Tuesday, January 12, 2016


...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

We may depart,
But are never apart.

It is Allah's Will,
That our paths cross.
Crossed they have,
Now none
Can uncross.

Each of us
Has left an impression,
Of who we truly are.
Some are good, true.
Others are who they are.

May we learn lessons
That'll be treasures for keeps.
To remember
With nostalgia,
Not distaste.

First cut, they say,
Is the deepest.
May be
that's the only cut,
We'd ever get.

So waste not
the chance,
To leave a good impression
On any,
You'd ever meet.

Take care now.
Wish you nothing,
But the best
And a smile,
Always :D

(c)2015 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

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