Thursday, August 11, 2016


"Adamawa, Yobe and Borno,
Regarding these, what do you think you know?"

Rains of sorrow,
Wash away the bye products of terror.
The eyes that cried tears of horror,
Are beginning to see a brighter tomorrow.

The barbaric men, who are nothing but filth,
Destroyed all we toiled and built,
While brainwashing all they could possibly jilt,
Oh God, how do I overcome this haunting survivor's guilt,
After all the throats I've witnessed being slit?

How could I wade off this insomnia,
Induced by this mass hysteria?
Could I ever return to my little euphoria
Or am I a fool for believing in utopia?

With haunted eyes, haunted souls and haunted minds, we grieved.
While crying and missing all our bereaved.
I prayed, I waited and I believed.
That from the Lord will come our Relief.

Like a phoenix, I'll rise from the ashes
Overcome the challenges, and all the clashes.
The wounds have healed, and so will the gashes.

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