Thursday, January 10, 2013


What is this all about?

Knowing the answer to this very interesting subject might scare the feeble minded. Many are not able to come to terms with it. Some because they can't. Others because they won't. Yet, for some others it is simply too too overwhelming for their materialism inclined intellectual minds to acknowledge.

And that is in the fact that "REALITY" as we know it now IS NOT REALLY REAL. Everything in reality is nothing but imagery and illusions. It is just a Dream.

Everything we are experiencing, from seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling while we are awake and doing our daily living activities is not actually happening. Just like whatever we are doing in our dreams when we are asleep is not actually happening. For the moment we wake up, the dream disappears, right? And so it would be when each individual dies. The moment he or she wakes up on the other side of the divide (Barzakh), all this life you are calling REAL will disappear just like the dreams in your sleep.

Amazingly, everyday Allaah SWT subjects us to sleep after a hard day's work or play as the case may be and in the sleep, makes us have dreams. For what purpose, you ought to ask yourself. Has anybody ever bothered to ask himself or herself why we are made to dream during our sleep? No many people I guess.

Well, may be it is Allaah's Way of showing us block-buster movies, Hollywood style for free, as entertainment to occupy our minds while our body is refreshing itself for the next day's engagements. And may be, it is for us to receive dream(broad)cast of future events and thus prepare for them. Again, it might be for something even more serious, much more important.

Has anyone ever ponder over that possibility that DREAMS ARE DAILY WARNINGS THAT WHAT WE THINK IS REAL ON EARTH, what we are struggling for, fighting for, killing for, stealing for, cheating for, deceiving for, lying for, hating for, coveting etc IS NOTHING BUT MERE ILLUSIONS! Just like the illusions in our sleep-state dreams, which upon waking up vanishesnwith the dream, ceases to be real, LACKS TRUE EXISTENCE? So that when we die and eventually wake up, THIS LIFE WOULD BE NOTHING BUT ANOTHER DREAM WE HAVE BEEN SUBJECTED TO BY ALLAAH SWT JUST TO DETERMINE WHERE WE WILL END UP, PARADISE OR HELL?

So what is the Purpose of this Life we are going through, if that be the case? My attempt at answering this important question lies within an article entitled WHAT IS LIFE? ...

Coming Soon :) Right here!

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