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Answers by Tijjani Muhammad Musa


Question: What's with this sudden fascination for the unripe (girls)?

Answer: No fascination at all. At least not on the Islamic side of the divide. It is hardly the case to see marriages to underage girls here in Most Islamic societies, despite the permissibility in Islam. Come and check it, you'll rarely see a pre-teen wife aged anything before 13, 14, 15 or 16 at most. And if you look at our society closely, there are rarely cases of illegitimate pregnancies, bastard children, illegal sexual contacts among kids, singles, the teens and most especially pre-teens as common in non-Islamic societies. Nor do you find many cases of abandoned children that would necessitate motherless babies homes or some criminal setting up a babies-for-sale homes to accommodate pregnant teenagers who have been violated, raped, gotten pregnant and then abandoned to their fate as in non-Muslim societies. You know why? Because for most girls, as they reach sexually active stages of their lives, they are married off to commence their sexual activities under the roof of matrimony. Giving birth to legitimate children as wives and mothers with full support of their immediate and extended families. Unlike where they are fully active for sex and are left at the mercy of some irresponsible libidious men who would want the pleasure, but would shed the responsibilities and the consequences thereby attached.


"Islam says when she is fit to have sex with, marry her first. Others say when she is fit to have sex with, give her birth control pills first." - Tijjani Muhammad Musa

Just read that a man raped and impregnated his 14 year old sister-in-law. And this afternoon I saw in the news that a pastor impregnated one 18 years old girl or is it woman according to their standard. Then again, was it yesterday or 2 days back, a man raped a 9 years old child. Another had carnal knowledge of a 5 years old, then another violated a girl of 13 and many more. Even boys are not spared in this evil barbarism. For the person who adviced that pregnancy prevention pills should be given to girls first before sex, suggested that after a Reverend Father was discovered to have raped an 11 years old girl! Why abuse these innocents souls?

If Islam's path of "Islam says when she is fit to have sex with, marry her first." is to be adopted, many of these girls would be saved from these rapes and sexual abuses. For many of these pedophiles would not go through the formal process of marriage just because they want to sleep with a child. This approach in itself, is a sound checkmate for most who would otherwise offer to purchase a child's innocence with some sweets or N20, N50 or N100 and thus unperturbedly go on to violate her for life. The permission is actually a deterent, for clearly most men would not marry pre-teens in todays society, it is hardly ever practiced in most Islamic societies. But how about pre-marital sex with pre-teens, teenage girls and single women in both Islamic and non-Islamic societies?


Question: A system that follows it solely marrying of 13yrs olds that may be matured in body and still a child in heart just to satisfy man's unquenchable sexual urge heads where?

Answer: (As if all Muslim girls are married off at 13 years) Well, it heads to a sound destination. Especially if you have deep insight and are not ignorant about man and his sexual instinct and ways. But if you want to use common sense, which is not so common and works only for a limited period to deal with a matter you know not how it works, both in the present and in the future, it would only lead you to searching for more "common sense" when you original solution gets superceded or to renew your common sense approach abruptly because it makes no sense at all. Since the problem of illegal sex will outlive you, someone in the future would also think out his most suitable common sense approach for his own time. That's not considering that even while you are alive, someone might have his own common sense approach to the problem that he thinks is better than yours. And he also thinks yours is leading mankind NOWHERE! 

But, here is an approach that is divine in origin "Islam says when she is fit to have sex with, marry her first", which has been tested for 14 centuries plus, with no other approach that has been superior over and above it and because someone (ignorant about Islam and most likely anti-Islam) opines it is not suitable to his personal "common sense", therefore he or she wants it to be discarded. Besides, the other approach (baseless as it is) that he suggests as replacement is proven to be an outright failure, giving birth to more nuisances and problems in human society, and is fast destroying its ethical and moral values and foundations. Habaa! Anyway "Ignorance is bliss" they say, right? Let whosoever wish to, cling on to it pls.


Question: What does Islam say about an unformed child giving birth to a child and VVF as a result of having sex with a minor?

Answer: Islam says "Do not do it (have sex) with an unformed child in the first place, but with one that is fully formed (matured, ready for sex). And before doing anything with that fully form person, marry her first, that way you'll be fully responsible for everything that happens to her."

As for VVF, (my take pls) it is a disease that afflicts women and has its cure. It doesn't occur in most cases of women, but a small percentage that is normal in the human populace just like fibroid in women who are late in conception or do not concieve at all. The statistics are there for any to verify. http://www.vanguardngr.com/2012/07/12000-women-develop-vvf-every-year-in-nigeria/#sthash.JdkjkwnY.dpuf

Someone added this: VVF is not caused by teenage pregnancy alone but lack of proper care during pregnancy. UK for example top the league of teen pregnancy in the western world with about 3 out of every 15 girls aged between 15 and 19 given birth and whooping 4 out of every five have used some form of contraceptives. in 2009 alone 40,900 (Aged 15-19) and 3,800 (aged 13 -15) have committed abortion http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teenage_pregnancy_and_sexual_health_in_the_United_Kingdom

Thank God for proofs and statistics... :)


Question: Be true to ur heart, does the number of wives a man have stop his uncontrollable sexual urge? What's the remedy in Islam for the rapist?

About more wives... There is no denying the fact that a man with one shirt is not quite as comfortable as one with 2 or 10 shirts. Same with shoes, cars, foods, drinks etc. Knowing man and his desire for sex and thus his polygamous essence, and equally knowing the woman and her monogamous nature, Islam being a practical religion with foresight way beyond man's comprehension, decides that a man's need for more than one sexual partner can be met if he is to be given the chance to have more than one sexual partner. Because even if he is denied that, it is going to make him a rebel against his true essence and so make him a sinner, not out of his own making., but by the way God Designed him. 

And so it is allowed that he can have sex with more than one woman, but not freely like an animal, but responsibly like the superior being he is over other lowly creations. And the most responsible sexual encounter between a man and a woman is one under the banner of marriage. And most (not all) Muslims that are married to 2, 3, 4 wives are hardly promiscuous. It does curtail their libido indeed in most cases. Of course no one can rule out exceptions which abound in all cases, but are usually a negligible minority. 

But in the one man; one wife situation, which none can prove came from Jesus AS, the very problem foreseen about man is what is being witnessed. In fact in the Catholic situation where they deceive themselves about man and his sexual nature, choosing to go celibate, how often do you hear sexual scandals of homosexual nature between the priests and children. You are a living witness to the various nonsenses that has become so sickening America and Europe are all going out of Christianity and embracing atheism and Islam in many instances. Truth is one. Upon rejecting it, only misguidance is left.


Question: Just the man? Hw about the woman? She may want more shirts? What keeps her satisfied with her one shirt? As much as there are scandals in Christianity, there are also many scandals in Islam. The point here is as man satisfies his desires of trying on shirts, what happens to woman. As we enforce and promote women purity why is the world not passionate abt promoting male fidelity?

Answer: Ask any woman, (most women anyway) to sincerely tell you what is their preference when it comes to love, sex and marriage? Most of them, not all mind you because the rule of exception must be considered always, most would truthfully tell you that they would prefer a single sexual partner. If he will be loving, sincere and capable of taking care of all her needs, she would not want to be slept with by 2, 3 or 4 men. This is her natural inclination and essence. Go ahead and research it, you'll discover this to be the simple truth. 

Besides, when a man marries four women as in Islam or sleeps with mistresses or concubines as practice outside Islam, if any of the women restricts herself to him, the paternity of any pregnancy she conceives is in no doubt, even if the man will denynit to the highest heaven. But, if a woman is sleeping with many men, she is usually not sure who the exact father of her child is if she happens to get pregnant from such a multiple-sexual partnering. So fighting it along this equality line i.e. man and woman are equal does not really work if you know what our gender nature is all about. 

So, for a woman, she is monogamous by her essence and nature, thus only one man will suffice. While for men, who always ride on ego and pride, the more women they have, and conquer, the more superior they feel. Islam understands this very natural phenomenon about human beings and thus its approach of the 1 man; 4 wives formula. Or else what we are witnessing in non-Islamic societies would become prevalent in all societies.

Tijjani M. M. (c)(r) All Rights Reserved July 2013

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