Monday, July 13, 2009

My Blog Invitation Responses

Engr. Shitu AbdulKadir (System Designer)
Date: 18:07/2009
Time: 21:31:23
I hav seen ur blog, is really interestin, though I bliv mor wil b commin 4rm u

Maijidda "MJ" (Student BUK)
Date: 17/07/2009
Time: 22:54:46
Hi! Didn't gt a chance 2 visit ur blog bt tld a frnd abt it & he tld me it wz fantastic. So I said Tj hz done it again, lyk he did many times b4. As 4 sis 'n' bros, dey r congratulatn u d success of anoda gr8 thing. Yallah bye!

Andrew Okeleke (GSM Corporate Officer)
Date: 17/07/2009
Time: 20:35:52
Thanks for the pix. Your blog site is beautiful. Keep it up

Muhammad Aminu Jolly (Broadcaster)
Date: 17/07/2009
Time: 07:37:00
Been 2 ur blog, quiet smashing & captivating. I luv the pic of the sweet, cute, adorable baby! Keep it up there!

Muhammad Musa Muhammad Nya (Broadcaster)
Date: 16/07/2009
Time: 14:13
I've seen your site and it's wonderful. Congrats

Auwalu Diso (Author, Publisher)
Date: 16/07/2009
Time: 13:04
Nice blog; nice blogger

Ansar Imam Galadanci (Real Estate Dealer)
Date: 15/07/2009
Time: 08:06:09
Slm u have a fantastic site. I even tried to write and comment on it but my message didn't go. I wonder why? Though I was asked to write a friend's address, so I didn't understand. May be that was why

Nasir Sa'id Adhama (Politician)
Date: 13/07/2009
Time: 20:24:57
Wallahi very impressive n I will send my msg soon cos I read what is on d blog

Comrade Iliyasu Ibrahim Zwall, (Civil Servant, Bauchi )
Date: 13:07:2009
Time: 00:23:10
Aslm alykm, noted & thanks. I’m right now in Jalingo. Internet services very poor. ‘ll do just that on return to Bauchi at the end of the month. Thanks 4 considering me worthy (of d invitation 2 c d blog). Best wishes & regards. Wslm alykm

AbdulFatah Aliyu (Infotech/Telecoms)
Date: 12/07/2009
Time: 22:34:58
Salam I got ur msg. its very ok infact its great. Wld see 2moro insha Allah

Umma Haruna Ungogo (Youth Activist)
Date: 12:07:2009
Time: 22:33:08
O.k no problem, yah Kano?

Safiyyah Abba Abubakar (Educationist)
Date: 12:07:2009
Time: 22:23:02
That’s wonderful. Will do that insha Allah.

Salihu Tanko Yakasai (Politician)
Date: 12:07:2009
Time: 21:22:16
I wil sir, hope all is well? Thanx.

Femi Moito (School Proprietor)
Date: 12:07:2009
Time: 21:1:37
Good good. Very nice

Kamilu Yakubu (Administrator)
Date: 12:07:2009
Time: 20:55:03
I’ve got it. Thanks

Engr. Musa Muhammad (Lecturer)
Date: 12:07:2009
Time: 16:37:37
Assalamu alakum wa rahamatullah wa barakatuhu (AAWW) Ai kai ne Yallabai. Thanks

Nura A. Kakira (Banker)
Date: 12:07:2009
Time: 15:57:16
Ok malam. Alwz ahead. Wil see u whn am in town so u can create one 4 me to use wth my blackberry.

Aminu Abubakar (Quantity Surveyor)
Date: 12:07:2009
Time: 15:07:07
Wallahi I enjoyed reading thru. When will the book be ready? Allah ya raya mana Aamanah, ameen

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