Sunday, December 16, 2012

WASTED BEAUTY Comfortine Crown-Creed

A beautiful slim, tall and dark complexion young chic wearing a slightly tight fitting and revealing blue dress that leaves very little to the imagination walked briskly past his parked car. He admired her physique as she passed by, but quickly lowered his gaze to curtail any temptation or was it to reigned in his curiousity. He had to, to avoid disrespecting or annoying his wife who had just gone into a supermarket to buy something they needed at home. Shortly, he heard another female voice calling out to the first babe "Hey, wait for me! You are walking too fast!", but didn't bother to know who's voice it was.

His interest quickly disappeared as is usual with some men. With women, some they see and discard. Others, they see, notice and instantly forget. Then there are those who yhey see, admire, express themselves and pursue their fancy briefly or permanently. He seemed to belong to the initial category. His wife came back moments later with their 2 years old son clutching some confectionaries. She opened the back door and lifted him in, then got in the front seat beside her husband. He turned to check after the child who seem engrossed by his sweets pack. His wife having settled, turned to look at him with a forced smile. She was on the last lap of her third trimester. He smiled back at her pitifully.

The man was about to start the ride to take them home when the wife remembered something she forgot to buy. So she quickly alerted the husband who switched off the engine and prepared to wait further. As she opened the door to go back, the child in the back seat started crying, wanting to follow her. Much as they tried to make him keep quite and stay with his dad, he refused. So she opened the back door and took him along. While he waited, the man amused himself by indulging in the ice cream his pregnant spouse had bought for her consumption. Minutes later the wife came back and noticing her approach through the hind mirror of the vehicle, he quickly replaced the lid over the ice cream container and pretended not to have touched it.

The child was placed in his earlier back seat position and once again the woman manouvered herself back into her front side of the vehicle with heavy breathing and some difficulty. He teased her playfully in a smiling voice "Why are you breathing so heavily as if you are carrying a 50kg bag of rice?" She didn't answer him as she adjusted herself for comfort. And just as he was about to start the car for the second time, the dark in complexion chic that had earlier caught his attention came back and walked past his side of the car, catching his attention all over again. He could not help it and quickly said to the hearing of his companion "Wow, nice babe that one is. Yes, she's dark, but a fine dish any day, I think" with a smirk.

His wife turned and looked at him with a not so amused expression and replied "Hmm Baba Tolu. So even in front of me! You have the audacity to say things like that about another girl? Men! You guys are something else" She turned to check after the child and seeing he was ok, she turned to face her front, only for the two of them to see a young chap running after a half-cast babe with a cup containing some drink. He caught up with her right in front of their car and quickly placed the cup on her lips. She responded by amusingly taking a sip or two and then smiling he quickly withdrew the cup and ran back to a waiting vehicle. 

The wife smiled at the scene and didn't know when she said to her husband "Yeye girl, I know her. She use to be my friend, my course mate in the university" "Oh really?" the husband responded and as the babe was just about to pass by the wife's window side. He said "Excuse me pls, this lady said she knows you somewhere" She stopped abruptly, turned to see who was talking and immediately recognized the wife and exclaimed "Angela! Wow, is it really you?" His wife smiled back and "Yes o...stupid girl. What are you doing here?" The next words that came out of her was completely unexpected. Instead of answering the question asked, she just said "You see me ba! I am yet to get married o!" with a tinge of sadness and a very well carmouflaged regret.

"Is this your husband? Good evening sir" she blurted out. He answered back with a smile "Good evening". She barely heard him as she returned her attention at her friend and continued "So, how many children do you have now?" as she looked into the back seat to see the young boy licking on a lolipop sweet. The mother said "Just two" with a tinge of pride "...and there is the third on its way, right?" her friend concluded as she noticed the protrusion sitting on her friend's lap. Rush, rush, she brought out her phone, handed it over to her friend and asked her to enter in her phone number, while asking her at the same time "Where's your house located?" "At Nassarawa, near Medicus Clinic" she replied as she started inputing the number. "Aah, you are not even far from here. I might visit you some day soon, then?" 

The husband watched as the friend looked on to his wife admiringly and started to wonder, why should she be doing that? Afterall, she looks young, beautiful, light in complexioned, in her late 20s, a graduate, possibly employed or may be not, only God Knows that any way. Why would she be admiring her mate who is married with 2 children and heavily pregnant with a third? As she collected her phone, she apologised for being in such a hurry, that her friend, the dark babe the husband was teasing his wife about some moments earlier has gone off and was refusing to wait for her. His wife said there's no problem to it. So they separated.

As they drove off, he told his wife what he observed and his wondering. How could a free bird like that, that could choose a man from a line up of eligible bachelors any day, be caught lamenting her free and gay life? It was as if she wished she could switch places with his wife. Isn't that what most girls wanted, to be their own person without any attachment or responsibilty or under a man's control? "Why did she sound strangely sad or regretful?" he asked himself absent-mindedly. May be it's all in his mind, he thought.

The wife, who thought he was asking her turned and looked at him, then said "God has blessed me with what most women want in life, most especially when being young and youthful is beginning to vacate the surface of a beautiful body. She's 30 years plus and didn't you see what just happened? A boy was feeding her with God knows what, in public, right there on the street. Then she saw me, her classmate, her course mate in company of an exciting husband, no thanks to you, a child, in a ride and going to my own home. Very few women wouldn't sound the way she did. Sad as it may seem. There is a time for everything in this life. I do pray for her to find her own husband soon, before it gets too late", she concluded as they finally arrived home. 

One is left wondering, could her summation be true? And where could her friend be heading to at this time of the night, with her friend who seemed to be tired of tagging along? For so it seemed.

Wasted beauty!

(c) CCCreed 2013

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