Friday, June 15, 2012


 ……by Tijjani Muhammad Musa

This is what I saw at first.
Upon a closer look, I then saw this.

Finally, I saw it as clear as the rising Sun! Allaah Akbar! 

There are certain spiritual developments you wish you’ll be opportune to witness in the course of your daily activities. You know, stuffs like seeing Prophet Muhammad SAWS in a dream, standing before the Holy Ka’abah for the first time, deserving an honor that is so rare it’s given only to a few among mankind etc. Personally, I often pray such a blissful experience would also happen to me too.

Today, Friday 15th June 2012 I woke up to my own sensational discovery! One of those rare phenomenon you only dream of, hear about or see others relate on Facebook, Twitter, BBM and other social networks and wonder how others are so lucky to be part of such once in a blue moon sighting! Around 9:20am I was lying in bed quietly enjoying the Juma’at morning peace, doing my internet browsing thing. I don’t know what attracted my attention to it or directed my eyes towards it, but suddenly, I saw what looked like the name of Allaah SWT written by the crease of the curtain on the rail hanging over my bedroom door. It appeared in Arabic letters, naturally formed on its own like we use to see pictures of such cases on many Islamic websites on the internet.

Amazed at the discovery, I sat up and look at it with a keener concentration to make sure of what I was witnessing. Of a surety, it was indeed what it appeared to be, the name ALLAAH in Arabic clearly written by the curtain pleats for all to see. So I called my wife from the kitchen to authenticate what it is and she immediately confirmed it to be Allaah’s Name “ALLAAH”. I called in the rest of my family, children and showed them each the rare sight. Alhamdulillah!

And as a FRIDAY GIFT to all Netizens (Internet citizens) I present the pictures for all to share in on the Blessed Sighting.

Enjoy it and SHARE!


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