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TIJJANI MUJAMMAD MUSA: Strange Happenings! I Stopped 4 The Traffic Lights, Bought Me A Bounty To Arrest A Rumbler. A Tall, Light Skinned Pretty Babe Was Perched On An Achaba Bike. She Looked Into My Jeep Liberty 4x4 & Decidedly Told Her Okada Rider To Follow Me. This He Did Until We Got To A Point & She Said Through My Half Open Car Window "Excuse Me! Excuse Me Pls! Can I Ask A Favour From You Pls!"...

15th January 2011 at 10:41am via Mobile Web

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Alhaji Sule Adamu: ‎@TJ-What next?

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: So I parked off the road. She got off the bike & walked over to the passenger side, Standing outside the locked-in ride, She said "Pls don't be offended. I need your assistance very badly. I'm a stranger in town from Kaduna. I came tos see someone but can not trace him. So decided to check a... Let me say, like... a boyfriend of mine who works at a filling station. Unfortunately, they told me he's not around. In fact he doesn't work there any mo'. I know its abit weird my stopping like this and all that and I must confess that I don't know you at all and have never seen you before in my life (she looks in her eraly 20ish, 22 or 23). But I want to be going back to KD (it was 5:30-6:00pm) and though I have some money, its not going to be enough. So pls can help me with just a lil' mo' so I can travel back? Pls...." I quitely contemplated what she wanted and then looked at her and smiled. Guess what I did....

Salihu A Umar: TJ; ol ears continue, what is the favour she requested n what did you do? ;-)

Salihu A Umar: I guess you told her that its late for her to travel in this hour to kd alone, you maight suggested... Lols

go on we r listening

Fatty Alfa Wan: Continue let hear wat she really want....

Usman Killuminati: I guess u probably took her to the motor park & pay for her journey back to kd!?

Shehu Gajo: Concluded. We know what you did. Lol

Shehu Gajo: Turn her down???

Hussain Zandam: Al earz TJ

Bello Anka: Sound like a familiar story. Just help her if you can and drive off before she get to the next level

Adamu Babandija: You just gave her what she asked for, since you are not...

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Salihu, actually I didn't tell her tht... *smiles*

Gajo, how can I do tht? Don't u see she's in need of help...

Fatty, tht it. U now shld suggest wht I might have done?

Usman, What?! Couldn't have done tht! Its dangerous to do tht!

Zandam, d update's over. Now, think of wht I possibly did...

Musty LaLa: TJ, fire on.

Faisal Abubakar: Straight frm Teejays mouth,n I quote,she said:..“I ws wonderin if u culd pls offer me a place 2 stay 4 d nyt cos I cnt afford 2 lodge in a hotel”..which obviously ws jst an invitation 4 a nyt-cap..well let me nt say it all,Teejay shall continue frm here..

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Anka, *smiles* wht's d next level?

Babandija, since I'm not wht?!

Musa Isah: U took her to unguwa uku and paid 4 her fare i guess.

Fatty Alfa Wan: I know ur a fine man wu will nt cheat on a helpless babe..shebi u gave ha d tp she ask for..shikenan frends ta tafi k.d lami lafia.*smiles*

Naseer M Nas: Caugh! cough!! Pretty nd color of my ppl (kanawa) pls Tj make sure u no edit dis tori o. As we campaign for freedom of info we deserve 2kno A-Z without T

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Musty, fire on yr thought pls...

Faisal, that's a good n imaginative suggestion whc cld possibly be implied

Salihu A Umar: TJ; I guess thats not just what she requested, but by the way how innocent was her request? And how rhyming was her request to her actions n manners? TJ talk true O! ;-)

Danjuma Alkali: do her a favour man

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: danJesus, sorry to disappoint u, actually I did not...

Fatty, thanx 4 vouching 4 me but don't be so sure abt tht...hehehehe!

Naseer, I no want o! Wht do u mean "edit"? Hahahahahaha! U'll know A-Z! Wato Kanawa ba su iya cewa farar mace "Nahiii!" ko? Toh, nima ban ce mata ba "No" ba... *smile* don muna da kyautatawa mata ai.

Saratu G. Abdul: Teejay wannan jan rai ne fa kuma kasan babu kyau, tell us wat happen next pls. *mamaki*

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Salihu, wht do u mean by innocent? Her request n rythm r ok 4 a full grown young woman standing b4 a likable man... *smiles*

Lawan Ahmed: I go with Danjesus, I guess you took her to Unguwa Uku and paid for her transport fare to KD after proving the genuinness of her predicament. I also hope this documentary would not be edited till the last scene. All ears, LOL.

Salihu A Umar: TJ; I finally guees you offer her some money to pay the Achaba man, n told her to Enter your car then....

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Alkali, I did man, I did....Pwuuuaaahahahahaha!

Sara2, kin zo fa! Da ma da ke da 'yar Wudil spoil-sport ne ku. Bsyds, am telling u wht happened ai. Can't u see d brilliance of our e-friends minds! How each one thinks differently...

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Lawan, prove genuiness of what? From such a ravishing beautiful light in complexioned tall chic? I was lucky to be sitting in my car fa. All my knees have gone jelly o... Aw, kai ma "No editing"! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Salihu, u r almost a genius but...

Salihu A Umar: TJ; lets here here the Compeletion of the story from your mouth, End this guessing session. :-(

Fareeda Umar: Even me, ma curiousity nearly tie ma throat... Wönt say anthn til we hear whr da story ends! C'mon tj carry on!!! Ol earz..

Naseer M Nas: Ahaaa! Now ur talking I knew that an offer from kalar Kano r hardly 2b ignored. A fede mana biri har wutsiya.:)
Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Not until I tell u guys another story similar to what happened in ths development but quite different too.

A friend n colleague of mine parked at a traffic light n quite unexpectedly an angel of a babe opened his unlocked car and got in the front seat. She turned and smiled charmingly at him. He almost melted upon her beautiful presence. Just then green flashed on the traffic light n so he moved into traffic.

Smiling back at her, he asked her as politely n friendly as he could be "So, whr r u going to?" She just looked straight ahead n replied "No where" He turned his face on to d road ahead n repeated still smiling "No where? No where fa kika ce?" he queried further. She looked at him smiling then looked away n said "Ok, whrever u r going is whr am going to. Take me whrever u want. Am not in a hurry" she calmly told n relaxed back in d seat. So he jumped into his river of thought and got busy planning wht to do wth such a golden opportunity...

Salihu A Umar: TJ; Mhnn...

Ahmad Tijjani Xannan Fcbk: B careful wit dese ladies...

Umar Suleiman K kai! Is dis some kind of fiction or wat?

Fareeda Umar: Dnt thnk so. Its real bt dis add up 2da thirsty ov knowin whr ur own story ends! Haba tj bari ja mana rai mana,..

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Soon he arrived at his destination n told her he's going in thr to see someone n she shld come out too so he can lock d car. She looked him straight in d eye n with a charming n sexy voice told him he shld go ahead she'll wait 4 him in d car... Of course he couldn't leave her alone in his ride, so he smiled n decide to deal wth d matter as it demands urgency.

He went round n got in, started d car n drove off. She didn't say a word but just smiled. He turned wth a smile n said "So wht do u want me to do 4 u, fine babe?" she smiled back n asked "Ain't u gonna see yr friend anymo' or u don't trust me in yr car?" Hahahahahahaha! He lolled n confidently told her "No, its not like tht. Ok, let's drop tht. Let me attend to your case first, then later I'll come back n see him. Ai babu wani abu" So they cruised on wthout much mo' words exchanged. He however had to ask her again "Whr do I take u to?" She smiled n replied "Anywhr u want, to do whtever it is u want to do wth me or u want me to do 4 u" moving calmly to n fro in her seat. "Ai na gaya maka tun dazu". He all of a sudden felt uneasy wth her confidence n repeated response. So wth a slightly mo' serious a voice he said "Jokes aside, pls wht do you want? I'm quite busy as u can see..." b4 he could finish she respectfully interjected "Yes, I can see. Tht's why I said I'm not in a hurry n can wait until u r through wth yr appointment, but u said u'll attend to me 1st ko ba haka kace ba?"

Maimuna Mani: TJ ur stories r very captivating n l really enjoy them. Pls do finish up n dont kill us with the suspense. Advice ur friend to always keep hisouto locks on when he is driving for safety.

Abdulrahman Bello Bada: Interesting story.

Musa Isah: U've disappointed me, u took her where? I want to knw. We ol want to knw we this likable man took that charming babe.

Hahaha. Ur frnd ya samu garabasa. Hehehe

Mustapha Kachalla Gujiba: Tj pls complete these 2 stories of urs & ur frnd pls & pls, every beginning must surely hv an end so "carry on" as soldiers alwayz say.
Fareeda Umar Think ov writtin a story based on ds...

Abdullahi Muhammad: the suspense is getting more intense...ride on TJ!

Salihu A Umar: TJ; I am bagging you on my knees, pls don't kill me with suspence, finish this Story n let me work! I BEG YOU ONECE MORE PLSSSSSS!

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: ‎"E, amma..." he trailled off n started to think fast. "Why r u quite?" she politely asked? "Um...mhm... Me kika ce?" he returned to real time. "Cewa na yi, ya na ji ka yi shiruu?" "Just thinking" he quickly replied. "Abt wht, me?" "Aaaam, yes abt u. So wht is it u r doing?" She smiled n reached into her handbag n brought out her phone. She checkd it n replied "Like wht do u mean?" not even lookin at him. "I mean, what game r u playing at?" he repeated wth some anger in his voice. She lowered her phone turned n looked him in d eyes n sensously said "I want to sleep wth you pls" He couldn't believe his ears. "Me kika ce?!" She laughed at his shock "Toh, me ye dan na ce haka, har za ka yi irin wannan tambaya da ihu haka" He quickly regained his composure n quite confidently said "Kema da gangan kike?" "Wallahi da gaske nake" she said wth all seriousness.

After sometimes he parked off the road n off d engine. For d upteenth time wth d most sober n serious face he said "Pls quit ths joke, wht do you really want? I don't quite appreciate ths waste of my time or yrs. Just tell me out right wht is it tht u want!" he ended up shouting n visibly annoyed. She in turn, wthout a single fear in her disposition reached out to grab his ......(u know wht) but he blocked off her delicate hand wth even mo' shock on his face. "GET OUT! GET OUT OF MY CAR!!! I SAID, GET OUT NOWWWWWW!!!" He heard himself screaming at d top of his voice. Some people passing by turned n were looking into d car whc made him quickly calm down. "Please get out of my car now, I am begging pls." he repeated in a much mo' calmer voice. She looked at him n said "And wht I said I want u to do? Do u think I am joking? Wallahi I am serious. Pls take me some whr and do me pls..." she lowered her eyes n tears were almost pouring out. "Sorry, I can't. i don't do tht pls. Pls get down n go pls. I beg you pls, Go!" ... "Ok then, if u want me to go, u'll have to pay me" He was completely bowled over. "PAY! Pay, 4 wht?" She stared directly at him n without a word he got d message. So he lowered his voice n said "How much?" She looked sadly away n said "So u'll rather pay me. Ok, N10, 000" Again, he expressed his dismay "10 what? Look I only have N2, 000 on me right here!" She turned n said to him "Then keep yr money n take me somewhere, if u want I can stay 4 as long as u want, pls" Seeing she was serious, he took out d money n forced it her hand n leaned over n open d car door...then quickly sat back in his seat. She looked at d money, hissed n stepped out, hissing..."Matsiyaci kawai!" he heard her say as she banged d car door after her. Quickly he started d car engaged gears n zoomed off.

That d end of his story.

This is not fiction by Allah. It was a real life story n knowing that if u were me in my car at that time in that situation, would allow her into yr car?

Naseer M Nas: In this case I wud gently, kindly discharge her with a proper xcuse bcos she's too bold for my liking. Ko inda mata ke yana maza mace tai mani haka zan ji tsoro talkless of Naija. But mind u don't try to divert our attention from the earlier story cos mun kasa mun tsare....:)

Shehu Gajo: Wonders never end. TJ both stories happened to you. Just tell us how you manage the seperate incidences.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Well as 4 my story, I just gave her d change from my purchase of d Bounty and dismissed her off politely.

That is d ESSENCE OF EXPERIENCES. U shld always apply them and knowledge u acquire to save yr soul from committing all possibly regretable situations.
Musa Isah Hmmm wlh if i were d guy, i would drive to where yan jagaliya or yan iskan unguwa suke zama and ask them to get her out of my car. Mata da sharri suke. Hmmm
Tijjani Muhammad Musa Gajo, lighting don't usually strike in d same place twice! What do I gain by telling a lie? Banda in sabawa Ubangijina. Allah ni dai ya kiyaye mun, kuma ya kwace daga irin wannan jarraba.

Naseer, oh u want my story in details too. Then read ...See More
Salihu A Umar TJ; Nyc lesson passed! Such similar case happen to one of my friends but his case was not this worse!

In his case when she enter the car, he just drive foward without a word, n after few mins he ask her Where r you going to so that i can dro...See More

Shehu Gajo: ‎@Tijjani/Salihu. Subhannallah. End of days...

Mukhtar Musa: TJ, thank you very much for this interesting and educative stories. Wallahi I heard alot of stories similar but not as worst as this. Allah kasa mufi k'arfin zuciyarmu. It is quite a lesson. Thank you once more.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: danJesus, tht'd d very worst mistake of yr life! Don't u ever ever do tht, cos u don't know who or even what u r dealing wth. Even if she an ordinary woman, if thr's 1, she'll shock you beyond yr wildest imagination. U've not heard of d woman who got her husband beaten up by d same guys u said u'll employ to get her out of yr car along BUK Road here in Kano. He traced her to a place n grab hold of her demanding tht they shld go back home, ita kuwa ta nina bata san shi ba. Yan daba kuwa su ka yi masa likiliki!

Salihu, hmmn. Na ga ikon Allah wallah! There r other similar stories I've heard, but wld take quite a while to narrate them all.

Gajo, End of times kam!

Ado Mohammed Abubakar: ‎@TJ may God reward you for the story. I was told similar story. A lady stopped a guy asked for assistance, the guy let her into his car, few minutes later the lady said " okay settle me" the guy asked for what? Then quarrel started. People gathered and lady said that he slept with her and refused to pay her. Allah ya kare mu. Men shine your eyes.

Ibtisam S Wali: Surely the end of times. Women are reducing themselves to what they were in preIslamic times. May Allah SWT protect us from such practice and protect our men from the evil clutches of such women.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Ado, thanx 4 yr contribution. Until it happened to me just yesterday, it usually seems so far away, often like some far-fetched story. Kuma u need to see d babe! Amma too bad kawai. Ba su da hakuri da abinda Allah Ya zaba mu su. Thr4 their going astray!

Ibty, jiya jiyan nan a kusa da railway akai wannan al'amari. Ta biyo ni daga r'abt din Gidan Murtala thru Ibrm Taiwo Rd then Civic Center Rd... Allah Ya kare ku daga wannan mummunan zubda mutumcin mata, da musulmi. Mu kuma Allah Ya dada karemu daga fadawa tarkon shaidan da muqarrabansa, amin.

Ibtisam S Wali: TJ, amin ya Allah! Abin nesa ya matso kusa kenan. Allah ya kiyashemu.
Usman Killuminati Ameen.. Its good that most of us profit frm ur experience so that we can avoid or knw what to do in these kind of encounters. Allah ya sa mufi karfin zuciyan mu, ameen.

Emzy Imam: TJ, I have followed this with interest and really fought my wills not to comment till the last moment. There was nothing new!!! All you have stated are things that happen on daily basis. In the 90s it was only in Lagos, P/H and Abuja, then early 2000s it became common in Kaduna and later Kano. This I am sure most of the contributors from these areas are aware.

Today's average girl finds herself in this very tight corner due to many reasons, including and not restricted to the following:

a. modernised society that give unnecessary freedom to spinsters and young women against the ethics and principles of major religions

b. poverty that force most of these girls to stay TOO LONG as singles and TOO LITTLE time as married, easily making them BAZAWARA. Some of the unlucky ones are end up being Commercial Sex Workers (latest name given to MASU ZAMAN KANSU)

c. moral erosion which has reduced our society to ashes. Girls offering themselves cheaply and boys getting girls on the cheap.
d. western style living which makes each of us to live as individuals as against being members of a community, safeguarding each others interest on the principle of AL AMRA FIL MA'ARUF.....

As a society we are loosing focus, as people we are loosing identity and therefore anything can happen.

(Thanks for the SMS)

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Ibty, toh ni me zance. Wallahi abin ya soma ba maza tsoro.

Killuminati, thanx 4 appreciating. Ths is 1 of my objectives as a Fbkr. Sharing knowledge n experiences so tht we all benefit frm it.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Emzy, what a lenthy one. Its overtly appreciated. We all know its happenin but usually from afar n just like death u don't really feel it though its killing many around u until it takes someone frm you. So, when I experienced ths yesterday, i suddenly realised it has gone to a new level, if it'll b reaching us har gida... Being in Malaysia wldn't bar me frm knocking on yr door m'friend! So don't mention it again ever...*smiles*

Shahrazad Ibrahim Farouk: Inna kaida kunna 'azeem.. I'v bn tryin 2 log in sai yanzu Allah ya nufa.. @ big bro, dan ta sami matsoracin namiji ne,da ya kaita gidan shi yasa matarsa da 'ya'yansa suyi mata duka, su rufe ta na kwana biyu ko kuma ya tafi direct police station ya hada ta da abokin kowa..Ibty, it is worst cos evn in d jahilliyah it is d lowest of slaves dt do dt.. Allah ya kara shirya mu,suma Allah ya shirye su.

Ibtisam S Wali: Sharzy, amin ya Allah. Ai abin dai ba a cewa komai.

Yusuf Baba: Well!!! Allah Yakaremu gaba daya. I was in Kano ystrday & a friend told me he went to filin sukuwa or so & a pretty young lady/girl came to him & ask him "zaka sai koi" he asked where is it & to amazement she replied "gani, ai kai zaka nemi wuri" & to say he was shoked would be an understatement, all he could do was left the place. He said to me what is happening over there is worst than Abj. I couldnt argue with him cos he've been in both places but I visit Kano once in a while. Allah Yakarem!

Farouk Shehu Abdulwahab: Allah Ya kiyaye Ya kara karewa.

Yusuf Baba: Amen dan'uwa.

Saudah Abubakar Wudil: Alhamdullilah Allah AWJ in his infint mercy save u may continue to protect u ameeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

Saudah Abubakar Wudil: Ehehahahahahaha ni yar babana yayar qanena!!!..... Allah ya soni wannan janjani da jan rai bananan sai da aka kashe boss din nazo.......@saraty haba kema wanan dangwaliliya ta ishe mu ko?.....hahahahaha

Danjuma Alkali: what a fabri tj...

Taufiq Amin Yahya: Share the favour pls.

Madina Yusuf: Tj hi, jst seein ds update. Tohh! Masifa in whatevr disguice Allah Ya raba mu da ita, ko da ta MAZA ce. Mata! Mata!! Mata!!! their desperatn nd the reasons 4 dem re jst beyond. Is this wat womanhood has been reduced to? Wat re d chances of our Kidz turning out on th right side of th track? Oh Allah we cry unto U! @Emzy: tnx 4 dat comment. No 1 cld hav said it bettr. Glad i saw dat, now i m informed nd wil wonder no more.

Saudah Abubakar Wudil: ‎@madina my sweet sis wallah u,u even hv d ability n courage to say dat sound one! Me am speechless....kedai bari ina pityñ younger/siblings of ours wai yanzu ma kenan!! Kuma matan da ake mafarkin za su samar da alumma da gobe zata amfana ne suka zama haka!!

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Sharzy, amma dai da gangan kike ko? In kaita gida fa kika ce? Su waye zansa su doke? In kulle ta kwana nawa? Ita kuma kawai sai ta zauna tsim da ita inyi mata duk wannan ko? In na je wajen 'yan sanda da ita ai nine zan shiga bayan kanta inba ki sani ba! A'a m'sis a bar mata din a haka dai... Aatoh!

Yusuf, another solid case example. Hmmn, I'll just say we all shld be careful pls. Allah Ya tsaremu.

Farouk, see me see wahala e, in ji P-Square. Allah dai Ya qara kiyaye mu...

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Saudah, shi ya sa kika yi failing din jarrabawar iya sako 'suspence' a rubutu a makaranta...*murmushi* Shi ya sa nagode wa Allah baki zo da wuri ba, da kin bata mana show da azalzala kamar sabuwar 'yar kallon finafinan Hausa... hahahahaha! ...See More

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Madina, was wonder whr u were all d while. I thot d subject was too sensitive to u n so u kept off. As u can see, we r startin to witness d beginning of d end of times... And d sad part of it all is thr's no reversing this development as it is predicted by Manzo SAWS n Allah SWT would make amnifest all of HIS Prophet's prophesy... So, d best n only thing to do is 4 us @ individual level to strive our utmost to salvage our souls. So, tht we don't get to be amongst d hopeless on tht Day Of Joy n Disgrace! May Allah Help us in saving ous souls, amin...

Saudah, sai mun yi da gaske zamu samu ceto zuriyyarmu daga wannan halakan. Allah Ya taimakemu, amin....

Saudah Abubakar Wudil: A'a wannan wana yaren ne? "jarrabawariya sako"ai bansan hakan ba! Amma in jarabawace ai nayi passñ har da result mai kyau ehe!*daga gira* tsohon da kallon wasan hausa!...hahahahaha

Saudah Abubakar Wudil: Tj wallahi kuwa coz nomata hw effectv,curious parent a,society nd pair influence......mtsww Allah kawai ya dubemu ya iya mana da tsarkin mulkinsa ameen

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Saudah, kin sake nuna wa jama'a dalilin da ya sa kika fadi core course din tsara rubutun Hausa a jami'a. Maimakon kin tsaya ki karanta abinda aka rubuta a tsanaki, filla-filla, kin fahimci abinda ake gabatar miki, as usuall kina nan hankalinki na inda ya saba karadawa ko? Toh, koma ki sake karantawa a tsanake, za ki ga cewa ba yare aka yi miki ba. O, shi yasa kullum ake cewa da sauranki, ni kuwa nake cewa a'a kin shigo gari. Ashe, ashe... *murmushi*

Saudah Abubakar Wudil: To kodai kayi asarar kudin tara da goma ne?..... Well dey hv said it all nd as far as i knw u,sure wil deal wth it wt i was thinkñ b4 is may u wll jst offer her sm advice nd let her go wthout gvñ her anytin.......shekenan ko?

Tijjani Muhammad Musa: Saudah, je ki ki sake karanta sauran comments dake sama. You'll see what I did to her

(Ai Allah Ya rufa min asiri ban haifi wanda zanyi asarar kudin tara ba kuma insha Allah ba zan haifa ba.)

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  1. To Allah ya shige mana gaba, ya kuma sa mu gane. Su kuma masu irin wannan hali na lalaci, Allah ya shirye su.