Wednesday, September 25, 2013


.... Written by Tijjani Muhammad Musa

We were in a mix, a combined delegations that included His Excellency The Executive Kano State Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso with some of his aides present and His Royal Highness Alhaji Dr. Ado Bayero, also in the midst of his royal supports. How I happened to be in that entourage, only God Knows. But there I was.

Kwankwaso was in his now usual characteristic white gown with the symbolic red cap that has gradually assumed the signature of his government, as most loyalists and supporters of his ideological Kwankwasiya movement were fond of wearing. His entourage made up of about 5 people probably included his PA, 2 or 3 security personnel and one or two accompanying commissioners who however were in mufti, looking quite casual. None other was wearing the red cap except His Excellency. RMK was surrounded by his hosts, where one was busy explainingg something important to him as he smiled and chipped in his usual mood lifting jokes. He looked happy, and his mood seemed infectious for almost all around him were all genuinely smiling too.

SanKano was in a simple casual dark ashe-brown regal kaftan, with some exquisit embroidery works on the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, pockets and hems of the long flowy, yet very comfortable wear. Well, it fitted him so well and he looked calm and at ease in it. He was wearing a cap, similarly expressed to match the kaftan with no turban. His well trimmed white moustache, beard and side burns under which was his smooth, glowy skin would make any realise that this man was royal in all ramifications. His eyes were white, glinty and relaxed. He looked so healthy, sixtish and robust. Clean, hale and refreshed with no sign of any distress or sickness that he was reported to have travelled abroad to address about him. His royal subjects clearly knew when to keep their distance as they stood about 3-5 feet away, giving him room to be himself, but looking ready to pounce on a disturbance, whether physical or virtual that could make Mai Gado da Masu react. Not a dust dare to land with that 5 feet allowance.

Off that undemacated radius, behind one of the royal aides I stood observing the two most porwerful men of Kano. One choosen by the people through a political mandate was about 12 feet away, drenching in foreign state protocols and the other traditionally instituted and revered by the same citizens of the most populace state in the most populous black nation in the world, Nigeria was 6 feet away surrounded by care in perpetuity. The Emir held his left wrist in his right hand and a rolex watch could be seen dangling, peeking out at an angle from that beautiful golden embroidered kaftan wrist. One or two persons from the host community were engaging him in an informal chit-chat and his smile and soft laughter could barely be heard from where I stood.

Suddenly, all attentions were shifted in the direction of His Excellency. He was about to test an advance technological device which could allow its expert user fire at a targeted illness and retrive the ammunition intact leaving no tell-tale of the treatment. He took careful aim under the guidance of one of the inventors and let go a single shot into the air, only for the laser like beam to be frozen mid-air and then reverse its part to the source. It was so engaging, none realised that all protocols have been dropped, forgotten, His Royal Highness leaned to whisper in my left ear "4.2 knots" he said looking into my eyes with a warm pleased smile. There was applause all over the place. Clearly, it has been a successful test as Kwankwaso turned to get off his firing position with a beam that showed all his white set of teeth.

As the Governor was being assisted off the platform and led off by the hosts, explaining further other aspects of the engagements, his Royal Highness seemed to have taken a likeness of me and refused his aides and guards from recreating the 5 feet distance between us. He dismissed them all and together with I, we took a walk in a direction different from where the rest of the delegations headed. Walking on the sidewalk and talking, many of the residents seemed to realise from afar how important his Majesty was as they respond to a need to avoid a virtual shield surrounding him and his accomodation of I in it. They just walk in a curve off us while staring at his radiant face as he talked to me oblivious of their presence. I gladly did the listening as I should.

Soon we arrived at a corner and he held my wrist to stop me from proceeding further. Turning to look back in the direction we came, making sure none of his royal guards or aides were following us, he gestured that we take the turn. He seemed to know where he was going, as he led us to a very amazing setting of traditional extraction that looked like a scene from the exotic Arabian Night story. There were fountains and waterfalls and pools and ponds all over the places. Sitting circular open to the heaven arrangements of various kinds, tables, mats, soft cushions and pillows etc punctuating the water displays and very colorful atmosphere. I expected to hear some music, but nothing. Well, except for the sound of water. From the various water drops, some mersmerizing sound of sort complimented the scenerio. It was the music of the place.

His Royal Highness chosed one of carpeted, soft cushioned and pillowed sitting arrangements in the midst of the water ponds with multiple colors lighting the inside of the ponds, creating a serene feel. He sat cross-legged as easily as a most agile athlete. I followed suit and was looking around the water demarcations that one could easily reach out and touch if so desired. Beautiful wAllaah.

Soon a beautiful young woman came forth, fully veiled in light brown shimmering material, maintaining the now almost permanent royal auratic distance, stopped at the adjoining islandic circular sitting arrangement and said in the most softest of voices, full of respect and awe "Maraba da Mai Martaba", her face down to the rare quality flooring avoiding eyes contact. I? Completely forgotten.

He rarely spoke to any directly, but because there were no royal couriers to convey his instructions and I was a total novice to his wish, asked "Me ku ke da shi?" in the most humblest of expression. Probably afraid of further intimidating the poor soul sinking into the floor with humility. I thought he was not audible enough, but to my surprise the woman answered him back "Mu na da duk abinda ka ke so." He smiled at himself and said "Ku na da abinda da za mu sha...?" and she promptly replied "Dukkan abinda ka ke so, Allaah Ya ja zamaninka." He then continued without throwing a single royal look in my direction "Toh, ku kawo abinda ya kamata" She said as she gaitfully rose from her squatting position "Yanzu kuwa, Ya Mai Gado da Masu" and she disappeared just like she appreared.

Unexpectedly there manifested from between us twain a wide mouthed bowl with precious stones immersed in some clear, slightly creamy liquid oozing from them. There were no cups and so we did not drink of it. Most likely it seemed part of the interior decoration. But it sure did look inviting, for taking a sip of it kept coming up in my mind.

Suddenly, I heard soft Quranic recitations coming from the soronous voice of Ghamidi as he begins to read Surah Nisa', the fourth chapter of the holy book. It then dawn on me that dawn has broken. It was the wake up call of my phone alarm clock set to wake me up for Fajr Salat at 4:45am.

It was all a dream. Ya Subhanallaah! What a dream!

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