Tuesday, January 12, 2016


A scene from an indian movie "Kingdom of Ants".

...by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

O opulence oppressor!
Hiding in the open,
Justifying injustice.

My blood, your paint.
My shirt, your canvass.
O Davinci of Death.

Know thy not,
I am I, immortal.
Fearless of your fears?

Killing my body,
Will never kill
My living soul.

The spirit lives on.
So does the struggle,
For what's mine.

Until truth
Prevails over lies.
Like light vanquish darkness.

My heart
Wears your hole.
Yet, wins once more.

Can't you see,
O blind one,
You're my prey?

This my look,
Is your bullet returned.
In death, I live anew.

My future
Is guaranteed. But yours?
Hate shatters, consumes.

I'm the trial you failed.
Your secrets, revealed.
Now, earth bears you witness.

(c)2016 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved


1. Garba Inuwa indeed its inspiring.

2. Ariadne Sawyer Amazing work.

3. Faruk Sarkinfada In death, I live anew

4. Tukur Dereri o Davinci of death

5. Stanley Phillips That was outstanding. Bravo.

6. Sulaiman Yusuf Assalafiy What a vivacious poem is this!

7. Brigitte Poirson Extremely intricate and complex lines that can only be captured by a poetic mind, to express obvious, but hidden truths.

8. Abdulhamid Yusuf Muhammad  
 This my look,
Is your bullet returned.
In death, I live anew

while you rote in hell
with anguish of hate
to last in your soul

from the day
you waylay,
is the day you fail

Nightmare of my death
is the sorrow you hate,
hunts you for ages.

Oh zionist zombie
vampire in disguise
soon you'l fail.

have dreams,
fantasy, and joke,
yet the soul knows no peace.

weak i look,
yet within that soul
lays strenght you hope.

concoct evil
as you wish,
But my Lord own is best.

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