Sunday, July 19, 2009


……By Poetic Tee (“Here, Take A Sip”)

Thursday 14th Feb, 3rd Millennium
A friend got a body buried
A brother a divine trust betrayed

After witnessing, shocking indeed it was
To discover blood brotherhood
A mere dime worth, not more. What!!!

A true distress-call
But two chose to ignore
Why? One might ask, even wonder

A ride at a funeral
Another next to it with hope… dashed
Till one left then come to rav off

Not too far a call 6-7 times made
Connecting each time only
To snub a blood's call for help

To rule out any doubt a turn made
Arrived a dwell hoping, praying
But alas! Truly, deliberately failed

A sad soul with 2 simple options
Speech is silver, silence is gold
Against the better pick, love for thyself

Be mute? Best drop a line for 2
Yes reach out, as Allah SWT
Made flesh nay blood thicker than water

As we thank God for making us
The "i" seeks sincerely, forgiveness
Hard though to forget, hard

Tijjani M.M. (c) 2008

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