Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Solar car in Kano! For real? This I've got to see... :)

Cruising along Sabo Bakin Zuwo (State) Road of Tarauni Quarters of the Kano metropolis when he was noticed moving slowly at a steady pace on the fast lane side of the road. This normally would have generated a lot of anger, annoyance and multiple car honks, but instead it attracted the curiosity of other road users, pedestrians and even those standing by the road sides.

A man with gray hair in his late 50s was sitting in a box-like entrapment made out of wood, in the shape of a toy car. One would have dismissed the object moving on 4 motorcycle wheels as a nuisance to fast traffic, but for its uniqueness. Uniqueness in the sense that, though it was looking nothing like a state-of-the-art vehicle of taste, it was moving in total silence through the street, without a single sound.

One is left wondering what could be propelling it quietly on the highway, without the usual noise or exhaust fumes associated automotive engines. Could it be possible that it is not driven by a conventional engine? The answer is a simple, definitive "Yes." It is a vehicle that is moving on solar power! Right here in Nigeria and in the old ancient city of Kano? Unimaginable!

What more is there to say about this amazing technology that is the future pursuit of mankind, a pollution-free, green and carbonless fuel using machine system? Do keep it a date on this page as we feature the innovative story of Isma Solar Tech.

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Source: DesignWorld International "It's All About YOU"

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