Thursday, June 11, 2015


Baba Buhari said he was not going to interfere in the Senate as well as Reps leadership choice. I stood with him in this sound decision. While he was busy with his G7 invite, Saraki emerged Senate President, while Dogara emerge Speaker. Who did what or didn't do what is left to them. Our (voters) main concern is to see a vibrant change in tandem with our aspirations hold sway. I congratulate those who emerged victorious in the NASS leadership tussle. Next chapter pls...

Personally, I've been trying to unravel why Muslims as well as the rest of the world are keeping quite over Burmese Buddhists slaughter of Rohingya Muslims and arrived at the conclusion that we are watching too much horror movies so kuch si that we are now unable to differenciate fiction from reality. If not, how can these crimes against humanity be happening and those who claim to be humans sit docile to the unprecedented genocide.

Anyway being who I am, I captured my findings in a poem (yeah, as usual).
Here it is. Hope you get to feel my feelings deeply and strongly... :)


I am in a world I sometimes wish I am not
So much evil, minds cannot even imagine
Yet reality rapes our conscience to accept
For faint hearts, weak and shallow minds
Walking corpses, living dead, Zombies III
Everyday images, sad tales in gory details.

No, no this ain't make-believe, but factual drama
True "democracy" on display, majority holds sway
The strong lords over the weak, a minor minority
Shots by sophisticated guns and digital cameras
Man watches as real humans play roles of actors
Blood runs deep into a river, collected for the devil.

Gases, bombs, drones are weapons of games
PlayStation series develop the killing passion
While Mortal Combat makes Samurai of us all
Subconsciously, child to man grows up a killer
Any wonder Burma has now turn to a video game
Featuring defenseless Rohingya Vrs red Buddhists.

Fiction has boldly scaled its celluloid barrier
As its creators subtly suggest, man now plays
I see Hollywood, Bollywood, even Nollywood
Directors directly directing the real life shows
"Actors" across the globe out doing themselves
Emmys, Grammys, BAFTAs stacked up for grabs.

Terrorists are created, funded by hate
False Flag events executed as staged
Gullible citizens in-it hook, line and sinker
Accepting to pass legislation, laws willingly
Thinking it good, safe, securing their future
Tricked into submission, trust truly thrashed.

Plot, screen-play, music, scars a message
Cast as ethnic cleansing sequels, we watch
Gotten so use to seeing violence in the news
Our psyche has adapt, enjoying the numbness
Programmed to re-live action scenes unperturbed
Despite the horrifying horror hype cued for replay.

Rampant killing, yes "hajr" shocks us no mo'
Subliminally induced, a brain-washing spray
Whole world sits watching a scary film trailer
Pure entertainment, a dollar count encounter
That's all this is, a Rohingya Massacre chiller
Thus the silence, as life turns to box-office thrillers.

(c) Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

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