me you are running off and leaving me to my fate! What about this egg, our chick? Darling come back! Please, I can't handle this alone!" She pleaded after her disappearing partner, who flew away without announcing his destination.

Moments later, to her relief she heard one of the workmen suggest "Man, I'm famished. Common, let's take a break to observe our afternoon salat (prayer) and then find something to eat" The other said "Good idea. But let's finish this sheet first. Help me hold it in place" So, they continued for a short while longer, before they finally stopped hammering and laid down their tools. "Let's find some water and ablute. Do we eat first before we pray or pray first?" "Kai! We eat first please" the other one replied as they dismount from their height access top.
About an hour later, they had resumed and after climbing back onto the scaffold and were about to continue from where they stopped, out of nowhere Hubaa flew back, and with a dove smile, he landed at a safe distance from his wife and said "Hi, sweet angel" She looked away, ignoring him. "O common, I had some very important situation to attend to and explaining to you then would put you in a devastated state. I can see, not telling you to excuse me served the same purpose" He said, sounding playful.
"You should be ashamed of yourself abandoning me like that!" She screamed at him. "And I don't want your explanation now. Please you can keep it to yourself. For, I really don't care whatever it is that's more important than staying with me at that distressful moment. How could you do that? Haba Hubaa" as tears of self pity overflowed her eyes. "O common honey, wipe off your tears. The problem is now solved. Just wait and see." He soothed her with some degree of confidence.
She raised her left wing, spreading it in his face, she said with a stern voice. "Go away! I'm ok. I can handle myself and my unborn child. Just leave me alone. I need some moments to myself. Please leave..." She softly said, but with finality. "Ok, if that's the way you want it. I'm leaving and don't you dear seek for me when I'm gone" without saying another word he flew off. Sadness enveloped her. May be she was too harsh. At least he did come back and did bring back some good news too. Whatever did he mean by the problem is solved?
To be continued... 1/4 parts
(c)2016 Tijjani M. M./DesignWorld INT'L
All Rights Reserved

O, WHO IS HE? ‪#‎Haiku‬

...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"
He is just a voice
Trying to be worth reading
Or listened to.
(c)2016 tijjani m. m.
all rights reserved


...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"
Soon as it's revealed
As poet, duty-bound
It is, to reveal it.
Some want status-quo
To remain, never change
But for others, nay, even
Change too must change.
Dawn of consciousness
Many have been awaken
The sun has risen clear
It's a brand new day.
(c)2016 tijjani m. m.
all rights reserved

ROCKY GAS ‪#‎Haiku‬

...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

Laughable, the rock
Struggling to float like neon gas
On air, in envy.

(c)2016 tijjani m. m.
all rights reserved


...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

Pity, a dump stench
Strives to wrest glory off musk
Scents of jasmine bliss.

(c)2016 tijjani m. m.
all rights reserved


...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

Stressed, as a light bulb
That tries to outshine sun rays
Futile is its drive.

(c)2016 tijjani m. m.
all rights reserved


...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

O you, sound poet...
Many your works, they'll enjoy
Others, it will annoy.

(c)2016 tijjani m. m.
all rights reserved


Ghana is planning to eliminate English as the primary language in schools and focus on their native tongue.
We've been calling for this development for the 2 decades, no one is listening. Now, our similarly colonized sister, Ghana is boldly forging ahead of us. English will no longer be the means of imparting knowledge on its people.
Just to reminds us all, no people among the advanced countries of the world is using a foreign language for its official governance, not to talk of education of its citizens. An indigenous language or more of the majority of the nations citizenry is adopted as the national language for government and education activities.
But here in Nigeria, due to ethnic and regional sentiments among many other set backs, we have refused to allow common sense prevail over our national and collective interest.
No wonder, we keep registering monumental failure in our educational system at all levels. We have to wake up to this reality if really we are serious about becoming a nation to be reckoned with in this 21st century.
~ Tijjani M. M.

Muhammad Dami Gberejaye It is improbable


...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"
Only fools celebrate birthdays.
And don't you dare ask me why!
Because even retards ought to know?
When last I checked you sure ain't one
But if you insist I tell, then ama tell ya!
How can you be celebrating a reminder
That gets you closer and closer to grave
What's there to be happy about your death?
Why do the Dab dance, flickering like a flame
From a sad, sober, still wick on a hot wax floor
Rejoicing at burning out, heading for a time out
Gather family and friends to inform a deformity
That you are getting older, greying and wasting
What an irony? Shouldn't you be sober reflecting?
Resourcing for a journey to a destination uncertain
Sending ahead savings, to cash on when you arrive.
Yet you stand to give a celebrant's speech, amusing
Amidst what? Extravagance, gluttony, drunkenness
Sleep over it, wake up the day after, what's gained?
Nothing, but wastes, debts, disclosures or foreclosure
Yet all that's naught compared to foolishness registered
Laughing at sadness, when sadness feels sorry for you.
(c)2016 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved


By Torvick Ashetola in response to - Only Fools Celebrate Birthdays

I, a maggot
Under the finger of Gods Lamp
I have been bitten
To the corner of the world!
Without a way to go,
But hope gave me reason to leave
With the Lord whom I came to know
Hence I left in tears and look:::
Am not in this world for human frailty,
Though possessing same as a child of the flesh
But ayy(!), let's go bound out of earth
beyond its atmosphere
there we'll see what we are,
and we'll know why I write:

For God had lifted sorrowing humanity (poet) from the verge of falling into the commotion of humanity.

Thank you...


...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"
I've just discovered a true song
About those who want to live long
After living old, grey, no more strong
They still don't want to die - "young"
Though for 'em life has been prolong'
When death comes sounding its gong
They run, lament, not wanting to belong
In their centenaries, silver iris, dull tongue
Thawed, rickety, barely heaving their lung'
Sound, Words & Sight all off their sprung'
Exciting, exotic, delicious all tasting like dung
Bent over, crawling on all four, yet they throng
Elixir of life they clamor for, flying to Hong kong
Given 1000 mo' years of youth in Land of Mong
I now know it'll never be enough for them to thong.
Ask yourself "What are they afraid of"
Uncertainties they can not be sure of?
Atrocities bought that now can't be traded off
Waves in oceans of guilt, they can no mo' surf
They feel it in their hearts, it's going to be tough
Earlier, intoxicated, drunk, high, they'd often laugh
At calls to think, reflect, understand a life free of stuffs
Stubborn then, senile now, it dawns on 'em it ain't a bluff
Indulgence in pleasures beyond measures till they'd buff
Forgot a time, chances, opportunities they failed to morph
Each day comes with new challenges, proving to be rough
Sadly they failed to prepare for this day, next comes scruff
Undeserved, age demands we respect them with a hat-doff
Stories of what, where, why and when told so often enough
Now, even their memories, tired of retaining wants to fly off.
(c)2016 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

Sunday, July 10, 2016


 By Tijjani Muhammad Musa
Image result for Happy Birthday Talking about birthdays, I came across one write-up titled NO MORE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION (see it below) utterly rejecting it and I couldn't agree more. For I've since discovered it's nothing, but vain vanity in vain.
I see some even celebrating birthdays of their children, parents or persons, not just of those alive, but even of those that have died years ago and I wonder why? Why use time for such... I'm lost for words.
How can somebody be dead and gone and yet his birthday, not his benefits to mankind be wastefully celebrated. Some, with nothing of value in their lives except their ego, would even take offence that you've not wished them "Happy Birthday"
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And why aren't people celebrating "Death Days". You know sit down in sorrow and regrets that someone they loved had once died on that date? Rather, what they do on such days named "Remembrance Day" is engage in another wasteful jamboree.
Anyway, I stopped entertaining it a long, long time ago, when the realization of its futility occurred to me. So, I don't want it done to me and I don't do it to others. It gladdens my heart to remember my so-called birthday was 2 or 3 days ago, after it has already gone by.
If it is so important to you to celebrate the day you were born and could go on a spendthrift and you are someone educated, but not appreciative of your intelligence, I would wish you well, but surely would give not a bother if it skips my mind.
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Many loved ones think you don't love them no more, if you dare miss their birthday, send them cards, gifts, text messages, special calls or bomb your pockets to arrange something extra ordinary for the occasion, so much so that it can bring cracks in a relationship or even out rightly end it.
I even saw a new trend now where students would organize a party to celebrate their passage from one level to another just like one medical undergraduate studying medicine did, when he passed his exams from 100 level to 200. Can you imagine that? When has such a tough course become so cheap?
Medical students fa! Making and distributing almanac to that effect. Shouldn't he be planning how he should make it to Barau Dikko? That was the bother of such guys in ABU Zaria then. To the best of my thinking, it is not how well you start off that matters, but how well you end up.
Ask 100m race athletes or any other about pursuits of life. Stories of from grass to grace and from grace to grass abound as pointers for the truly wise. How can one indulge in celebrating mundane things in life at the neglect of more valuables, when death lurks to kill all joys at a terminal point.
And thereafter, what awaits one is so uncertain, many who couldn't handle the stress of thinking about the various possibilities have chosen to play the ostrich i.e. bury their heads in the sand. Come, do ostriches actually do that?
Anyway, like I said earlier engaging in mere wishing of happy birthdays, not to talk of spending money to celebrate it is indeed vain vanity in vain. There is a thousand and one better things someone can do with money.
Image result for Happy BirthdaySelf development via getting better educated or contributing towards educating another with such wasted finances could go along way in making our society better. Many of us make noise on social media, but when it comes to putting their money where their mouth is, they instantly freeze.
May we be saved from our wastefulness of time, resources and intellect in celebrating birthday, amen.
What do you have to say about this?
(c)2016 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved