Thursday, July 9, 2009


……By Poetic Tee (“Here, Take A Sip”)

When or where life started I know not
How and why it ends, confuses me more
Now I am here, alive, aware and fully conscious
This much I know, a nobody I wish not to be
For my existence I want registered too
So Death, be worth it

Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad
An impact on history all have made
Gandhi, Malcolm X, Sardauna and Mandela
Are some more in the Record Books II
Is it possible I could be next in queue?
Oh death, be worth it

What must I do to qualify?
Who must I see to know how?
Where must I go to certify?
Why must I be another passerby?
When would come this hidden time?
Please death, be worth it

To die unsung I do not want
A “Living Shmoo” I must not be
Dead within, coward without
Infamous, that’s not my league
Evil was their trade, so their end
Why death, be worth it

I want to be remembered, currencied
But all that glitters is usually not gold
At my burial let stand a million souls
Lamenting my passing to a greater beyond
And yet may it be known, here indeed lies a Man
Yes death, be worth it.

Tijjani M.M. c2003

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