Sunday, January 11, 2015


...Written by Tijjani Muhammad Musa
(Inspired by a Whatsapp funny message)

Women are our constant companions. So many different types to choose as life journey mates. Each choice with its advantages and disadvantages. Some say women are nothing, but trouble. Others say they are just a bunch of problems. Still some would say "Women and their wahala."

Well as it is with them, so it is with men. Different men with their different palavas. Not withstanding all this unverifiable opinions, men are still the ones who marry women, father their children and their source of prestige in human society as married women.

One of the major comforts of this life, women form part of our joys and pleasures of living, which for many is never complete without them. And that brings us to the careful choice of a woman to mother your future generations. Which one will it be among the list below?

It's not marrying a last born that's the problem
She's so spoil rotten.*

It's not marrying a first born that's the problem
She often acts stupid.*

It's not marrying a hawker that's the problem
She's such a spendthrift.*

It's not marrying a naïve girl that's the problem
She needs tutoring in almost everything.

It's not marrying a prostitute that's the problem
She can never be trusted.

It's not marrying a virgin that's the problem
She takes a long time to be initiative.

It's not marrying a graduate that's the problem
She's her own oga at the top or boss.*

It's not marrying an illiterate that's the problem
She's arguementative and never convinced.

It's not marrying a city babe that's the problem
She's expensive and costly to maintain.*

It's not marrying a village girl that's the problem
She can be so, so embarrassing.*

It's not marrying a beautiful woman that's the problem
She's never stable and can be so frustrating.*

It's not marrying an ugly girl that's the problem
She's hard to show off to friends.

It's not marrying a girl from a rich family that's the problem
She's so pompous, arrogant and full of herself.*

It's not marrying a girl from poor family that's the problem
She's forever demanding and complaining.*

It's not marrying a light skin babe that's the problem
She's always sick, an Out-Patient.*

It's not marrying a dark skin one that's the problem
She's not for driving around in a posh car.*

(c)2014 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

*Translated and additional words by Tijjani M. M. Original in Hausa by THE SUMS SEEKER.

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