Sunday, October 28, 2012


by Poetic Tee "Here, Take A Sip"

I use to see her
2 or more
On my way home
When I close from work
Standing in low lights
In a wasteful beauty
And falsified elegance
Sisters of the streets
That are usually devoid
Of legitimate wage earners
At least not at that hour
Men would think twice
About perching so precariously
Off a road kerb
Night of the night
Decent souls seek comfort
Of a home
But, behold the Queen
Seduction, lust, passion
A transact in all
For any with a price
She finds fulfilling
A daughter, sister
Sometimes even a mother
With hungry mouths to feed
For whom only she cares
Prostitute, escort, "student"
Or what? "Or what?!" *tears*
Crying in her heart
As she opens a door to hell
That another may survive
Only to die... :'(

Tijjani M. M.
(c)(r) 21102012 @3:45:55

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