Friday, August 5, 2016

THE 50/50 PURPLERIA Tijjani Muhammad Musa

The Kwandala Foundation was invited to grace the formal Launching of the THE PURPLE ACADEMY online project, which was organised by an NGO Voices4Change at Tahir Guest Palace Nassarawa GRA, Kano on Monday 25th July, 2016.

A well attended event, the hall used at the venue was filled to the brim with young, vibrant, positive minded guys and gurls, for whom the "I Believe In 50/50" theme of the project was targeted at. Many young at heart men and women were also in attendance in the beautifully decorated hall using the colour purple to drive home the basic idea of the event.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa, Founder and President of Kwandala Foundation led the delegation of 4 to represent Kay Foundation at the occasion. Goni Mohammed, Hassana Bashir and Nabila Hashim completed the quartet to honour the official invitation sent by the organisers.

Corporate items such as branded t-shirts, notebooks, pens and a meal ticket were given at the point of registration. A paparazzi splashed with the event's logo was hung at the entrance which provided a memorable background for attendees to capture their presence for keeps at the Launch.

Inspired by the lively mood pervading the energetic and positively charged atmosphere, the muse in Poetic Tee was stirred and without warning, the persona immediately prepared an impromptu brew to capture the purple mental attitude of the gathering.

Though unfinished, yet the poem was good enough to serve to the surprised crowd, some of whom were clearly smiling in anticipation of having their taste buds tantalized by the sip of the exotic poetic tee. And by the end of the brief rendition by the author, the power of poetry was solidly registered via a thunderous applause, most especially from the ladies.

The lady MC, taken completely off-guard by the sweetness of the monorhymed poem titled THE 50/50 PURPLERIA in her eardrums kept repeating "That's poets for you. One wonders how they are able to do that" demanding for another rounds of applause from the already crowd.

Many among the audience immediately wanted a copy of the poem. But only a draft on the back of an envelop was available and reputed to be "one whose phone is his pen", the author informed the only e-copy present was the one in the phone and couldn't be readily made available for distribution.

However, still not wanting to miss the opportunity many took the trouble to take snap shots of the poem using their phone camera. One very excited young beau, didn't do that. She collected the envelop, used her Purple notebook given to copy the piece word for word including the copyright ownership mark.

Well, certain your curiosity has now peaked for you to read for yourself what could possibly be the reason for their spontaneous delightful reaction after having a sip of the tee, it would be mean and outright wickedness on our part not to give you a taste of the instant poetic drink thus:

Image may contain: one or more peopleTHE 50/50 PURPLERIA Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

A 50/50 hue
Red plus blue
Gives you Purple
Mixture that sparkle'
Where male's trouble
Female is soft 'n subtle
The two combined, equal'
Like twain stars that twinkle
Love a woman with dimple'
For a life free of squabble'
Dress her beauty, simple
Put her in a love temple
Finished in white marble
It'd be a rare spectacle.

(c)2016 Tijjani M. M.
all rights reserved

This is the poetic piece that set the house agog, despite its already high excitement and rich entertainment value, generated mostly by the world famous acrobatic and scintillating Koroso Dancers International Troupe on one hand of Kano State, Nigeria.

And the comical Hausa movies rave of the moment Baba Ari, who proved quite good at what he does best, that is making people hilariously laugh in Hausa, no matter which language the crowd might be. Many also discovered what a brilliant dancer he happens to be.

Packaged lunch were handed out as take-aways as the crowd dispersed and later on their instagram wall, among the many pictures uploaded was that of Poetic Tee standing in front of the crowd, delivering the above poem with a simple caption "We enjoyed his poem" 
(c)2016 Tijjani M. M./DesignWorld INT'L
All Rights Reserved

Instagram insert: Poetic Tee offering a sip of the now irresistible poetic tee at the Purple Academy Launch.

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