Saturday, September 19, 2015

A VOICE WITH MY PEN ‪#‎FoundPoetry‬

Tijjani Muhammad Musa's photo.(As found by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip")

What writing affords me?
A platform where I can
Express of myself
Without interruption
Nor being shut up.

We are introverts
Not because we fear
Words of humanity
But because we are not heard
Thus we fall into our world.

We create a world
Of imagination,
Of poetry,
Of tales and
Of freedom of expression.

We find love
We find understanding
In this our world
We express ourselves
With freedom and wonders

What we feel
What we believe
What we understand
Is beyond comprehension
Conception of an average mind

The full moon has its magic
And only special people
With love of nature
Understand its beauty
And are affected by it

Just like rain,
Some run from it
While others run to it.
Only those who dance in it
Feel its real essence.

Our words are said
In rhythms,
In rhymes.
Our expressions
In poetic lines.

We paint our imaginations
With color of truth,
Of reason.
Because we have learnt
To live in positivity and hope.

Even when those
We thought would understand
Our values, our conceptions don’t
We allow them misinterpret
Our voice of reason as cruel.

They call me a critic
Trust me I’m just being analytic.
If you don't believe me
Go hug the transformer
End up electrocuted.

But if only they will lend a little ear
Open up a little more, their hearts
Feel a little more of what we feel.
Then I guess the world will understand
We are, but natures beautiful gift.

Now don't judge, just listen
So you may understand
It's better settled in words
So sheath your sword
Unfold that fist.

Words are the strongest
Of man's strength.
The zeal of our hearts
The magnificence of our minds
And finally, I found a voice with my pen.


Copyright 2015
Abubakar Widi-jalo

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