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GOD DOES NOT LEAVE THE GOOD ONES - Another Tribute to Dr. Ibrahim Waziri*** ... Written by Tijjani Muhammad Musa (Inspired by Dr. Fatima B. Damagum)

This is a Hausa idiom  usually uttered in times of mourning and grief by people who are lamenting the death of a kind, loving and benevolent soul. To the listening ears, though by intention it is not meant as such, it does sounds as if it is a criticism of God for allowing good, innocent people to die, whereas there are many bad and evil persons, whose instant death would bring joy, succour and relief, not just to individuals, but to whole communities, society and even the whole world. Being mostly Muslims, Hausas put their trust in Allaah, so it is unthink of for any to criticize their Lord and Maker. He SWT is all Compassionate, all Merciful and all His Decisions over their lives are perfect for their absolute soundness  and are accepted whole heartedly by those who truly profess His Lordship.

It is related in a prophetic hadith that as the world gradually moves closer and closer to its terminal end, death would become widespread, taking souls of people the best ones among them first, then followed by the next best, then by the next best and so on until there are no more good people left walking the surface of the earth. When that eventually comes to pass i.e. only bad and evil humans are the only ones living in the world, then that is when doom's day would happen.

On a lighter note, this readily brings to mind the story of a man whom it is jokingly related hates to die. In his determination to keep death at bay, when he heard this prophetic saying being told in a gathering, quickly declared for all to hear "Kun san dama shan ni mugu ne" meaning 'You all know me, for quite a while now I am a wicked and evil person', to which many bursted out laughing.

The Prophet, sallahu alaihi wa salam (saws) has indeed spoken the truth. For when one observes carefully, one sees that it is usually the good ones in our midst that happen to die first. In a family, close or extended, it is often the good son or daughter with a caring heart, subtle character, sound personality and best potential whom death comes for first, leaving the black sheep of the family to live on, to the annoyance, embarrassment, distress, pains and anguish of their parents and relatives. An evil and terrorizing uncle or aunt could leave on forever, where everybody's favourite of such relatives would die early of cancer, car accident or in an attempt to rescue another life from despire or destruction. Several examples could be cited in the larger society.

Allaah SWT Permits for such souls to be taken and brought back to Him AWJ, because there is no need for them to remain on earth anymore. We must remember that we (humans) were once inhabitants of paradise as occupied by our ancestor Adam, alaihi salam (as) before he and his wife Hauwa (Eve) were expelled to come and dwell here on earth for violating God's Injunction, after being deceived by Satan. Our earthly life is for a term ordained, subsequent to which we must each die and go back to our Maker for judgment, then on to our original home (if we are successful), from whence we first came, through Adam.

In another prophetic hadith, our Prophet (saws) has informed us that our stay here on earth is as that of a traveller who dismounts off his ride under a tree, to take a brief break, rest his horse and then mount it back to continue his journey to his final destination. He (saws) also told us this world is like a prison to the believer and death eventually sets us free. Now, taking that into account, what more would someone be doing in a penetentiary once he or she has served his "prison" term? We have found ourselves here on earth through birth one after another from the times of Adam till date. We are promise death as the only passage back to that heavenly realm.

Each of us subconsciously desires to go back to our original home, but are "serving" a term, with which we would be qualified and so judged to be admitted back into that paradisical bliss. As it was then, so it is now! Satan deceived Adam into disobedience, causing him to loose his lofty status and tranquil abode. He is still at it, utilizing his God Given respite to take down as many other Adams as he can. Now, we all know it is being good of mind and character that give prison inmates a good chance of parole, thus cutting short their long stay in prison. Similarly the good humans among us, are usually set free (die) from this lifely "prison" earlier than the die-hard non-repentant inmates, due to their exemplary behaviours.

Such bad and evil persons are given long life here on earth out of Allaah's Infinite Grace, perchance they may get to a stage in their worldly sojourn to repent and become good enough to gain admission back to paradise. They are allowed to dwell longer as failures, repeating classes, courses and lessons again and again before they are finally withdrawn via death. For some, they are able to realise what is required of them and eventually do it just at the nick of time to earn the pass mark. Others unfortunately die unrepentant.

So, one can imagine what a brilliant, qualitative and well behaved medical student who has passed all his tests, examinations and practicals with flying colours, ready to graduate, start his housemanship and then move on to a ready employment will still be doing in the Faculty of Medicine as a student? Now, wouldn't that amount to gross injustice? Thus, the good souls among us are able to pass the trials early on, earning the al-Jannah ticket quicker and so get to graduate from this life and move on to a better, more fulfilling and rewarding life.

We, their family, relatives, loved ones, friends and colleagues in our misunderstanding of the mysteries of life, usually question the rational behind why they were taken so soon, too soon. We think that such people should remain on earth and make it a better place, for you and for me. But, on a serious note, wouldn't that be holding them back from achieving the ultimate goal? Wouldn't that be denying them an early graduation even though they have earned it beyond all expectations? Wouldn't that be refusing to set a slave free from further servitude after he has served his master faithfully and worthy of his promised freedom?

So, for such brilliant souls exiting this life early, sad as we may be about it, we must understand that they are superior beings and do not deserve living in this catastrophic, rotten and troubled place with the rest of us. Their level is higher and they should accend to it, pleased with their Lord's Grace upon them as He AWJ is Pleased with their soundness of mind, body and soul. May their soul rest in perfect peace and harmony. Amen.

"Allaah Ba Ya Barin Nagari" kam and HE Shouldn't, for they deserve much better than this life.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa
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