Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LIVE @ HAJJ 1431AH (2010 CE)


Beautiful Sunrise Over Baqee'ah Cemetary @ Madinatul Munawwarah!

The Holy Ka'abah In The Holy City Of Makkah Being Circumbulated By Pilgrims As Usual.

Inside Our Tent @ Mina, With el-Hajj Muhammad el-Mukhtar Giving Us A Reminder...

The Ever Impressive Holy Ka'abah Inside The Masjid Haraam, In Makkah Saudi Arabia...

The 5 Storey High Jamarah Building From The Direction Of Mina Tents, Hajji Going To & Fro

The Crowd Of Pilgrims Flowing To The Jamarah As Viewed From Inside The Magnificient Struture That Houses This Important Part Of Hajj Rituals

From Safa To Marwa. Hajji & Hajja Running Between The Two Hills.

From Marwa To Safa. Hajji & Hajja Running Between The Two Hills.

The Famous Hill Of Safa, Now Housed Under A Multi-Storey Edifice To Ease Its Rigours
Only In Islam! True Brotherhood. Happiness, with a another el-Hajj...

Heading to The Jamarat...

The Sun Set.... Golden.

As the sun sets on Mount Arafat on 9th, Dhul Hijjah 1431AH.
El-Hajji and El-Hajja still clamouring for more rahamah from Allah Azza wa Jallah...

Behold! The famous Mount Arafat!
Pilgrims can be seen all over it authenticating their Hajj.

9th of Dhul Hajj 1431AH, On our way to Mount Arafat!
That's me bi iznillah!

8th of Dhul Hajj. On one of the mountains top @ Mina.
(See the rows of tents in the background)

8th of Dhul Hajj.
The Tents of Mina, in rows so obedient to Allah SWT!
Accommodating us, mankind...

An areal view of the Holy Ka'abah from the roof top.
@ Masjid Haraam in Makkah...

The Charismatic Holy Ka'abah!
A beautiful sight to behold any day!

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  1. Jazakallah, thanks for sharing your experience..
    these pictures bring back memory, of my time in Saudi Arabia last year during ramadan..makes me emotional looking back at the pictures as this could be the one and only opportunity I will have