Thursday, October 29, 2009


By: Tijjani Muhammad Musa

There is this real life amazing video about a herd of buffalos and a pack of lions at a water drinking point in the wild. The lions lay an ambush, caught a young buffalo calf and fell into the river in the struggle. The rest of the buffalo herd ran off for dear life.

Meanwhile the lions about 6-8 of them each jumped into the water to help bring out their catch, which was too heavy for 1 lion to cling on to and collectively they surround their prey while still in the river, holding on to the young buffalo calf.

To make matters worse for the poor buffalo calf, out of no where from the water, a crocodile surfaced and also took a hold of one of the calf's hind legs, trying to drag it back into the water. But the lions using their superior number succeeded in dragging their meal out on to the river bank.

As they were struggling with the over-powered, out-numbered young animal, each trying to kill it, along came back the rest of the bufallo herd. Bulls, mothers, young and all, forming a closely packed bunch in an amazing rescue mission.

Though scared and tentative at first, yet they gathered themselves into a united pack and bulls among them started launching minor attacks at the lions, until they succeeded in chasing 1 off.

Then they chased off another and another. Gaining confidence, one of the buffalo bulls dived into the lions, horns first and successfully hauled one of the predators into the air. It landed a few meters away and quickly limbed off, terribly wounded.

Meanwhile only 2-3 more lions stubbornly held on to the young buffalo. The herd were growing more and more confident and threatening now and soon the remaining lions realizing the game was over, released their catch and took off.

The earlier doomed buffalo calf was set free... FREE, by the power of collective struggle, united determination, willingness to sacrifice their individual lives for the benefit of all. It is indeed an amazing video to watch (, believe me.

Now that scene got me thinking. The whole episode is a depiction of our dear country NIGERIA. The casts are 1) The Buffalo Herd 2) The Buffalo Calf 3) The Lion Pride and 4) The Crocodile.

NIGERIA is the Buffalo Calf, our RULERS are the Lions, WE, the PEOPLE are the Buffalo Herd and the CROCODILE represent Opportunists (Hypocrites)...

Let US adopt this video as a National Emblem of our collective struggle for the FREEDOM of our Country, NIGERIA... WE CAN DO THIS!

As God Has shown Kane how to bury Abel in the Holy Books by sending the two fighting crows, where one killed the other and subsequently dug a hole in the ground and buried its opponent, thus teaching Kane what to do with Abel's dead body, so also in this movie.

God Has set up this scene and used these animals to show NIGERIANS how to go about rescueing their beloved Country from the shackles of a minut percentage, their bad ruling elite.

United and determined, though we might be uncertain at first, the NIGERIAN Masses must stand together and with collective resolve launch a rescue mission. And Allah (God) Willing, like the Buffalo Herd, the NIGERIAN PEOPLE will set their Country FREE!

The video is a must watch. It is on the internet, youtube ( and National Geographic Channel. We must get every Nigerian who desires this freedom to watch the video.... pls, pls, pls!


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  1. It's good to have some people like you who still have hope and the willingness for a better Nigeria but gaskiya, for me, it's a totally different story. More grease to your elbows.