Friday, October 25, 2013

EDUCATION & What It Has Become

Education has lost its essence in the basic methodology of its impartion.

Education use to be about understanding, comprehension and using what is imbibed. But now, education is no more about that. It has boil down to simply passing an exam! Getting the qualification by whatever means possible. That is why many so-called graduates of today can not even write a simple letter, correctly.

In the past, when pupils or students are taught anything by their teachers, they are checked to see if they have understood the lessons, encouraged to seek further clarifications, ask questions and challenged to conduct more research and then tried to see if they can eventually re-present what they have learnt in their own words.

But now, as far as the teachers and lecturers are concerned, it is simply about checking if the students have passed their end of term examinations or not. Making sure most do not, the tutors set up extra-moral lessons, produce commercialized handouts, arrange for make-up tests and much more, all at financial gains for the lecturers.

Thus all the students are now interested in or what they are mostly worried about is not in learning what they are ignorant about, that is what they do not know, but in just passing their tests and exams. This, however they can.

And if they can not pass such promotional exams by their brain efforts, and most of them if not all, can't. They resort to things like cheating through examination malpractices. If that should fail them, they then purchase their pass marks from their teachers, tutors, lecturers, supervisors and mentors, either by bodily exchange or by financial means.

Others employ blackmail and even life threatening approaches.

That is sadly the state of our educational system today.

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