Wednesday, February 4, 2015


News about the masses expressing their frustrations against PDP in its presidential and other electioneering campaigns via torching of campaign vehicles, stoning candidates, tearing of posters, billboards and banners and other undemocratic, uncivilized actions are absolutely unnecessary, disheartening and therefore must be condemned by all sound and civil democrats.

We have been loyal followers of General Muhammad Buhari since the first day he stepped into politics, way back before the 2003 elections. We were there patiently with him in 2007 and again almost frustrated in 2011. But we survived the General being denied in tears, to all who bore witness. While the General cried at that post 2011 election press briefing, many more Nigerians cried with him in their hearts.

And most, at that particular moment in time made a solemn promise, to stand by him if he should ever decide to run for the presidency again. Now, we are all witnesses to Nigerians fulfilling that silent promise to vote for Buhari come February 14, 2015. Who could have imagine the phenomenal tsunami of ‪#‎FeBUHARI‬ 2015 ever happening in Nigeria. Is anyone in doubt now that indeed patience is a good, sound, solid virtue and a good formula for success?

One doesn't need Buhari to win any election to prove that if any stands honestly for sincerity of purpose and consistently pursue it, one day he or she will surely become a winner. Looking at the massive following of ‪#‎GMB‬ across the length and breadth of Nigeria, from the mighty and the low, regardless of ethnicity, education, age, region and religion, one can't help but give glory to God Almighty. For many, this is a dream come true. Only football ever unites Nigerians like this.

In most, and clearly all the signs have shown that, in most Nigerian voters' minds Buhari is the next democratically elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come February 2015 and would by the Grace of the Living God Almighty be sworn-in on May 29th 2015. The present government's tenure is winding up and CHANGe, inevitable will be witnessed by the whole world. All that remains is for us all to be patient and for time to unstoppably tick on to this divinely scheduled event (God Willing).

Now, much as we desire this CHANGe, much as we are eager to see it come to pass, we must not spoil it by being impatient and reckless. We should not go about it like that expression of frustrated attitude as described above, if it is true that opposition supporters are the ones perpetrating such acts. For it is being suspected and even openly admitted and disclosed by some of PDP members that it is the party itself that is orchestrating these attacks and blaming it on APC, to further tarnish the opposition party and its presidential flag bearer.

Notwithstanding all these allegations and counter allegations, of what use is hitting, kicking or punishing a terminally sick body? It brings to mind a prophetic hadith of Muhammad (saws) that says killers and murderers are such an unfortunate lot. They stain their hands with someone death, whereas it is divinely ordained that the person will die at the scheduled moment in time, even if left on his or her own. Yet, instead of letting God's unchangeable decree come to pass, they claim the death upon themselves. So sad, really.

PDP is panting, gasping, taking its last few remaining breaths. It is almost dead and if allowed, it would quietly or gutteringly let go its proud and infamous life. No need for anyone to kick it in the guts and incur the wrath of nemesis. Like everything else in this life, the party has come, grown, reigned, peaked and now is in its twilight period. Soon the sun will set upon it and it will become history. Forever gone, in its case, hated to be remembered by many.

The Hausas say "Shure-shure ba ya hana mutuwa" (Thrashing about by a dieing body will not prevent it from dieing). All these moves PDP is making to survive its keeping date with its destiny will not save the party from relinquishing power and exiting from the politics of Nigeria. Where are all the others, some good, some bad political parties that came before it? They are all gone, some into the hall of fame and others into the thrash bin of history.

So, for any to be bothering himself or herself with being a catalyst towards speeding up PDP's death is a waste of one's precious time, resources and energy. The party once pride itself as the largest political party in Africa. Claiming it will live for eternity, ruling Nigeria. But just 15 inglorious years after and already panic of expiry has hit it. Most of its "gallant warriors" have either been killed by the party itself, committed suicide or ran off into exile.

It is indeed certain that one day time overtakes all things that were once in vogue. It is a development waiting to eventually happen. None is doubt that one day PDP and its power would ebb out. Many however thought its passing would not come during their life time, because of how monstrous the party had once grown. Nor will it be by the ‪#‎PowerOfOne‬ man. But if God Permits, Buhari will be the single force through whom PDP will fizzle out.

Nothing last forever, most especially when it is based on oppression and injustice. So, to all (both PDP and non-PDP) we say, please let this political contraption that has ruled us into ruins, run out of life, without giving them a scapegoat or any reason to blame someone for its demise, so that we give it a befitting burial.

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