Thursday, June 11, 2015


Sahin Khan's photo. Can't a human, any human with a conscience stop these inhumane evil and massacre of the Rohingya Muslims in Burma and Myarmar?

The first Muslims were subject of the same civilization that man prides himself in, forcing the first fleeing (Hijrah) for life, that is now witnessed by all oppressed on the surface of the earth?

This has happened to Jews during the times of Pharaoh, Hitler and others. Has it made them, who performed the dastard acts heroes in the heart of mankind?

What of the persecution of Christians in Europe during times never to be forgotten? What about the other atrocities associated with religious vandalism witnessed during the dominance of Christianity in that continent?

Sahin Khan's photo. What kind of man is man of this end of times era? Wanton and gleeful killing, slaughtering of men, women, children and even foetuses, genocides the rest of the world snore upon.

Undisguised, unprecedented ethnic cleansing one mankind, so another mankind can live on. Is that not absolute absurdity? Yet they claim superior intelligence and thinking, while even lowly worms can think and act better.

This has happened afore-times, has it worked in making mankind or its perpetrating race any better, any superior? Ask the Quraish of then Makkah. Ask the Egyptians of their golden age.

Sahin Khan's photo. Ask those who staged and waged world wars I and II or those who designed the obliteration of Palestine in order to create a super-imposition called Israel that has ever been in turmoil, lacking in peace forever.

Ask the Rwandans about their Hutu and Tutsi nightmare, has it made them any happier? Ask the Nigerian cannibals who ate the flesh of innocent amongst mankind. Was it tasty, satisfying their hunger for life?

Ask the South African King who ordered the xenophobic attack of their guests out of sheer jealousy. Has it made them richer and wealthier or assumed honorable status among mankind.

Sahin Khan's photo. And now, ask the Draculas of Burma, wearing red, looking red, splashing red, what was the crime of the women and children who they stripped, slaughtered, decapitate, dismember, disemboweled, desecrate and displayed proudly for the one-eye to see?

The demon disguised as a man that engineer and execute such barbarism will soon die off, leaving mankind further stained with blood and our conscience forever more disoriented and disturbed.

Sahin Khan's photo. Yet, the rest of us accept to ignore something destructive to our psyche, our peace, just because we are in pursuit of world vanities or the injustice is not visited upon us or our kind

Mankind should be ashamed of himself! His intelligence and intellectualism is a waste. Man's celebrated status as a technologically advanced creature is a farce, if what is happening has continued from the first ever murder through time till the present day.

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