Tuesday, January 20, 2015



Someone wrote:
"Its a satirical newspaper. Go n find out the meaning of a satire b4 u kill yasef wit unnecessary headache. Wait oh. So taking criticism in a humorous way is judgment?"

My Response:
I know what satire means. I just don't want to be part of it. Or don't I have the rights for my feelings to be respected? Simple rule for peaceful coexistence. Don't make fun of me and I won't make fun of you. I'll never abuse you, so you don't abuse me back. Because I sincerely believe that is an uncivilized way of behaving. Is that too much to ask?

Too bad, if you decide it has nothing to do with judging my religion when you said and I quote "Ya'll shud learn to take criticism in a humorous way and change. That is d problem u guys have." If that is not what you are denying, then we must be speaking another language and not English.

Well, it'd be nice if we can discuss him if you have the decorum to be civil with your language and can back up all your say with verifiable evidences and proofs. It'd be a golden opportunity to enlighten you about so much you do not know about him or Islam. Ignorance is indeed bliss.

Humorous by whose standard? Humorous at whose expense? Are we friends, playmates or something like that? If you want humor, why must I be the target of your selfish satanic satire, when you know fully well (except if you choose ignorance or are deliberately being mean) to poke fun and laugh at my most respected, highly revered icon?

Must I accept your abuses of my sensitivity in order to prove to you my civility or it is you who should realize there are things that I find honoring and respect my feelings for them to show that you a responsible and respectful person?

If you are a jew for instance, would you find any satire towards the holocaust acceptable and show tolerance about it being jested at to prove you are not an intolerant person? Isn't the person who choose that, to toy with, testing your patience and humor disrespecting you, assuming you are even friends or jokemates in the first place?

And about being a satanist, your choice... you are entitled to it like I'm to being a Muslim. Thank you.
By the way, please read again my poem above with objectivity. Many found some sense in it. But of course one can't win them all, can he?

Take care now...

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