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... Written by Tijjani Muhammad Musa

The triangle is an interesting figure. It has 3 sides and 3 angles, with one of the sides forming the base and the remaining 2 sides inclining at an angle to form an enclosed space. And in its 3 dimensional state 4 triangles are inter-connected to produce a pyramid. Since ancient times this uniquely shaped form, with its wide base and pointed top has always had a sense of mystery associated with it.

The pyramids of ancient Egypt are the most famous example of the structure standing today. They were used as symbols of power, technological achievements and tombs of the pharaohs. Also associated with its mystifying effect is the Bermuda Triangle, an undefined region located on western North Atlantic Ocean, where strange happenings about whole cruise ships, aero planes, submarines and other things have been reported rightly or wrongly, mysteriously disappearing into thin air and never found again.

And lately the pyramid is associated with the illuminati, the occult secret society that is membered by the world elites, who are humouredly aiming to create a unified global government under an on-going project tagged the new world order. The pyramid is their symbol, incorporating the all seeing one eye on top of an unfinished pyramid. Anyway, so the story goes.

Well, so much about the intrigues of the triangle, its three dimensional form, the pyramid and the excitement that goes with it. The triangle has always fascinated many and is often used as a good example to depict the power structure in the world government. The way it is shaped from the pointed apex tip, gradually widening as it goes down to the broad base bottom, clearly shows how the rulers, the middle class and the ruled occupy the hierarchical social strata in every society.

So what has a triangle or a pyramid got to do with what we are talking about? Well, before we answer that question, let us first consider this matter from a different perspective. Marriage and Educational Qualifications. There is a strong relationship between man, his level of education and his chances of getting married to any woman of his choice, no matter how highly valued she is in society. The more educated he is, the more the percentage of women that falls within his Triangle of maariage i.e. the range of women he is able to marry in most cases.

A man who can neither read nor write, no matter how rich and influential he might be, has certain limitations when it comes to women he would dare to marry. For, though many women both young and old would accept him as a husband because of his ability to meet their financial needs, there are some he would not dare approach. Not many a man would boldly seek for the hand of a woman who is more educated than him in marriage, no matter how wealthy he might be. And where he is an illiterate as well as lacking in financial means, his chances are considerably restricted as far as his ability to marry all ranges of women is concerned. In most cases, the non-educated female is his only option of no-restriction woman to make a wife.

Now, how about a person who has a primary school leaving certificate and so can read and write? He has more opportunities of possible women to marry as those that are either non-literate or of his educational qualification would gladly accept him for a husband without much ado. And even some secondary school leaving (SSCE or WAEC) students would be within his range without too much hassle.

By the time he is able to complete his post-primary education, his range of possible women to marry broadens. And now, he is a little bit more confident and so can approach candy girls, primary leavers as well as the girls and women who have never been to school before. In fact some young women with National Certificate of Education (NCE) and National Diploma (ND) holders who are not too proud would not mind agreeing to marry him.

Next qualification of acquiring an ND or NCE would further make more women available for him to choose to marry if he so wish. For many girls and young ladies with equal qualification or less i.e. SSCE, primary school leavers and the illiterates would all fall within his range. There are of course degree holders from universities, colleges of education and polytechnics who would not mind marrying such a person, believing it is only a matter of time before he rises up to their level and would gladly encourage him to do so as their husband.

The moment he acquires a degree or its equivalent from any higher institution, he has finally reached a point where most women would be proud to associate with him as a wife. Even some women with Masters degree would accommodate him and fondly refer to him as "My Oga" among their friends and colleagues. So, for other women of lower educational qualification, they sometimes would flaunt it as a thing of pride that their husband is a graduate. Meaning he is not an average level husband, but one of the educated citizens and therefore a person with full potential in their society.

Same goes for the guy who goes for his Masters Degree or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) qualification. Most, if not all women, no matter how high their level of educational, would feel comfortable allowing him to reign in their domain as the head of her family, even if he is not rich. The fact that society sees and regards him as an educational elite is enough for any woman to be proud to associate herself with him. And when they are together, she honors and give him due regards, most especially if he is a responsible husband, father and in constant flow with developments in his field of expertise.

And is there anything to say about Professors? They are only refused as husbands if ever, due to the fact that their level of thinking is way too advanced for a woman to deal with. But, knowing that when it comes to the basics i.e. being human and our needs as men, a woman would comfortably serve her purpose as a wife, a mother and much more to his children and a good friend and companion to him without operating at his supersonic brain wavelength.

Now, back to the answer about the pyramid and a man's education. Have you noticed that the chances of a man marrying a woman of any educational level is like an inverted pyramid, that is a pyramid turned down-side up, sitting on its peak? Dividing the inverted pyramid into 7 equal parts horizontally and making his educational career an arrow pointing from the bottom up, next to the upturned triangle, one will discover the above scenario playing itself out! The lowest division will show a small part of the triangle in focus, depicting the number of women available for him to marry. The next section gives him more and the next adding more and more to his opportunities until, virtually most women will fall within the triangle.

That is essentially the reality one comes to term with, at least as far as getting married for men based on educational qualification is concerned.

And for women, the exact opposite is the case. Played out along the above explanation, the pyramid sits back on its base. Divided into same equal parts on the horizontal level, from the bottom upward, a woman has more men able to marry her, the less educated she is. If she is a non-literate female, from the professor downwards to the ordinary village folk like her, all can boldly approach her for marriage.

When she becomes a primary school certificate holder, the illiterate men in society will steer clear of her as far as taking her for a wife is concern. Only those who have equal qualification or higher would be bold enough to make that move. If she finishes her secondary education, most guys with primary leaving certificate would feel intimidated by her educational level. As an NCE or ND Certificate holder, post-primary school certificate students dare not go seeking her hand in marriage. By the time she graduates from the university, polytechnic or college of education, she will see even less men coming forth to sincerely want her for a wife. Live examples abound to cite as references in all the stages above.

Getting a Masters degree would require a serious compromise on her part to be able to find a husband of her taste. Besides, if she is still unmarried by then, age is definitely not on her side as all her youthfulness and beauty would have been eroded by time while pursuing her education. If she still strives on to get a PhD, it is rare for anyone to hear about her marriage. In most cases, it is not made a public affair, nor is it even properly or fully celebrated. Her level of maturity and looks would make it a huge joke to gather and celebrate the wedding with the normal fun-filled, merry-making activities that are the hallmarks of marriage celebrations like receptions, traditional music and dances, road-block "owambes" and so on, at any popular events venue. Even those who will attend, would usually do so out of support and courtesy, but it is never witnessed with pomp and grand.

And for a female professor and unmarried, well, it is a rarity for any to approach her for marriage and when any does, it is conducted as a secret affair with very minimum witnesses. But definitely, no musical extravaganza or colorful expenses are incurred. It is a very quite, very off-the-records affair. Many would stumble upon the fact that she is now married when they see an old man constantly in her company and would curiously be compelled to silently ask "Who's that man with the Prof.?" And the answer would equally and silently be told in a whisper "He is her husband. She got married to him about 3 months ago" Then the questioner would go "Shuo! No wonder! Eayaah... At least she don marry before she kpeme!" and they would both smile and walk off.

So, for a woman the pyramid sits on its base, while for the man it sits precariously on its top, inverted. Thus the more educated either of them gets, the more the chances of becoming a groom for the man to the most beautiful, rich and very influential background, with age being just a number. And on the other hand, the less the opportunities for the woman of becoming a bride to someone of her choice, regardless of all other factors. But, of course there are exceptions, which are rarities.

Thus for men, strive for better qualifications and you will end up having the best of the world most beautiful females. For women, equally strive for sound education, but do not wait till it is too late. Grab one of those golden opportunities that comes along the way of most young women and marry as you rise in your educational career. You can then go on to acquire the highest educational qualifications with your husband by your side or even under lock and key. Just a simple advice.

Remember, the nicest thing about a piece of advice is; If you find it agreeable and acceptable, you are free to take and use it. If on the other hand, you find it distasteful and therefore unacceptable, just ignore and forget about it. Time will vindicate it.

Best of luck to all.

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  1. This interesting piece captures the reality of the quest for a patner and the sophisticated hitch created by Western education involved in it, especially by the fellow female. A word is enough, they say, for a wise.