Thursday, January 10, 2013


What is Destiny?

Destiny is whatever happens to you after you have fullfilled all the requirements for what you desire to happen, and it happens to you. It is also destiny if you make all the necessary efforts to prevent what you do not wish to happen and yet it ends up happening to you. That is al-Qadr (Pre-ordainment) 

What is Freewill? 

Freewill is all about choices, to willingly do or not to do something. With Freewill, there is no force or duress upon a person to act in favour of an option, each decision with its attending consequences. Some favourably pleasant, others unfortunate and sadly regretful. It is a uniqueness, an attribute known to belong to mankind, divinely given by Allaah SWT to facilitate a test-life on earth.

This is just the beginning... Full version coming up soon. Anticipate! :) 

Tijjani M. M. C2013

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