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I find it necessary, no, important to share this update as a subtle reminder to us all of what our ends might turn out to be.

You see just 2 or 3 days back, my wife showed me a video clip of something similar, but completely opposite of this blessed grave scenario.

In the video, a grave has been dug to bury someone and a live snake could be seen in a continuous struggle with the grave diggers. They keep pushing it back with their shovel as the serpent vigorously keep attacking them. Clearly it was not striking to harm them, but wanting to be allowed to remain in the grave.

It was said that several attempts have been made to dig a fresh grave, after discovering the snake in the first grave dug, only for the snake to reappear in the subsequent graves dug.

Finally, the bier bearers and relatives of the deceased had no options but to decide to bury the dead along with its insistent reptilian companion. And behold, before the eyes of all present, the casket of the dead person was lowered into the grave and the snake could be seen crawling into the box and laying on the white shroud of the dead body.

Thus the snake was covered in the grave along with the corpse to every one's amazement! Strange happenings, right? Hmmm, that incident has kept my mind busy with so many questions, all of them yet to be answered, every time I recall the video. Questions I do not wish to repeat here.

And now this story of Zainab and pictures.

I can't just imagine all these happening at this time and era (with all the modern technology, gadgets and gizmos), along with the sophistication of media and communication (internet) and yet many people would want to simply believe only in their minds ignorant assumptions. Choosing to ignore the power, the force and the remote cause of these phenomena. (Google snakes in graves).

Anybody care to know or to recall what our noble Prophet Muhammad SAWS said about this occurrence? Well, here’s a refresher:

A hadeeth: (Riyaadh-us-Salhiheen)
Once, the Holy Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam came to the Masjid for salaah, when he noticed some people laughing and giggling. He remarked, "If you remembered death, I would not see you like this.
Think of your death often. Not a single day passes when the grave does not call out: ‘I am a wilderness, I am a place of dust, I am a place of worms.’ When a believer is placed in the grave, it says; ‘Welcome, it is good of you to have come to me. Of all the people walking on the Earth, I liked you the best. Now you have come in to me, you will see how I entertain you.’ It then expands as far as the occupant can see. A door from Paradise is opened for him in the grave and through this door he gets fresh and fragrant air of Paradise.
However, when a evil man is laid in the grave it says; ‘You are not welcome here. Your coming into me is very bad for you. Of all the people walking on the Earth, I disliked you the most. Now that you have been put into me, you will see how I treat you!’ It then closes upon him so much that his ribs of one side penetrate into the ribs of the other.

As many as seventy serpents are then set upon him, to keep biting him until the day of resurrection. These serpents are so venomous that if one of them happened to spurt its venom upon the earth, not a single blade of grass would ever grow."

Yet, many see these snakes appearing in graves of certain individuals when they die and are getting buried and do not bother one bit to think of the above saying of Prophet Muhammad SAWS over 1436 years.
And hearing about Zainab and her grave full of water, anybody care to reflect on the words of the grave (personified) as cited in the hadith or prophetic saying above?

Can't we believe in Allaah Alone and His Rasool? The Hereafter and all its details are definitely true. The signs are here for all of us to see. Therefore, let he or she who wants to take heed, do. And as for he or she who thinks this is nothing but fairy tales, his or her death will eventually reveal the simple truth, albeit when it is too late.
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Here's what inspired the above article...

This is a woman called Zainab who died during child birth. When people went to dig her grave, it was found like this, full of water where is was supposed to be laid finally, so the left that place n dug another but still found same thing. This was repeated 4 times n still same result, it was decided that she be buried in the water! This is supposed to be a good sign for the deceased in Islam n we pray that whenever ours comes, it meets us in Allah's full bliss n true iman! Allah Ya jikan ta da gafara, Ya raya abin da ta bari!!!!

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