Friday, March 27, 2015


…by Poetic Tee “Here, take a sip”

Arise o compatriot, Nigeria, yes Nigeria calls
We are summoned, east, west, north and south
There’s work to be done, by you and you and I
I see it in each of us, the need to change and be

The race we are superior, yet scattered across
Richly endowed with all the earth has to offer
Reading, writing, speaking and acting most civil
Humans, humane, humble, yet fearless of fears

Like ants that toil relentlessly, 25 hours a day
Sweat will be our shirt, restlessness our pillow
Termites scraping the sky with structures, tall
Employing means to surpass the famed Khalifa

As fire-flies, pool pouches to light mother earth
Twinkling stars commanded to guide our strives
Moles tunneling below, building upside down
Wings slapping the air, creating sky neighbors

Bug rides, floating effortlessly, no polluting fuel
Levitational takeoff to heavenly ports, as due
Spiders tailoring our garments, light yet strong
Rainbow permeating glow, needing no wash
much has been said and written about nigeria her people and culture ...
Nets thrown in an ocean, for bites and bytes
Bees kissing flowers in a dance, o so deadly
Honey in hexagonal packs, healing of stones
Healthy souls, cured of doubts in a mere blow

Warps as rested soldiers, as our minds take root
Teleporting deserts, swamps to attic Antarctica
One globe borderless, as checks become comic
We’ll arrive as the Kings, Queens we truly are.

©2015 Tijjani M. M.
All Right Reserved

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