Sunday, October 7, 2012

HE IS (not WAS) MUHAMMAD (Peace Be Upon Him)

By Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

The more they try to make a fault of him
The more they make him lack a single fault
He is Muhammad (saws)

They try to make souls hate him
But succeed only to make souls hate them instead
He is Muhammad (saws)

They portray him as a commoner
Yet hearts revere and elevate him to lofty statuses
He is Muhammad (saws)

They depict him in the "light" (darkness) they wallow in
Thunder and lightening celebrate him in awe to their heart's tremor.
He is Muhammad (saws)

They flaunt and are pompous of their Nobel Prize
Yet humbleness defines him and his NOBLE PRIZE
He is Muhammad (saws)

They live and die unknown in a perishing material world
In the minds of men, he dwells cherished to eternity
He is Muhammad (saws)

They detest their failure as evident in his success
What can a drone do to the life within, except free it
He is Muhammad (saws)

They scheme, plan, slander, throw ills at him
What was each's end, but waste, frustrations and blame-gain
He is Muhammad (saws)

They wish to force mankind into one controlled world
But he invites to all good and shuns evil in sub-nucleic level
He is Muhammad (saws)

They embargoed his name to suppress his love
Know they not that the sun shines above the clouds
He is Muhammad (saws)

They rejected their gods, abusing their prophets
Only one God that's his call then, now and forever
He is Muhammad (saws)

Tijjani M. M.
(c)(r) 06102012

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