Sunday, December 15, 2013


... by Poetic Tee "Here, take a sip"

The bus is full and the journey has commenced
The driver is the one in total control now
There are various passengers on the ride
It is commonplace for some to pray
Others simply trust in the driver
One or two'd ignore and be non-chalant
Some would sleep with their mouth open
A few read their mags, newspapers, novels
First time travellerslook out to enjoy the scenery
Regulars engage in gossips, conversations and more
While one or two pay rapt attention to the road ahead

They really do not care about any but themselves
They are not the driver, but equally watch the roads
Through the vehicle's screen with more fear and agitations
Often panicking and alerting the "cool headed" driver
Who assures them that there is nothing to worry about
But, instinctively they know there is and so are vigilant

There of course is the disheveled and dingy bus conductor
With a very foul mouth, who often would shout down any
Who express fears about how the driver is performing
That is his job, very often self-imposed to please his master

But, how often the news is read to the rest of the world
About an accident in which all in the vehicle have perished
Except an innocent child or two
Is this making some sense? 

Many would say, that "mad, crazy, selfish" person
Who was cautioning the driver is being too worried
He should relax and enjoy the ride, just like others
Luckily another might add his concern to the agitation
Then another and another and another and one other
Soon the non-chalant, sleepers, readers, gossippers
Get disturbed from their preferred engagements

They would each get involved, help restore normalcy
So, they can continue enjoying their travel past time
For it is mostly when many or almost all in the ride
The passengers become wary of the dangers
And they appeal to the driver to do the right thing
That the sojourn would be safe, each arriving their destinations
And thus tell the story of a nostalgic golden experience

"Kukan kurciya jawabi ne... (The Dove's Cry is a message...)
Mai hankali ke ganewa. (Only the wise understands it)

(c)(r) 131213 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

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