Tuesday, October 13, 2009


By Tijjani Muhammad Musa

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN TAKING A POLITICAL LEADERSHIP OFFICE IN 2011? We, The Nigerian Voters Hereby Demand The Following Binding Committment From YOU For Eligibility:

1. Declaration clearly of your Intention, Vision & Mission Statements

2. Outline your Agenda & Programmes in booklet format, cds, dvds and other forms of information storage systems for historical references

3. Declare and update your Assets publicly and yearly, for accountability. Afterall you are the one who comes seeking for public service

4. You are seeking to be a Public Servant, as such usage of Private Schools to Educate yr children is unacceptable, they must be enrolled in public, government run schools

5. Use Only Public Hospitals by your administrations & their family members. Patronage of Private Hospitals or travelling abroad for medical treatment is also unacceptable, unless home-based medical centers are of equal standard with those abroad.

6. All Electric Power needs must be from Public Main Source.No usage of Generators in your offices & homes is to be allowed your administrations & their family members.

7. All Fueling of Vehicles & machines at official & home level must be sourced from local Petroleum Refineries. No importations of refined petroleum products would be tolerated.

8. Water, clean and pure must also be sourced from the Mains for all your administrations and family usage, and all other basic living and working needs (e.g. products, services, materials & accessories) must be sourced locally & must be home-made where necessary, while recognizing other sources as secondary.

9. Human Resources development, enhancement and usage at all level must form the bedrock of your administration's drive.

10. Enabling environment, infrastructure and guiding priciples must be provided by your government for private sector participation at all level.Wastage in any form would be severely rejected.

11. If found wanting in any of the above or other conditions the voters might here-under add as an addendum to these, you will automatically lose your position as a public servant and be demanded upon to resign or forced vacate the office by the voters, who putted you there in the first place.


If these conditions are acceptable to you, please sign the dotted lines below.

ATTENTION: Signing this Document is an ACCEPTANCE of the Terms & Conditions herein stated. If you are sincere in your intention to be of Public Service to your FatherLand Nigeria, this document will not pose any threat to you.

Thank You.

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