Thursday, July 2, 2015


This is a poem inspired by a dream I had last night. Actually, it is not the full story, but just a scene in the dream. But upon waking I find it nice to share with you guys. Now, the diction used is a language I normally would not employ to express my feelings outside, which is constantly on leash, under control. But, venting it unfettered in my dream encounter was surely refreshing. So pls, do not take it personal or be offended by the words in the piece... 

VENTING A DREAM, AWAKE Poetic Tee "Here take a sip"

Surrounded by thugs with guns
Defenseless, aimlessly you shot me
Not to kill, but to hurt, humiliate me
Alone we meet, now you beg me?

Give you what, the bullet extract
My evidence, proof, my reminder
Take a good look, you foul louse
It's what will launch you, do time.

You mean, clumsy, leprous bastard
I'll get you soon, this is a promise
But before then you'll get this
A sucker punch in the face "Pow!"

Flat on your back already *Twuuee!*
Nose bleeding, smeared with mucus
Sun dazing you further in my assist
As I stand over your carcass, guttered!

Shut up! And quit whining!
Take it like a real man
You never were or ever could be
But a lowly coward, the pig that you are.

Weak, spineless, salted maggot
Walking on two spaghetti you call legs
One on one, I'm the waterloo you dread
You broken pieces of toy, faking a man.

Merciful God! Look at you!
Shorter than a spit, taller than a root
A sterile, stain stench, proud, pompous piss
Not worth a name, a stare or a wasted sec!

(c)2015 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved

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