Friday, March 27, 2015

THE TIME HAS COME …by Poetic Tee “Here, take a sip”

As March 28th, 2015 Elections stem
If I should emerge President of Nigeria
First of all, I'll switch off the whole system
A sobering part of the fireworks euphoria

I'll freeze all resources, human inclusive
Bring everything to complete stand still
I'll walk the maze taking notes, decisive
Have a full grasp of all problems, a thrill

I'll decide fully what needs to be done
How to go about doing it with precision
Who and who needed to do the "Done"
What necessary sacrifice for the mission

Where, when to do what, for how long?
Check my forecast of outcomes, results
Fixing square pegs where they belong
Many experts I must indulge, consult

Once convinced it’s worth it, then it’s over
Since a project roadmap for it, I will draw
Sentiments will be shredded for any lover
Retard catalysts in mixes, we will withdraw

Set mentally, physically, psychologically
I'll then switch the chaotic system back on
None will know, for it'll happen automatically
Courage, resilience, valor, we must summon

Project execution as planned commences
Holding citizens all together, accountable
Witch-hunting a waste, what use is nemesis
Soon our collective effort will be profitable

I and our citizens will take this comatose
To a priceless progressive point of no return
None is in doubt we are lost, so I propose
Discipline, commitment, each’ll take its turn

A nation that inhales, exhales one breath
We’ll be revived, a single whole, free of phobia
A solid brick wall, across our length and breadth
Soon citizens will say with pride “I am, Nigeria!” 

©2015 Tijjani M. M.
All Right Reserved

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