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(A True life story) ...by Tijjani Muhammad Musa

A man who was about to take in a second wife, lived in his big house with sections that could accommodate the two wives comfortably, but the house was a bit outdated. So as part of preparations for the coming bride, he planned to embark upon restructuring and refurbishing the house and so approached his embattled first wife and informed her of his intentions. She accepted the offer that renovation works should commence with her side of the residence, which was wise on her part and only natural, just in case resources should dwindle for the excited groom, at least she would be safe and sound, or so she thought.

After finishing the works on her unit, the husband again approached her with the options of her choosing which side she would prefer to occupy. She told him once again she was ok with where she was living, which was looking so fresh and new after the refurbishment. Now, having settled that, the husband started works on the side that would accommodate the bride. As usual, the first wife never bothered to visit the works on the bride's unit, most likely to save herself further anguish as the D-Day gradually moved closer.

Taking advantage of her disinterest, the man went the extra mile in  restructuring and refurbishing the bride's unit to taste, with exquisite designs and styles. When he was done and was fully confident that the new place was befitting his new "Princess", he then went on to hire special interior decorators and gave them a blank cheque to decorate the abode and make it as beautiful as his money could afford. All these was going on, with the trusting uwargida thinking nothing of the issue, having surrendered her fate to her Lord and Maker.

Then, just before the whole renovation was finished, she felt an urge to check out the works and possibly use it as a source of harassing the annoying man she calls her husband. She waited until one Friday afternoon when the bride's side was devoid of all human activities, with the workers having gone for the weekly Juma'at prayer, she seized the opportunity and sneaked in for a secret preview. She almost fainted from the sight that greeted her. The lavishness of the works before her made her completely forget she was in her own house. Shocked and with eyes wide open she took a quick heart-pounding tour and could only cover her mouth with her hand to prevent herself from screaming.

Quickly, she left the place before she was discovered. Back in her now "jaga-jaga" looking unit in comparison to where she just ventured out of, she sat down dazed beyond composure, staring into space for God Knows how long. What was that she had just seen? Could it be true or was it a dream? How could all that have happened without her knowledge? So, her jealousy could be taken advantage of, so much so that millions of her "sweat" and her children's inheritance was being wasted on a stupid project, right under her nose? What an audacity!

So what should she do? She thought to herself. Pack out that very moment? Call her friends or family and cry her heart out to them lamenting his betrayal? Wait till he comes home and make him regret ever knowing her? Or simply "kill the bastard!"? Or may be.... Then she found herself smiling at the idea crossing her mind at that particular moment in time. "Yes!" she satisfactorily concluded.

Fortunately, she was a calm and composed woman. And decided to play the "Dummy" of a woman, her "darling" husband took her to be. in fact, she became even more nicer to him and just demanded that he should respect her feelings and not do anything to remind her of the new life he is about to subject them to. Apart from that, she's "good". And so she allowed him to continue enjoying his fantasy that she was his vulnerable fool.

2 weeks later, the Wedding Fatiha conducted by the ulamas and invited male guests and the much talked about marriage ceremony had taken place. Some of the most beautiful women were in attendance and she took all the necessary steps to behave herself in the most dignified manner, to the extent that many were pleased with her conduct during the event. "Ita ce Uwargidan kuwa? Sai ka ce ba wacce ake yiwa kishiya ba! Gaskiya, ta burge ni sosai, wallahi!" were some of the comments and  commendations she elicited from the gathering. And you know women and their intuition, some still suspected she was upto something. Her composure and gayness was too good for comfort.

Later that evening, the bride was to be prepared for conveyance to her brand new multi-million naira matrimonial unit, but first her stuffs (furniture, kitchen wares, electronics etc) had to be loaded in trucks and taken to her new residence for arranging in her groom's home. Upon arrival there, as her aunties and friends disembarked fro the vehicles to take in the bride's stuffs into the elegantly reconstructed unit, they met the Uwargida and her friends arranging her equally brand new household stuffs she had bought secretly without the husbands knowledge into the bride's side of the house!!! Wow!

She warmly welcomed them and wearing her most charming smile said they should please wait a few minutes more for her to move her remaining things from her former unit, which is to be the bride's new residence! "Ku ba su kujeru su zauna a waje. Ina Musa? Akai musu ruwa da lemo don Allaah!" and left them dumb-founded for a change! The husband soon arrived looking so angry, it's redness was showing clearly on his face even though he was a dark skinned. She came out and greeted him with a smile and respectfully told him " Na gama kwashe kayan nawa." and turned to go back into her brand new home!

The "Tariya" had to be delayed for a few more days, before the Amarya moved into her "brand new refurbished unit". Now, that's what calm and composure can do for you in times of a crisis.  €€€ Don't Panic. Just THINK!

Tijjani Muhammad Musa
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  1. This 'uwargida' had me laughing at the end. Men and their 'rashin adalci'.....