Tuesday, November 20, 2012


by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

A Decon-wanna-be?
Hear the first fraternity rules
Assume what your whims
Whisper to your ears
Albeit erroneously
Then aggrandizingly, arrogantly
Ride on that beast

Decons don't ask questions
They assume an answer
And work with that
For, the moment you post
A writing, you must
Of a necessity

Recons are the very best
Of critiques, yes the very best
They can demolish a piece
To pieces a poet
Point out faults
Mistakes of a persona
Beyond wildest imaginations

To absolute discouragement
Total abandonment of a writer's quest
But, having gone through
The whole mile and back
Recons realise that to "Kill!"
Ain't the only pleasure
A beast derives off its prey

Decons can't write
Most scribble lack-luster pieces
Yes, it's discovered strict critiques
Ain't good writers, poets
Afterall it is a fact
It's easy to DECON (destroy)
Than to RECON (Create)

But as Decons "must" shine
To gain fame
Prominence in literary circles
"Kill, kill, kill"the writer's spirit
They chant "metaphorically!"
Else, on the medals podium
No place for last to last

Tijjani M. M.
(c)(r) 22102012

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