Friday, December 21, 2012


…by Tijjani Muhammad Musa

Well then, now that the world didn’t end on Friday 21st December, 2012 (i.e. yesterday) at exactly 6:11 EST according to the ancient Mayan Calendar, what can we say of the Mayans and those who believed in their Dooms Day? I guess their “Judgment Day” has begun and life as we are experiencing it has finished for them.

We, mankind (Mayans inclusive) know from time immemorial that yesterday is forever gone. Today is always here and we have only each moment in a 24 hours day to live each hope, dream and aspirations, right? But tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. It is always one day ahead. Each time we sleep, hoping to wake up tomorrow, it simply shifts away by another 24 hours, living us with yet another today! The day we had witnessed 24 hours earlier becomes another yesterday.

But for the Mayans and those who believed in their ‘End of the World’ date of Friday December 21st  2012 with them, now that that day is come and gone and the sun still shine on, the trade winds still blows, the birds still fly the sky, the fishes still swim the sea, the cock still crows and man still walks the earth, they (Mayans) are from this day forth living beyond their time, right? For them now, it is the much talked about “Hereafter”.

So, for any who is curious to know what life is like in the proverbial Hereafter, he or she can simply ask the Mayans to tell us what is obtainable in the ‘After life’, for they are experiencing it right now! Anybody want to know where his dead father, mother, son or daughter is, can simply ask the Mayans, for they are living in the day beyond the end of time! The curiosity about life after death would now be put to rest.

The fact that nobody has ever died and come back, nor even communicated back to loved ones on earth what life is like on the other side can now be easily discussed on the e-media live for all and sundry with the Mayans as the resource persons. For no other reason, but the fact that they are the living dead, experiencing life after the earth has ended.

So we may now comfortably throw away this false EoT together with all the others fake predictions of the end of the world that have come and gone! Some crazy guys even threw parties to celebrate their life on earth before their final exit. The Mayan Apocalypse has join the queue at the tail end of similar predictions from the likes of Nostradamus, Pat Robertson, Harold Camping, year 2000, 2010, Solar florists and their poles reversal theory, the Nibiru planet collision with mother earth and so on!

Ok then, I guess “Life goes on”, right? Until eventually when the real ‘End of Time’ would come and we will all wake up as if from a deep deep slumber. It will not be wrong then and surely that date and time would not be missed. This life would be just like a dream, similar to the dreams we keep having now when we go to sleep at night. And when it does happen, no one would be in doubt. And no one would be here writing something like this. 

The beauty of it, that particular final, true end of the whole universe and what it contains is that no one knows when that day would come. No one knows the century, decade, year, month, day, hour, minute or second that terminal end will happen except Allaah Subhanahu wa Ta’alah. 

To Him Only belongs the knowledge of the unseen, the knowledge of the HOUR!

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