Tuesday, November 27, 2012

REALLY! EVEN ON THE USE OF "LOL"? Wow, What A Comprehensive Religion Islam Is!

The use of the acronym LOL which is suppose to mean "Laugh Out Loud", "Lots Of Love", "Lord of Lords" etc to the ordinary netizen has just been revealed to mean something else. LOL for some, at least the Luciferians i.e. Devil worshippers or the Illuminati, stands for LUCIFER OUR LORD.

Subsequent to this spotlighting, many Muslims on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, Tumblr, 2go, etc) were alerted and thus advised to avoid using the abbreviation in order to foil any attempt to associate their usage of the three letter acronym with devil worship, most especially by those who celebrate Satan as their lord.

Many, who do not understand the implications of engaging in such actions to their "Imaan" i.e. Declaration of Faith, find that admonition a violation of their rights of expression as they ignorantly query why Islam seems to block every opportunity available for them to belong to main stream in today's society.

Some just dismiss the call by saying that Islamically "Innamal a'amalu binniyat" that is, all 'Actions are judged according to intentions'. So what a person means with what he says or does is what God will judge him with. And that it is issues like this that brings the impression to many non-Muslim minds that Islam means terrorism.

Others argue that using LOL is universally accepted to mean "Laff Out Loud", well at least on the internet. So some Muslims should stop turning Islam into a difficult religion, whereas Allaah Has made it quite a simple one for its adherents. Then there are those who say it is a brainwashing move in order to attract unnecessary attention, as is usual with Muslims about several modern things.

Some even complain that to them the devil doesn't exit nor do they worship him, so it is the problem of those who bow down to Satan to twist the meaning of LOL to suit their thinking, but as far as they are concern their usage of LOL any where on social media means "Laugh Out Loud", period!

All the above opinions and observations could be true in their own rights, but one must understand that to everything there is the apparent meaning, as well as the hidden meaning. To the ordinary people on the street, the obvious meaning is what they see, what they hear, what they think, what they perceive. But to the enlightened, the inspired, the thoughtful, the wise and the prudent, they see hidden meanings in all things.

Muslims have been fore warned of this development in the Qur'an, yes... in the Qur'an! In Surah Nisa (Women), Q4:46 Allaah SWT Says:
Among the Jews are those who distort words from their [proper] usages and say, "We hear and disobey" and "Hear but be not heard" and "Ra'ina," twisting their tongues and defaming the religion. And if they had said [instead], "We hear and obey" and "Wait for us [to understand]," it would have been better for them and more suitable. But Allah has cursed them for their disbelief, so they believe not, except for a few.

Again in Surah Baqara (Cow), Q2:104 God Almighty Says:
O you who have believed, say not [to Allah 's Messenger], "Ra'ina" (i.e. words of ambiguous import),  but say, "Unthurna" (words of respect) and listen (to him). And for the disbelievers is a painful punishment.

For some this has nothing to do with using LOL, which has no existence 14 centuries plus ago when the Qur'an was being revealed, so is not applicable here at least to their way of thinking. But for others, whom Allaah SWT Refers to in His Challenging appeals in several ayats of the 'Mother of all Books' as in "...afala Ta'aqilun", "...afala Tazakkarun" etc, they see clearly the relationship between the two and so its applicability. They then prevent their heart from inclining, accepting or even engaging in it.

Someone would ask why do Muslims  use abbreviations such SWT, SAWS, RA etc in their Islamic writings if they feel so uncomfortable or finds it unacceptable to use LOL and stuffs like that on the internet?

Firstly, writing Subhanahu wa Ta'alah (High above all is Allaah) as SWT, Salallahu alaihi wa sallam (Peace and Blessing of Allaah Be  Upon Him i.e. PBUH) as SAWS or Radiyallahu anhum(Allaah Accept His Deeds) as RA etc is out of personal choice and has no implications whatsover because their meaning are clear and fully established over all ages in the Islamic world. Besides, if you do read the arabic text of it, it is always written in full calligraphically, never abbreviated. Check and see for yourself pls. So it is not suitable for any to use that as example against using the lowly LOL.

Secondly, do you know Islamically it is ill-manners, uncivilized to Laugh Out Loud (LOL)? Why? The Prophet SAWS never Laugh Out Loud, but usually smile when pleased. It was reported that if highly pleased, then his smile revealed his teeth, without the sound of laughter, whatsoever Then his companions would know our Nabiy (the Prophet) was thrilled with whatever was happening at that particular moment in time.

Thirdly, have you heard about the issue of Obama first tenure campaign slogan "Yes We Can"? Do you know if that phrase is played backward, it says "Thank you Satan"? Very true, anyone can verify that if you can meet a DJ with a CD turntable, pls tell him to roll the "Yes We Can" backward, you'll surely hear it loud and clear. Take the time and watch The Arrivals, a documentary series and other similar revealing videos on YouTube for proofs to such subliminal messages encoded in many entertainment consummables (music, movies, writings etc)

Similarly, this LOL could have several meanings, one of which could definitely be LUCIFER OUR LORD. Now, nobody is saying anyone should not exercise his fundamental human right and freedom of expression, but as a True Muslim, whose sincere declaration of worship is to ALLAAH Subhanahu Wa Ta'alah ALONE, how would it look like, if something you say or do has some inclinations toward the worship of the accursed devil? Wouldn't that amount to complexity of a sort if one should insist he or she must continue using it?

It is simple, really. As Muslims each adherent is an ambassador of the religion anywhere they find themselves and must remember that non-Muslims usually accept Islam from observing the way we conduct ourselves. It is what made many a convert of others during the Islamic conquest and not the sword as it was being propagated before now and still being claimed by ignorant people. So, acting right according to Islamic culture is what Muslims should do at all times. It win hearts, no matter how stone-cold  or hard such hearts could be.

And on the other side of the coin, the bad image being spread about Islam is sourced by any who wishes to demonize the religion, from the behaviours of an individual or a small group who profess to be Muslims, but act completely contrary to the injunctions of Allaah SWT as contained in the Qur'an and the exemplary teachings and Sunnah of Muhammad SAWS.

There are many instances one often hear non-Muslims citing a compromising Muslim brother, sister or sect (liberalists) as an example of Muslims who engage in certain vices (illicit sexuality, alcohol consumption, pork eating etc) that is strictly forbidden or not permissible in Islam as a justification for challenging Islamic injunctions that other much more sincere followers seem so serious about observing. The liberalists are considered "good" Muslims and those who choose to obey Allaah and His Rasool are labelled with tarnishing names.

Any way, the matter has been settled since in Allaah's Qur'an and by the Sunnah and aHadith of the Prophet. The choice is ours, "Imma shakiran, wa imma kafura" may Allaah Help in being guided and doing right, amin thumma amin.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa is a media consultant with SoundWord &Sight Communications Ltd based in Kano, Nigeria.


  1. Thank you very much...May ALLAH(SWT) continue to guide us...Ameen

  2. May Allah SWT reward you for this auspicious piece, and i hope the muslim ummah will avoid its usage.

  3. Thank you Kabir for your appreciations and du'a... :)