Monday, December 9, 2013


Written by Tijjani Muhammad Musa

Wow! What a day! 

I woke up at dawn, 4:45am or thereabout and prayed the Fajr Salat. 

Then donned my training kit and went for my weekend football game with our local club at a primary school nearby. By the way, did I inform you that we recently thrashed another club of younger boys who thought we could not measure up to them by 4 goal to 1? :) In fact, one of them promised his team a hat-trick against us or else he'd stop playing football for life. He lied and failed just like all liars do... Hehehehehe. Another boasted that they'll beat us by 6 goals to nothing. Naaah!

Then, as the game was about to start, one of our boys teased the referee that there are 12 of us againsttheir 11. Before the ref could answer, a striker of the opposing team interrupted, saying to the ref, "We are ok with that! Allow them, allow them! In fact, we permit them to add 1 more player, making their squad 13 against or our 11" and ran off full of enthusiasm. Well, they left the pitch with their tails between their legs! Pwuahahahahahaha!

After the training session, I went to our company sounds recording studio, The 3rd Millenium Studio and finished editing a special one hour packaged program about Freedom Radio 99.5FM 10th Year Anniversary. May be some of you guys heard it? It aired between 2:15-3:15pm. The first independent privately owned FM station in Northern Nigeria i.e. Freedom Radio, Kano just clocked 10 years of existence on December 1st, 2013. Our media organization SoundWord & Sight Communications Nigeria Limited was part of that journey as collaborative partners and so the need on our part to tell our side of the story.

Just when I was due to zap to Freedom House with the produced cd, an unexpected (this is Sunday) call was made for me to come to one of my construction sites by a client and supervise a piece of masonery works for a foundation being executed. Got there, briefly gave instructions and immediately took off for the radio house at Sharada like a bat out of hell as the popular saying goes.

Upon arrival, had the anniversary program aired and there after returned to the building site where I had to supervise the works to its correct construction specifications. Paid the workers and by then it was Magrib prayer time. Prayed at a mosque within the vicinity, then gave one of the labourers a lift as he was going towards my direction. Finally arrived home, famished. I was presented with my breakfast, what was left of my lunch and dinner. Hehehehe. The only meal I've had the opportunity of taking all day long was a fruit serving of bananas, oranges and water melon and that was by 4-5pm.

By the time I ate, all I could do is waste myself on the bed and barely got up to go and observe the Isha' salat. And when I returned and flopped back on the bed, the next time I woke up, it was my pressured bladder and the call to another Subh prayer that did it.

Typical day of a man doing his own thing... And alhamdulilLaah, I love it.

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