Friday, October 21, 2011


ONCE A GADDAFI Poetic Tee (Here, take a sip) Subhanallaah! So another has returned back to his Lord? Well then who wouldn't, for we are all on a road similar Once on it, be rest assured there's no going back What a sincere, dutiful and obedient servant Death is Like someone said "Once you are born, you are done for" What is life if not commerce, an opportunity given to man To be tried and tested, possibly he might learn the means With difficulty or ease to push a camel though a pin hole Impossible some might choose to say, but indeed easy Once endowed with the knowledge of how. But what is how? Yes, for some life is about muscle, might, the physical Alas for a chosen few, its beyond the 5 or even the 6th Many are borne witness to have failed, by default or... Leaders, scholars, the wise and the prudent inclusive The least expected often become the worthy, treasured Yet many once celebrated end up despised and rejected Poor soul, powered soul, grieve not for time heals And of a surety "Que sera, sera" or would it not be? A song of you once ran across earth's surface, remember Now its over, patience wins over what the impatient lack What more needs to be said, for all has been clearly written But many who can read have no ability to decipher truth Thus once they are given access to covetousness, too late They tend to forget it is a borrowed time. Few are different! Tijjani M. M. (c) 21/10/2011

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