Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Greetin's to you wherever you are

Be you at home, or in diaspora

There's only 1 you, we all believe

Many are coveteous, you choose to G.I.V.E.

Be you in the Americas or in Afrique

Like a very rare gem, you are unique

Could a free hand ever be same as a slave's?

A compassionate soul belonging to d'brave

Men have tried to surpass each other

But it is only the selfless heart that proper

Some are good to be seen of men

They can be counted, unique gentlemen

The sun shines light as well as warms

Sound of thunder gladdens, yet warns

Often two or more strive to win

But only one not less breasts it clean

And though most are designed to click

Yet you are the only spirit that's unique

You are worth much more than a billion dollar'

When a poor & a needy ends up getting your KWANDALA

Poetic Tee (c) 2010

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