Monday, December 23, 2013


Beauties are all over the place now
While some are made in the womb
Others are purchased off a shelf
But how long does true beauty
Or the applied "beauty" last?

At the peak of their imaging
Everything's so firm and full
Most think it'll last for eternity
One often wonder what gives them
Such false notion that beauty lasts

But, alas the bubble finally burst
Revealing the same servings
Served all youths through time
Only, lessons are never learnt
That physical beauty never last?

Young, beautiful, lustrous pearl
Reminds of fresh ripe luscious tomato
It comes off green and matures red
Shining beautifully, so full of itself
So adorable, guilt covers the first slice

Best thing that can happen to it though
To be used for a mouth watering meal
Be it for a veggie salad or to enrich a soup
Otherwise, it glitters to a tasteless waste
Given a day or two, perhaps just three

A shrivel, a tear, then a white spot
Tell-tale that the fame is over now
Fit only for the delight of tiny wings
Together they fly into the trash bin
And they too soon abandon the lurch

Whoever uttered the wise saying first
"Bow out when the ovation is loudest"
How many heed that from the rest
As another green tomato set to bloom
Dare to ask it, "How long does beauty last?"

"O, oh!" Hold on. For, here we go again!

(c)(r)231213 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved


  1. As i was reading this, I kept smiling as i pictured many scenarios and memories. Some still can't believe that there is something as ageing but who will blame them all thanks to advanced medicine and surgery( plastic and cosmetic surgery to be precise). The sooner we understand the inevitable, the better for all of us but many don't and wouldn't care to listen. But for the wise ones, we all know that true beauty lasts even when you're six feet below the ground. A word they say, is enough for the wise. But it's also good to cherish your beauty while it, let's continue being beautiful.....after all, bahaushe ya ce idan kana da kyau, ka 'kara da wanka.....It is good to re-beautify the beautiful. Cheers to all the beauties and always remember to stay beautiful.

  2. Uplifting submission Amina A. A. Thanks so much for it.