Thursday, October 31, 2013


... By Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

When I die
Is it the world
That is free of me
Or am I the one
That is free of the world?

No more hunger
To satisfy
Nor thirst
to quench

No more striving
For vanities
Nor beauties
To lust after

No more body
To pamper
Nor health
To safe-guard

No more expectations
To meet
Nor disappointments
To witness

No more love
To cherish
Nor a broken heart
To mend

No more ignorance
To exhibit
Nor knowledge
To share

No more truth
To tell
Nor lies
To be told

No more mystery
To ponder upon
Nor certainty
To express

No more false gods
To worship
Nor the room
To doubt The One

When I die
All that is left
Is my soul alone
In transit about to account
For my actions, reactions and words

Sacrosanct indeed.

(c)(r) Tijjani M. M.
@15:08:18 20131021
All Rights Reserved

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