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ON YAKOWA'S DEATH CELEBRATIONS... "Christians" Mistake, Muslims Follow-Follow! Tijjani Muhammad Musa

His Excellency Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa (Late)

I have often posted that most Christians of today are not true followers of Christ (AS), but just claimers of his faith. They always do what their hearts desire without the slightest knowledge of what Jesus said, uphold his stand on it or observe what he exemplified about it. Thus a lot of un-Christian acts and mannerism (pork-eating, fornications, gay relationship, women exposing hair, women pastors, topless and mini-skirts wearing to church, barbaric killing, roasting and eating of dead Muslims flesh, Aluu 4 etc) are seen demonstrated by such ignorant so-called Christians of nowadays, all under the banner of Christianity. But True Christianity as practiced by Jesus AS and his disciples has nothing whatsoever to do with such immoral behaviours.

Some might say why do some Muslims hold the above conviction? There are many reasons to present, the best of which should be based on knowledge and should come from Allaah SWT and His Prophet Muhammad SAWS.

From the Quran, Allaah (God Al-Mighty) Says in Quran 5:82... "You will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers (to be) the Jews and those who associate others with Allaah; AND YOU WILL FIND THE NEAREST OF THEM IN AFFECTION TO THE BELIEVERS THOSE WHO SAY, "WE ARE CHRISTIANS." That is because among them are priests and monks and because they are not ignorant."

Looking closely at the above verse, any analytical mind can extract the following points:

i) Of all humanity, the Jews hate the Muslims the most. The world can clearly bear witness to this fact today, more than any other time in history.

ii) The next to show animosity to Muslims are those who associate others (in worship) with Allaah i.e. idol worshippers, worship other things, dieties, beings beside Allah or corrupt their worship of Allaah along side another false god or divinity.

iii} Of all mankind, those who say "We are Christians" are the ones who have the most compassion, affection and closeness to Muslims. This is what Allaah Has informed us in the verse above. And because God is the Knower of the past, present and future, as well as encompassing man in His Full Knowledge, He Has leaked this secret to the believers of His Oneness. So if any who profess to be a believer in Jesus Christ (i.e. a True Christian) and yet he demonstrates passionate hatred towards the Muslims, then something is seriously amiss with him or her. He is in actual fact, not a Christian. But a claimer of the Christian faith. Could he or she possibly be something else disguising as a Christian?

The Ill-Fated Helicopter
This is because there is a contradiction between what God Has revealed as one of the true characteristics of a believer in Christ Jesus, which is closeness in faith and affection in interaction to a Muslim and what that person is demonstrating. And we Muslims believe God is Perfect and so cannot be wrong. But man, man is full of lies, stupid, selfish whims and errors. So any real follower of Jesus Christ would be found to be an affectionate person to a follower of Muhammad the Trust-worthy.

iv) Allaah (God) did not just leave us to speculate or guess why true Christians are affectionate to Muslims. Knowing mankind and the various creeds they follow, HE Al-Alim Said it is because among true lovers of Isa AS, there are priests and monks and they are people endowed with knowledge, meaning they are not people who think or act based on ignorance or hearsay.

But can we in all honesty say that of the typical "Christian" of today? From the way they act and behave, can anyone with all sincerity say they act or react to situations based on knowledge? The answer is a simple "No". Most of them do not even know much about Jesus's Christianity, but act based on the sentiments and brainwash infused in them by the new crop of "Priests" and "Men of God".

Now, why are we saying all these? In all sincerity, this is not meant for the Christians, much more than it is meant for our brothers and sisters in Islam. Those who have chosen to celebrate the death of a human being, a soul whose true status they might not know, whether he was a Christian or a Muslim. Only Allaah SWT Knows that for sure. Though they might see him physically as a Non-Muslim, but it is what is contained in his heart that matter to Allaah. And there are instance when many become Muslims at the very point of death and so die as such.

If we recall the case of the Abbysinian King Najashi (Negus of Ethiopia), didn't the Prophet SAWS gathered his disciples and prayed the janazaah salat in absentia on him upon learning of his death? Can anyone say with conviction whether Negus ever declared his Shahada (Declaration of Islamic faith)? How about Hasiya, the wife of Pharoah of Egypt? She lived with the tyrannic ruler as a believer in Allaah till she was discovered and eventually killed by Fir'aun. Her last words were captured and enshrined in the Qur'an by Allaah for us to remember her till the last day.

The Crash Site
So, what are such death celebrating Muslims doing? Why are they behaving like the ignorant Christians, who hate Islam and Muslims? Is it a case of retaliation, a vendetta, a "Do me, I do you" thing? For any Muslim to stoop so low as to celebrate the death of another, he or she should know they are acting in their personal capacity and not under the umbrella of Islam.

The first time this terrible evil behaviour was publicly demonstrated in Nigeria was in 1998. I bore witness to it as a student in the university when Christians went agog with celebrations after the death of General Sani Abacha, then Head of State was announced. The joyful jubilations by the Christians students on campus and we later learnt nationwide was one of the most unfortunate thing to have happened to this country and it set the ball rolling for similar celebrations to follow. Yar'Adua's death was the most recent. It is just like the 1966 coup for the subsequent over-throws of governments that followed.

Now we hear and read in the media that the Muslims have joined the bandwagon and have decided to pay back the Christians in their own coins. Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa's death in a helicopter crash has been met with celebrations by some ill-informed Muslims. What they fail to realize is that, though the non-Muslims can act as they wish, yes as their heart individually desires, of course none of them can claim or justify that it is religiously enshrined in the Bible for any Christian to celebrate the death of anyone, Muslim or Non-Muslim. It is not permissible for Muslims to act in such an uncivilized, jahiliyyah manner!

The hujjah (proof) for this is the Prophetic saying predicting this very sad development among others. Our noble Prophet SAWS related that there are a group among his Ummah who will behave exactly like the misguided nations of the Jews and Christians i.e. copy them, in their lifestyles, actions and reactions and even customs. Abu Hurairah (RA) narrated that An-Nabiy SAWS said:

"The Hour (of Judgement) will not come until my Ummah follows the way of those who came before it, hand span by hand span, cubit by cubit." It was said, "O Messenger of Allaah, like the Persians and Romans?" He SAWS said "Who are the people except those?" - Recorded by Al-Bukhaari

In another hadith, he (peace be upon him) said "You will follow the ways of those who came before you, hand span by hand span, cubit by cubit; even if they were to enter the hole of a lizard, you will follow them" We asked "Messenger of Allaah, (do you mean) the Jews and the Christians?" He (pbuh) said "Who else?"

 Nigeria's VP Namadi Sambo Condoles Mrs. Amina Yakowa
So what else should surprise us? The Christians, ignorant ones among them find joy and happiness in the death of people that are not adherents of their ways and so publicly celebrate the news of death of Muslims, then claim it is for Christianity. And sadly, though it is not approved by the religion of Islam, misguided and ignorant Muslims have chosen to follow-follow the so-called Christians by equally copying them "hand span by hand span, cubit by cubit"! And what more, they are also claiming they are doing it for Islam. This is un-Islamic and has nothing to do with the religion of Muhammad, the Deen of Allaah!

As it was for the people who came before us, so it is for any among us who act in similar fashion like the non-believers. We must remember once again the saying of our Prophet pbuh that whoever opens his mouth to speak, he should either say that which is good or remain silent. And there is no where it says except if it is against those who are non-Muslims.

If the ignorant among Christians choose to celebrate their ignorance by showing their pleasure for the death of any human soul unjustifiably, as the best set of people raised for mankind as stated in the Qur'an, true Muslims must not stoop that low.

May Allah Guide us aright and make us sound ambassadors of the Islamic Creed, amin.

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